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spun fun

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Started by #521762 at 26,May,17 12:00
I love pnp
Smoking dope while my girl watches me MB..she's plays too
..anyone else pnp?

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By Lilboi at 30,Oct,19 11:49 other posts of Lilboi 
Getting spun with my step dad and his friends while they pass around naked, fucking my ass and making me a slut

By luvstroking24 at 29,Aug,19 01:04 other posts of luvstroking24 
I love blowing clouds and stroking my cock to some hot porn!! A buddy and I get spun and spend hours watching porn and each other stroke our cocks.

Sometimes I will head over to XXX Video store that has glory holes. I will stroke my cock in the dark booth until someone gets in the booth next to me and let them suck my cock.

When I get really spun up I wanna try sucking and stroking a cock, haven't pulled the trigger on that one but I will

By Wantinsexx69 at 25,Aug,19 19:10 other posts of Wantinsexx69 
I'm spun now. After doing some I go directly to porn orsex forums.also go to the Abs and check out the gloryholes.

By Tnelson88 at 24,Aug,19 14:07 other posts of Tnelson88 

it's great if only it didn't do this to me .

By nolongercurious at 22,May,19 08:40 other posts of nolongercurious 
The good part about getting spun is that after your teeth fall out you can give great head.
By Scorps at 23,May,19 00:01 other posts of Scorps 

By 2nice at 08,Aug,19 10:27 other posts of 2nice 

By crystaldickie353 at 08,Aug,19 10:16 other posts of crystaldickie353 
It's so much fun. All of my friends know that I will end up naked sooner rather than later. I'm often the only naked one, but I don't mind.

By Lilboi at 06,Aug,19 21:58 other posts of Lilboi 
My step bro and his mate were spun when rhey fucked me with a cucumber

By #584883 at 22,May,19 05:43
Yeah, love to pnp while having sex!

By Apantyhoselovr at 20,May,19 05:03 other posts of Apantyhoselovr 
best fren and i use to smoke and he'd watch me get nekid and play with myself and jo me, he also would go with me to meet and watched me suck then would jo me later.

By Lilboi at 18,May,19 21:02 other posts of Lilboi 
Once 3 older guys and I got spun in a tent, I was 18 and they were 30-40. They ganged up on me and I loved it

By #568296 at 20,Oct,18 22:30
Smoking with my friend naked rubbing each others cocks with our feet. He then made me suck his cock and balls making him hard. He put me on my back and spread my legs wide apart and fucked my ass deep and rough making me moan loudly.

By squirtn4crtn at 21,Jul,17 02:51 other posts of squirtn4crtn 
Have most of my 44yrs!still on the hunt for partners since wife isnt very interested much anymore

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