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where can i find a man who likes sucking cock on camera?

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Started by PillowPrince at 25,Mar,17 17:27  other posts of PillowPrince
are there any men here near the milwaukee area of wisconsin who like sucking cock on camera? i wanted to find a man who'd suck my cock and let me film it or take pics of it and would be ok with me uploading them to showyourdick. its been a fantasy i've always had.
im also 2 hours north of chicago too.

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By Scorps at 26,Sep,20 05:43 other posts of Scorps 

The PillowPrince is once again ready to grant you the privilege of his companionship.

A privilege unlike any other...

You MUST be willing to worship him and suckle from his cock of youth whenever he deems it necessary. Upon completion, he may or may not pat you on the head like the good septuagenarian you are. That's completely optional!

Should you get aroused by this, take your old ass into another room and take care of yourself as the mere sight of YOUR arousal will disgust him.

PillowPrince Will NOT kiss you NOR touch you tenderly in ANY way, ESPECIALLY YOUR DICK, that's just GROSS!

IF, you are the lucky individual. He IS willing to fuck you in every way imaginable and you best show gratitude and appreciation OR he's out the door!

Hit him up! He promises "companionship" unlike ANY before him, and you SHOULD believe that.

🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇲

By licksipsuckit at 28,Sep,17 04:47 other posts of licksipsuckit 
on sites like this you can find those kind of men, look for the ones that have no inhibitions, ones that show at least a small amount of face.. *lix*

By #542058 at 25,Sep,17 05:27

I wanna be filmed getting my asshole brutalized

By #534061 at 30,Apr,17 14:21
Shame that you aren't in the UK I have posted many ad's online wanting someone to film/take pictures of me sucking cock and post them all over the net

By spermkiss at 26,Mar,17 11:47 other posts of spermkiss 
You shouldn't have any trouble finding such a gentleman. First of all, you're drop dead good looking so lots of men would find it both a pleasure and an honor to suck you off. And to do it on camera so the world could see that he had scored such a coup as draining you of your man juice would be the icing on the cake. If I were single and closer I'd do it in a heartbeat.

It's a common refrain from the anti-porn crowd that pornography victimizes and exploits the performers. Nonsense. The vast majority of women and virtually all men who perform in porn are doing it because they want to. They get pleasure and satisfaction from putting their bodies, especially their sex organs, and their sexuality on public display. Are there men who like showing off that they are cocksuckers? You better believe it.

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