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Unforgettable night when I caught my friend blowing his older ****

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Started by Blade at 06,Jun,17 23:46  other posts of Blade
I was reading Reddit posts and one reminded me of this event I experienced.

Having sleepover with friend. friend shared room with older ****. **** was sleeping over his girlfriends or something, so I slept in his bed.

I wake up and look over at my friend. Light from street lamp fully lit his side of room, and I saw his **** standing right at the side of my friends bed facing me. I then noticed my friend on his side facing his ****, but couldn't make it all out. Then my jaw dropped and I realized his bro was fucking my friends mouth, cause I could then see his hips thrusting.

This was so sexually crazy I immediately got hard. I subconsciencely was rubbing my dick and then the **** pointed at my dick and gave me thumbs up. he kept jesturing until I figured out me wanted to see my dick. I pulled back the covers enough to show him and jerked off to his obvious approval. The bro whispered to my friend, and they seems to pick up the sucking because I could now hear wet noises.

I came and shot my cum up at an angle hitting the headboard, lampshade next to bed and rest went on bed and floor between the beds. I always loved how fat I could shoot my cum and apparently his bro did too because he came hard, moaning fairly loud. and under the breath grunt really. I watched as he grabbed my friend's head and pulled it towards him as I knew he was cumming in his mouth. My friend never resisted this whole time. I almost came again watching this. I figuered he run out as soon as he came, but he just backed off and my friend's head stayed there in front of him. Ididn't then, but figured out later he was cleaning off his bro's dick.

I quietly setting back down like I was sleeping and watched as his bro pulled up his pants, whispered to my friend and left as quietly as he entered. As if he just remembered I was there, my friend turned quickly to look at me. I was the model of perfect ****. I heard him roll over and went to ****. I'm freaking in my head thinking OMG he must have swallowed cause he didn't get up or spit on floor, nothing. wow. I rolled on side facing wall, away from him, scooted to edge of bed, and quietly jerked off again. I dumbed a huge load onto the wall and the edge of the bed. I loved being able to just use his bro's sheets to wipe off my dick both times; hell not my bed.

Not a work was spoken about this. Next week, I was over there again, about to go in their pool. My friend ran to store for his mom, and I waited by pool for him. His bro came out and came over to me and punched me 4 times in shoulder. It really hurt as he was huge dude, and I was skinny ****. He leaned over and said that was for each cum stain I left in his room. I wanted to laugh, but felt he'd really get pissed. He asked if I told anyone and I gasped how, who would I tell??!?!! I knew he was dating girl in my grade/class, so I started to ask about situation,and he told me he just uses his lil bro's mouth when he doesn't get any some nights. and even some nights he does he giggled. he insisted he wasn't gay and that that wasn't a gay think since it was just a favor between bros. (wow ok I'm thinking) he then thought and said my friend wasn't gay either. he was just used to doing it all these years he was cool about it. (wow how long?) I acted cool this whole time like this was the most natural convo ever. He was now threatening me again about telling, or something. I didn't hear him becuase my head was spinning from all this info.

I felt bad for my friend, but knew I couldn't say anything as it would crush him if he knew I knew. I never said anything about this. Figured any waves I caused may be worse than what was happening. Should I have done something differently?

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By licksipsuckit at 07,Jun,17 00:28 other posts of licksipsuckit 
no way, you were lucky to have seen it and lucky your mate didn't know you seen it, but lm sure his older Bro would have told him he saw, you might get lucky one night the bloke might fuck your face for you *lix*

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