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Are some asses naturally so tight that it's impossible to have fun ass fucking?

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Started by dickisgreat at 06,Jun,17 17:29  other posts of dickisgreat
I have tried EVERYTHING and my ass is still tight even though I really want to get fucked. Practising fingering, with small dildos, lots of lube, exercises etc. I have a whole book on gay Zen meditation sex!

Has anyone heard of people who are just too tight for it to work? I mean if some people have small dicks (or small anything, small ears, whatever) why couldn't some people just be born with a small asshole?

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By licksipsuckit at 07,Jun,17 06:34 other posts of licksipsuckit 
how do you crap??? if your arse is so tight, you wouldn't be able to crap, it might be small, but you should be able to stick anything in it the same size as the shit you take *lix*
By spermkiss at 07,Jun,17 10:41 other posts of spermkiss 
I'm sure that this was meant as a joke, but actually it's a good question. After you have a bowel movement, how big in diameter is the fecal material in the toilet? Years ago I had a gay friend who was in exactly the same situation as you. He wanted to be fucked, but his ass was just too tight. He remarked that the material in the toilet was about the diameter of a candle, much smaller than the vast majority of dicks.

Your remark that dicks, ears and just about every other body part comes in a variety of sizes, so why not assholes is spot on. I've put my dick in plenty of them and some were so tight it was like fucking a vice, while others were so loose it was like fucking an open window.

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