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Freaky spun fun with step ****

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Started by Nakedtattedboy at 21,Feb,18 03:33  other posts of Nakedtattedboy
Me and my 20year old step **** have been getting high n spun together for a couple years now.we always talk about how horny and freaky ice makes us.her and her girlfriend fuck and masturbate for hours and I do to.well their up n her room and I play with myself down n mmy room.about 8 months ago I was dressed up freaky getting spun n high down n my room(I live n the basement and theres no door).well my step **** came down to ask me for a CIG and she caught me.well,she giggled and asked if she could have a cigg.I jumped up and threw a blanket she was smoking she asked if I'd get her spun...I said yes and I was starting to put pants on and she said we should both jus get naked and we did.we didn't masturbate the 1st time.but over the next couple weeks we got freakyer and started 8 months later we play truth or dare..dice games dress each other up freaky,get spun out as fuck and watch each other naked!!and its awesome!!we never fucked but its awesome just masturbating!!!!anyone else masturbate with a step sibling,sibling or relative but don't fuck them??just wondering if were the only freaks who do this

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New Comment

By Nakedtattedboy at 10,Mar,18 22:32 other posts of Nakedtattedboy 
Me n my step S.i.s partying n playing tonite!!look at new pics!!!

By talk4s at 06,Mar,18 14:11 other posts of talk4s 
Well...I don't know what 'spun' is, but thinking it's smoking Meth?...So...Which is worse for you 2? Loosing your teeth and starting to look as old as I am before you're 30? Or participating in partial incestual sex?...Holy shit, dude! That's a tough one!!! But, I think after a few minutes of consideration You be fucked the HELL up! No matter what you do in this situation...Unless it's stopping Meth, you and your step ****, are going to be wishing you never were 'spun' which led to sex that will come back to haunt you ...You asked and you should listen.

By onthelose at 04,Mar,18 23:45 other posts of onthelose 
I must Beto old, what the hell is spun???
By kebmo at 05,Mar,18 00:08 other posts of kebmo 
I had to Google it too.
By Nakedtattedboy at 06,Mar,18 02:19 other posts of Nakedtattedboy 
Lol.. Smoking ice and getting freaky!!hehe

By Nakedtattedboy at 03,Mar,18 02:55 other posts of Nakedtattedboy 
We havnt got spun and played n a bit but we r tonite!!!

By leopoldij at 23,Feb,18 07:03 other posts of leopoldij 
Who's the girl who's sucking cock on your profile?
By Nakedtattedboy at 25,Feb,18 22:09 other posts of Nakedtattedboy 
My step sisters girlfriend
By leopoldij at 25,Feb,18 23:19 other posts of leopoldij 
Very nice!

By Nakedtattedboy at 22,Feb,18 01:56 other posts of Nakedtattedboy 
N e one spun tonite??

By Lvphose at 21,Feb,18 04:39 other posts of Lvphose 
Lucky you! Wish there was a club, truth or dare club or the line.
By Nakedtattedboy at 21,Feb,18 04:46 other posts of Nakedtattedboy 
Hehe😁...yeah were having a blast....spun as fuck taking bong rips hehe....I'm naked and she's wear a little tank top ,thigh high stalkings and tennis pants or pants😘...I jus dared her to walk on the front porch naked!!!she's doin it!!!

By Nakedtattedboy at 21,Feb,18 04:35 other posts of Nakedtattedboy 
How is everyone?

By Nakedtattedboy at 21,Feb,18 03:34 other posts of Nakedtattedboy 
She's my step s.I.s

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