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By Greek18cm at 26,Jun,20 14:24
I was 16...
I know too late...
Did not know about masterbation I just hit or soft play my erecrtions just that...

One summer a younger female cousin came from Germany. Long story short she gave me my first experiences in every level...

Funny note... All my life I had orgasms only by her or by myself...
Every time I fuck an other woman I can't cum not even after 3-4 hours of sex or blowjob or anything...

By Greek18cm at 25,Jun,20 10:49
Jannice Griffith
Jenny Blighe
Cassie Young
Piper Peri
Marsha May
Lexi Lore
Trisha Parks
Kendal Woods
Jasmine Caro
Harmony Hex
Brandi Love
Izy Bell

And in that order!!!

By Greek18cm at 22,May,20 11:29
25 hours but more than half of that was just keeping it hard instead of stroking it...

I was experimenting of how long it would be if I try and after the first 10 hours it came the idea of making an all day effort... it has been 4-5 years...
It was not satisfying when I let it go and cum.

By Greek18cm at 09,Apr,20 08:28
Well I consider myself big by my "social" encounters I judge.

Though I see people in this site are divided to two categories. Those that exegerate my size because they like it and call me huge although I know it's not, and those that, says is not big but just above avarage.

I think 18 is big...

By Greek18cm at 04,Jan,20 14:09
You looking for more reasons that those 2...???

1. To look bigger
2. Because the partner asks for (more clean, less smell, easier bjs)

By Greek18cm at 23,Dec,19 13:29
I am not cut but I do masterbate with my foreskin retracted and no lube. It's a matter of how you can handle the discomfort in the beginning. Later you are going to get used to it. Of course with no skin and no lube you can't get as fast as with them...

By Greek18cm at 02,Oct,19 09:57
Lost the accurate count but must be about 25. Half of them were pros!

I am 33 and for about a dacate 16 to 26 it was only 2!

Oral and hand jobs could double that number!

By Greek18cm at 05,Sep,19 12:27
No. Jordin pussy is something that eludes me. Sometimes I was close but she had some medical issues. Then other times she was not willing to give it. Her limits to me was handjobs and a one time bj that stopped when I try to push harder for a deepthroat. She never talk to me again...

By Greek18cm at 01,Aug,19 18:30
I don't know if it counts as a response to your question but, OK...

I never done that myself but a girl named Jordin that we work together back in 2014 jerk me of sometimes

By Greek18cm at 17,Jul,19 12:46
Well... All my close friends and some of no close ones, have at least once ask to touch my cock.

Based on that I will tempt to tell you that yaeh propably 90% of guys did!

By Greek18cm at 02,Jul,19 10:22
In Greek the ancient and formal term is valanos but the horny slang one is poutsokefalo!!!

By Greek18cm at 10,Jun,19 08:24
I was an athlete. Not anymore. I don't find it extreme. Plus I am sure there were some miisscount...

By Greek18cm at 08,Jun,19 15:05

By Greek18cm at 08,Jun,19 06:41
Oh! Despoina!
A second female cousin that was eager to teach me everything.

She played hours every summer with my cock... Buck then was just a penis...

The first time was dreamy. It was pleasant as a body feeling but even more exciting as a mental feeling when I saw her smile on that face.

Nowdayas me cumming is so rare that those memories are getting more value.

By Greek18cm at 05,Jun,19 15:19
As some knows I have a disfunction in cumming. I can't cum for hours. I don't know the hump per second ratio but the high number is due to dedicating much time... And ofcourse the number it s not accurate

By Greek18cm at 30,May,19 05:25
But what if she asks first? I mean, generally I still suppose I should not but how do you reject it in a polite way that will not affect the job?

By Greek18cm at 29,May,19 04:22
Yeah I know

By Greek18cm at 29,May,19 04:21
There is no such a thing. I m not persuing any of those diseres. Just mention them here as it is easier to talk about those things.

By Greek18cm at 28,May,19 14:28
No there is code. And that's the frastrating thing. I have disires that I can't and should not persue

By Greek18cm at 21,May,19 13:06
No why? You think I only want to fuck my cousin? You are deluded... Plenty of women I like!

By Greek18cm at 18,May,19 09:02
A good cousin's mouth

By Greek18cm at 10,May,19 18:30
I am not comfortable with a woman I am not attractive. Maybe I am seeing it wrong. But this is how I see it at that period of my life

By Greek18cm at 10,May,19 13:26
Yes. She was living with a guy for 3 years or something like that. He dumbed her and then I get lucky.

She is not talking to me anymore now

By Greek18cm at 10,May,19 13:25
She changed her attitude to mee after that but... When I said not hot one, I should say ugly (according my taste) but I did not want to sound bad.

I was not attacked to her at all.

But kind liked she saw my cock

By Greek18cm at 10,May,19 10:28
Who? The hot one or the other? The hot one yes but long time after she split up with her boyfriend

By Greek18cm at 08,May,19 15:22
I was working at a place with two other girls. One hot and one not. The hot one was messing around a bit. Once she dared me to find a way to show my cock to the other girl.

So the not hot girl a day start talking about this guy that sending her dick pics etc. I asked her do you want to get rid of him and she said yes. So I took her phone and send the guy my cock and write to him like I was the girl "my bf has a bigger one"

And I closed it and tell her it's OK, he will not send again. The guy blocked her and she figured out one day later what I did and I win the dare of the hot girl

By Greek18cm at 27,Apr,19 11:54
Maybe you don't get the concept or I don't describe it well. The whole think has to become gentle and for an instant moment really quick. Otherwise yes it will be what you ssid

By Greek18cm at 26,Apr,19 16:47
If it is smooth and long enough

By Greek18cm at 26,Apr,19 15:19
Oh Im shaved those days.
Not talking about flames and things like that. Just the tip of the cigarette.

It feels intense.

By Greek18cm at 20,Apr,19 02:45

By Greek18cm at 11,Apr,19 15:39
I was about 16, she was 12 and also my second cousin. Much more advanced than me she came from Germany for vacation every summer.

So she teach me many things. And at the beginning when she demand to see my cock she mentioned that this is unusual and that she prefer it bold.

She forced me to my first ever retrieval of the skin and order me to have it this way when she is around because that's how she likes to see it.

Of course so many years later it seems so... I don't know. We both have not a clue, she just had more experiences.

By Greek18cm at 06,Apr,19 14:30
I was really slow to this.
At the age of 16-15 something like that, a female second cousin from Germany that was 4-5 years younger but far more advanced thought me everything.

From then, my Cock became my best toy

By Greek18cm at 02,Apr,19 10:05
Always listen comments and rates on my cock.

By Greek18cm at 14,Mar,19 10:22
When i was 17 my 12 year old female second cousin came to Greece from Germany for the summer and thought me. Untill thrn i was just looking at my erections and just waving it left and right...

By Greek18cm at 13,Mar,19 20:08
25hours and Cumming was not pleasant

By Greek18cm at 04,Mar,19 06:08
I also was introduced to those two sexy figures by the two tv shows you mentioned.

I dont know them as characters but my cock has an instinct!

I am aware that Munn has sime leaked fotos. Are those real?

By Greek18cm at 14,Feb,19 17:10
I did myfirst one at 10.2.19 some days ago at my birthday. Two girls. Not exactly what i was imagining it.

By Greek18cm at 14,Feb,19 09:01
Since i cant cum at all when fucking I thought I should answer by telling you what i believe can help you.

So it happens that i masterbate a lot even when i get regular sex. So i think my firm and fast grip made my cock to get aroused only by this sensation. So when fucking a cunt pussy ass or mouth cant feel the same. Deepthroat can provide some more pressure but not enough.

So I guess you have to practice it. It will take time. Also it will consume time. Once i masterbate for over 12 hours just to see how long can hold.

Also when masterbate dont let your self cum. Torture your dick untill the point you can hopd. This will make your dick champion of long last fucking sessions.

Now when i fuck girls dont stand to wait me to cum. After an hour or two,when they are satisfied they give up.

So be aware. If you do apply this technique, maybe then there's nothing that can make you cum except a hard and hursh and firm grip
--------------------------------------- added after 6 minutes

Also a less productive thing is if you are uncut, retract your foreskin for all day or night. Let your glans to get harder by touching whatever clothes you have. It is a way to make you feel less when fuck. But not as much as practice

By Greek18cm at 31,Jan,19 16:24
Thats valid. I have friends tha are straight and turned on by my cock. They even crave to touch it. I dont know exactly the mechanism behind that human behaviour but it exists

By Greek18cm at 26,Jan,19 07:26
Yes scarlet. Oh my!

By Greek18cm at 26,Jan,19 07:21
For not famous , my hooker 2nd cousin(lets call her A)

For famous( a long list but if i had to pick one i think it would be Jessica Biel.

And if i am not gay or buy i will take the opportunity to through an other one (since i feel pressed not to mention other females).

So. Whats the name of that guy that played Vagoas at Alexander the movie. His face features are identical to an other female cousin from Germany that she took my virginity.

By Greek18cm at 26,Jan,19 04:21
First reason is what you mentioned. Second is that you must save it from time to time and must not let it overgrown for both easthetic and health reasons.

After than those reasons its just the personal perspective.

I save from time to time because i found the hair touching my cockhead irritating plus i dont like them ti go underneath the foreskin

By Greek18cm at 24,Jan,19 23:31
Come on is that so complicated? There are two cousins. One from Germany that she teah me everything when we were very young (and now does not like me and interfere in a bad way to my relationship with my hooker cousin)

The other one is the hooker cousin that teasing me and take economical advantage of me but give no pussy

By Greek18cm at 24,Jan,19 13:17
No , sadly the only feeling i had of her pussy was over clothes. Strangely for a i was so strictly excluded from the best part of her services.

I ask myself how many others was being teased like me or if i was the onlyone

By Greek18cm at 24,Jan,19 00:01
Are you getting hot by listening (reading) other people's experiences?

Just stuff. Petting, kissing anything but penetrations!

By Greek18cm at 23,Jan,19 03:41
You must know better about psychological help so i am not going to opposite your opinion.

By Greek18cm at 23,Jan,19 03:39
Thats not valid! The first one after 2-3-4 years stoped to like doing those kind of things.

The second one that is a is interested in me only when she needs me plus she never fucked with me we only had done some staff.

So no sex there at the moment.

By Greek18cm at 22,Jan,19 12:51
As I mentioned before...

Yes she is a different cousin. She was my first ever experience and maybe the reason i like chocolate coloured girls and maybe responsible about 5% about my other cousin.

In conclusion i cant say yes or no to your question. There's a big number of cousins i never had or want to have any secuall connection. Bur alsi there is those two. The one was a slut in her early days and introduce me to sex and the other is a that teasing me with stuff but never give me the satisfaction of having her

By Greek18cm at 20,Jan,19 12:47
Yeah well, even if i am proud of my cock and get lots of flattering comments, although i dont feel very confident when i am flaccid. At least now that i am overweight. Maybe when i be fit again. But right now, when i am not erect,i dont want to be seen

By Greek18cm at 19,Jan,19 12:37
Yeah. It seems you have a point. It is not applied to my experience but in general you are correct i think