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By dickisgreat at 03,Nov,18 20:42
Collection of bulging flared mushroom heads

By dickisgreat at 18,Feb,18 18:09
500 or so. I kept a journal describing each one up to #300 which was a couple years ago.

By dickisgreat at 18,Jan,18 03:41
Check out the enormous mushroom heads in my favorites and let me know what you think!



By dickisgreat at 07,Jan,18 16:43
Mine aren't sensitive or maybe just barely but I still like to have them sucked if the guy's good at it. Wish they were though.

By dickisgreat at 05,Jan,18 07:28
Have you tried New Orleans? They must have them given all the partying. Search for "dvd store" and since there's virtually no regular dvd stores left the results will mostly be porn stores (see my post below). Or "adult novelties" i.e. sex toy shops.

On the other hand sometimes the big cities have laws against porn shops while smaller towns and suburbs don't. Sometimes sort of near an airport or big factory outside of town.

By dickisgreat at 05,Jan,18 07:16
ohjeezuschrist YES!! Those are triple-platinum 5-time Grammy winner nipples! I think I commented on your pics a long time ago.

By dickisgreat at 03,Jan,18 17:19
Wow check out this guy's big thick nips Those are AMAZING

By dickisgreat at 03,Jan,18 17:12
Try adult dvd (porn) stores, some of them have a back room with cabins where you're supposed to watch porn and usually the cabins have glory holes. Usually it's the shabbier kind of store, not the renovated cleaned-up ones that are targeting women and married couples. You pay about $6 at the counter up front to put money a card for the video players.

Every year more of these places close down but they still exist such as Romantix in North Haven CT. I bet Rhode Island has some.

By dickisgreat at 28,Dec,17 03:32
The short answer is no because the angle often makes a cock look bigger or smaller. Full body shot sometimes helps but even then you often can't tell if the guy is 170cm with a big cock or 180cm with a small one. It helps a lot if they're holding something next to it for comparison.

By dickisgreat at 28,Oct,17 18:47
some nice big man nipples especially on the right

By dickisgreat at 16,Aug,17 16:56
Thanks, those are great.

By dickisgreat at 10,Jul,17 04:36
Here in Germany it's become popular in recent years for guys to keep their skin back, for example in showers or nude saunas. A couple people have told me it's because they just think it looks better.

By dickisgreat at 08,Jul,17 17:19
I would! Yours are awesome. Hard and stroking right now looking at your pics

By dickisgreat at 07,Jul,17 18:24
here's some nice ones

By dickisgreat at 16,Jun,17 16:59
Sucked on a guy's huge nipples for easily half an hour today while we were having sex. They were enormous, easily 1.5", almost 4 cm

By dickisgreat at 08,Jun,17 17:38
12 pages with nothing but fat, cut flared helmet heads, all viewed head-on. Plus the odd pic of big fat male nipples and exceptionally hairy bush!


By dickisgreat at 29,May,17 04:28
Overly fast editing. I can't watch it at all if the cuts are quick and jumpy.

By dickisgreat at 29,May,17 04:25
Gotcha. Ahh I *wish* parts of me were overly sensitive. Maybe I've jerked off so much it dulled the sensitivity ;^)

By dickisgreat at 28,May,17 18:31
Huh you actually find it weird and not fun -? Like many guys I have almost no special sensitivity in my nips but it can still generally be hot when they're sucked.

However I'm completely surprised to hear anyone doesn't like their balls played with! I thought everyone liked that.

By dickisgreat at 13,Mar,17 22:52
Lots of close ups of the sites fattest most beauitful cut heads in my favorites!


By dickisgreat at 13,Mar,17 22:50

By dickisgreat at 13,Mar,17 17:19
I can no longer find the "Meet for Sex" feature here. Has it been removed? I used to visit it fairly often and now I can't find it. I'll feel stupid if there's a link right there on the main page because I'm not seeing it!

By dickisgreat at 10,Jan,17 16:47
My Favorites pages are full of huge cut heads!


By dickisgreat at 05,Dec,16 16:03
What did she say and then what did you say?

By dickisgreat at 29,Nov,16 03:33
The important thing is that it's a pretty even spread from 4.5" to 6.5" (11 to 16cm) which means there's roughly similar numbers of guys with 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6 and 6.5.

Sadly a full 35% are 5" or less! (12.7cm)

and only 5% are over 6 -1/4"

By dickisgreat at 20,Nov,16 09:20
Everywhere all the time I'm imagining what the dicks are like on every hot guy I see.

By dickisgreat at 17,Nov,16 18:04
5 because i had sex with about 4 women in my 20s which was 20 years ago.

By dickisgreat at 17,Nov,16 10:59
No need to be subtle. Don't worry, nothing you'd do will be something the guy hasn't already done or wanted to do or jerked off to in porn hehe

If you're nervous, bear in mind - if you're getting together with a gay dude - straight 'experimenting' guys are #1 for desirability among gay guys - the holy grail, a hot commodity. Gay gays would kill to have a shot at a straight guy. Always suprises me that some straight guys aren't aware of this.

On the other hand some gays out there aren't into it because they say the inexperienced ones aren't good at sex and don't know what to do. But these are a minority.

By dickisgreat at 17,Nov,16 10:40
Interesting. Many people out there say no one or hardly anyone is really bi or part-time bi or just experimenting or what have you and that these people are mainly just repressed gays. I'm reporting what lots of people think - I don't agree with it.

I used to be vegetarian but would eat a hamburger on July 4th and turkey on Thanksgiving just because I felt like it. Obviously messing around with same-sex should be just as flexible.

By dickisgreat at 02,Nov,16 09:13
I can never get used to how gay gay gay gay gay the UK is. I'm sure if you could somehow do a 100% accurate survey of every man and all the sex they ever had it would be something like 90% of UK men have mutually jerked off more than 10 guys in their life. In the US it would be something like 5%.

Okay maybe UK would be 70% or even 60, whatever, still it's gotta be enormously more than the US.

There's an episode of Bluestone 42 where they decide that straight guys are the ones who do the most openly gay things because only truly straight guys are comfortable enough with their sexuality to be so open. So anyone who doesn't openly do lots of gay stuff must be gay because they're trying to hide something

- which is pretty much my take on UK men

By dickisgreat at 02,Nov,16 09:05
avgdick when was that? I mean as a k1d, t33n, married adult or what? [we're not allowed to type certain words here]

What was the situation? - such as party, drunk/high, camping trip, locker room etc.

By dickisgreat at 22,Aug,16 17:40
Wow, nice. Incredible hairy bush too

By dickisgreat at 22,Aug,16 17:39
Lots of pics of thick bulging coronas in my favorites! /favourites.php?w=311218

By dickisgreat at 24,Jul,16 17:38
Heck yeah that's a champion corona

By dickisgreat at 24,Jul,16 17:31
Dozens of this site's biggests fattest helmet heads in my Favorites page -


By dickisgreat at 19,Jul,16 18:30
Tons of big suckable heads are on my Favorites page -


By dickisgreat at 11,May,16 17:43
Have a look at my Fat Cockhead Hall of Fame - dozens of unbelievably big helmet and mushroom heads


By dickisgreat at 11,Mar,16 15:22
I never knew that was a carrot. I got the wanking part but thought it was a hot dog or just a blob with a green mohawk and some sort of pom-pom tail even though none of this makes sense. Still not sure what's going on with the tail, if it is a tail.

By dickisgreat at 11,Mar,16 15:18
The way it works now is clear and intuitive to me. Not sure how it was before.

I like the feature.

However - I don't understand the connection between Excitement with the carrot on the profile page, and "I'm excited by this" on each photo page. I looked for a Help page but couldn't find one.

By dickisgreat at 09,Mar,16 10:10
It mainly makes me poop or feels like I have to poop or feels like I am pooping. Am I the only one like this?

Besides that it does kinda feel a little bit good and feels like cum is about to come out but without actually cumming. But mainly the poop-related stuff.

By dickisgreat at 06,Mar,16 16:45
AFAIK this is a ton more common in the UK and I suppose Australia too than in the US, where it's very rare. Although it seems to be a class and geographical thing - I'm pretty sure it's more common in low-income and rural areas. Maybe also among super rich people in boarding schools (which are called "public schools" in the UK I think - the ultra-expensive elite ones)

By dickisgreat at 06,Mar,16 16:38
These are completely natural and they've been like that since I was 20! No stretching!

By dickisgreat at 08,Feb,16 12:20
I just spent half an hour clicking all over a ton of photos looking for the Add to Favorites function which has disappeared at some point in the last few weeks.

Finally I found this discussion - apparently the Add to Favorites link has been replaced with a 100% non-intuitive unguessable icon system involving hearts and stars. A step backwards in usability: no one should ever have to click around on random little heiroglyphics when simple words work better.

By dickisgreat at 06,Feb,16 15:41
I didn't say "STD-free" - you pulled that out of your ass. I said clean and I meant clean. You shouldn't be posting in forums if you don't know what "clean" means.

By dickisgreat at 04,Feb,16 03:36
Insane there is not a single one of these places in New York City or the entire states of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Probably none in New Jersey either. The nearest one to NYC is 3 hours away in Troy... wtf, *Troy*?!

By dickisgreat at 04,Feb,16 03:32
- Sorry, posted here by mistake, see reply above!

By dickisgreat at 03,Feb,16 05:18
wow those are perfect!

By dickisgreat at 02,Feb,16 15:42
Next-door neighbor who was a good friend and also super-closeted. We never said a single word about it! Sex talk is completely off the table even though we're good friends. I can see how people under 25 might keep things hidden but we're 40!

By dickisgreat at 30,Jan,16 17:48
Cockheads especially with a thick flared ridge

By dickisgreat at 30,Jan,16 17:38
Yes good point, there absolutely is a genetic ability to build big muscles that not everyone has (with adequate training of course) and there's no reason why that couldn't be connected with a small dick the way heaviness is. I never thought about it because I've never paid much attention to bodybuilders - they're icky and hairless AND have small dicks - total turnoff