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Ever have a big thick cock being rammed in your throat?

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Started by #436014 at 13,Jul,15 19:41
Turns out it's probably not for me, too much choking and a kinda-sore throat afterward. Not that I don't like a cock in my throat if I can control the motion but this guy was grabbing my head and slamming it right in there. It's what he did advertise in his ad though and I've been quite cock-hungry lately. But I can take only so much.

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By bikev at 23,Aug,19 03:38 other posts of bikev 
Oh yes. Almost choked when he finally shot his load while his cock was deep in my throat.

By #597251 at 19,Aug,19 12:21
I love having a big fat dick slammed down my throat balls deep choking on dick let a man fuck my face because I am slut

By cruz69696969 at 12,Aug,19 23:23 other posts of cruz69696969 
Never had it happen but dying to try

By #590925 at 12,Aug,19 18:12
I had been by the same guy three different times.Almost puked first time and gagged.He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth for at least a minute.I needed air.

By #588373 at 30,May,19 04:13
Oh yeah, a 6'3 250 lb marriedmwhite truck driver, started with a 6"5 1/2" or so, it looked awful small lying below his navel,but he grew to 10x7 1/2, it was thicker than my wrist which is about 7 1/2".Hemhad big nuts and was uc.
And not only ws he an amazing grower, I never knew onemman could,cum so muchmand so hard. I sucked himaboit 45 min. when I finallymgot him down and that was like a gren light for him ; he was lying on his cab bed nad started ramming it down my throat like he was fucking, bucking it up into my throat pretty deep or to his nuts everymstroke for about 8-10 minutes straight and then he exploded.
yeah, it was unbelievable for me, too. He asked me to put my finger on his anus, not in it shortly aftermhe started facefuxking. My jaws were hurting, but man, I had to have that cock. I never had so much cock down mymthroat; I wet my underwear with cum before he came.I was grunting like a pig and salivating like you wouldn't believe.

By Apantyhoselovr at 20,May,19 05:12 other posts of Apantyhoselovr 
yes, when i was 12, he was 15 and had 9 inches. i didn't like it and started puking. when it ain't what you want it ain't what you want.

By SluttySarah069 at 14,May,19 18:39 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Yes of course - that's what I do when I visit adult cinemas or gay saunas etc.

By bil47 at 14,May,19 17:16 other posts of bil47 
I wanted to live out some of my dom/sub fantasies. We met on CraigsList and got a motel room (I'm married and a closet Bi). He definitely had the dominance role down cold. Around 40, in good physical condition, and a cock that was 7 or 8 inches. He taught me how to deep-throat him in the context of dominance and submission...on my back with my head hanging over the side of the bed; him standing behind my head and thrusting. Slow and patient penetration at first, as I gagged several times. Fucking my throat more forcefully when I was able to take it.

Totally hot sex! Definite sore throat.

If he had come on more aggressively with face-fucking, I probably would not have enjoyed it.

By spermkiss at 13,Jul,15 21:10 other posts of spermkiss 
I know what you mean. I consider myself to be a World Class Cocksucker, but I don't like to have my face fucked. I want to man to just lean back, relax and let me control the in and out. If a guy starts doing that to me, it's a deal killer.
By Roqslyde at 14,May,19 10:32 other posts of Roqslyde 
You do it right Spermkiss. You can suck my dick anyday!

By CountryCouple54 at 15,Jul,15 17:46 other posts of CountryCouple54 
By #436014 at 15,Jul,15 20:22
aside from the big thick cock part, you're not missing out on much
By #588373 at 11,May,19 17:36
I wouldn't say that, there's a difference between someone likes to suck dick and maybe swallow than a born cocksucker. There is nothing like the feeling of a throat full of cock, mouth stretched around it,and when they start fucking my throat, grabbing my head, dictating the rhythm, I don't play with myself donlt have to, I usually cum in my underwear before he comes which averages about 10-12 min once he starts fuckun but could be an hour oor more of sucking. Anytime I kneel in front of a man giving him my mouth wide open, I am compelled no matter how big or small hus cock is. But I don't cum unless my throat is filled and fucked by a real thick and long( at least 8 " cock.

By #588373 at 11,May,19 17:27
But I have sucked a few 9" usually thick, suck a 9x6 .5 on regular he always facefucks, when he's close he jo and when he gets ready to shoot, he pushes it back in my mouth and buries it in my throat. I'm not choosy, I could never say no to a man with a hard cock,and frankly, I have had a man choke me with a fat 6 my head hanging off a bed and him pounding it like its a pussy, and cum like a geyser.

By #588373 at 11,May,19 17:15
Yep, 10x7.5 white truckdriver, he was a grower, he came more than I thoughg humanely possible. And oh yeah, it took me at least 40 minutes to finally get him all the way down to his balls. It was like a green light for him, he face fu..ed me until he fired those cannons. Oh did I say it felt like the sides of my mouth would rip for the first half hour and my mouth was sore a few days after. He told me the measurements aftervhe finally quit growing. He was a big man his cock laid on his stomach just below his nipples.Never sucked one that big, and all that cum..it still feels like a dream.

By #541363 at 23,Nov,18 09:56
Last weekend i did a 69 with a guy. first side to side but then later he went on top. He has a pretty long cock, but luckily he did not trust it too deep into my throat.
Got fucking exited when he came. shortly afterwards i came in his mouth.

By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 17:19
I don't like when in the middle of sucking, guy grabs my head and starts fucking my throat.I gag sometimes and almost puke.My eyes would be watering from his size in my throat.But I always let a guy do it and just keep my mouth wide open.

By #571853 at 12,Nov,18 17:47
I love let a guy slam his cock down my throat I love Choking on a men's dick let him hold my head all the way down on his Dick as he fuck my face

By 67malibu at 17,Jul,15 14:00 other posts of 67malibu 
A few times

By licksipsuckit at 15,Jul,15 09:07 other posts of licksipsuckit 
the old saying " be careful what you wish for " , and don't let one bad experience mar your idea of a good hard throat fucking, just don't go so big on your second attempt and work your way up to a bigger one...its like anything, practice makes perfect *lix*
By #436014 at 15,Jul,15 16:26
it's a lot nicer without a gag reflex i'm sure

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