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caught cheating by your wife

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Started by #303778 at 26,Oct,12 18:44
My wife caught me with her friend on my lap my hand was up her short skirt my Finger in her slit it took some explaining , she kicked me out of her bed ive been sleeping in spare room.but ive managed to get back in her bed her friend dont come here no more pity, have you ever been caught cheating ?

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By BALLZDIXNCLITZ at 17,May,20 19:57 other posts of BALLZDIXNCLITZ 
I am sexually BI but emotionally straight. My GF of the last 17 years found out about 4 years ago that I had had an encounter where I sucked a guy's dick. She had been told for a few years that I was into looking at dicks and balls, and that I had played with other boys as a young teenager. I desperately wanted to revive the fun and excitement of dick play and wanted to include her in it completely. I wanted to see her fuck another dick. I wanted her to suck another dick while a watched and masturbated. I wanted to suck on balls while she sucked dick and we could tongue dance him together. I REALLY wanted to suck her Clit and his balls at the same time WHILE she would ride his hard dick in "reverse cowgirl" position so I could eat his cum from her pussy while he's pumping it into her! I even tried to arrange for it to happen. It turned her on when I would tell her about it while we were masturbating and fucking often, but I just couldn't get her to allow it to happen. So, I did go ahead and play with and suck dick without her. I don't know that I would necessarily call it cheating when there is a known and expressed need for me to suck dick and she doesn't have one. She couldn't give what I need as far as a dick to play with, so it's just a bit different than fucking another woman behind her back. I would gladly let her have another woman and maybe even share one (or more!) with her if she would have wanted to. So I just met my need on my own. It was nearly the end of us, but we got through it. We are no longer together after 17 years, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the dick I sucked. We aren't together because of her hypocritical family and their family issues.
I will likely never have a serious relationship again, but I will guarantee that any woman I might be casually involved with will know that I also enjoy dicks and balls, and will have to accept that of me. Just as I will willingly and gladly share dicks with her, maybe she will share other pussies with me as well. Life's too short to not enjoy what makes us feel good or judge others for their pleasures. If they don't agree with it, they can move on.

By Bigdaddy402 at 15,May,20 10:28 other posts of Bigdaddy402 
my wife never caught me but when I was in college my girlfriend caught me fucking her friend. I was on her in the missionary position on top of the covers in bed. I had just cummed in her pussy. Rolled over and saw my girlfriend standing there. She turned and walked out i jumped up put on my underwear and went after out side. She got in her car and left. We never got back together.

By dreamer at 27,Oct,12 04:19 other posts of dreamer 
Never cheated.
By #303778 at 28,Oct,12 16:18
i cheat every night on here if she knew she fucking kill me
By #278535 at 27,Feb,13 14:47
Me too!!!!

By #332336 at 19,Dec,12 09:38
I got caught fucking a married woman by her husband. He actually walked in on us just as I was pulling out when fucking her from behind. I was in the process of shooting cum on her ass and the dude walked in the bedroom. He was in shock long enough for me to grab my clothes and run out the front door. She was confronting him while I hauled ass. Naked right out across the yard and into my truck. After driving about a mile I pulled in a parking lot and put my clothes on. Dammit it was close. She had told me they were seperated and it was safe to fuck there but she lied. Not fun!
By bella! at 19,Dec,12 12:45 other posts of bella! 
Gee, and you seem like quite a real prize..........
By #332336 at 20,Dec,12 09:56
Nice eye, want me to shoot a hot of cum in it for you.

By #332336 at 27,Dec,12 09:42
Yea, and you're such a prize you will only show your eyeball. Have some guts girl and show what you got. You have a smart mouth, is it good for sucking too.

By #269409 at 27,Oct,12 03:09
Not caught but when we were partying at a wedding once me her and this other guy got a little flirty with each other then they were flirting and he was grabbing her breasts and obviously seeing how far he could push us then started grabbing me and when we were alone in the restroom he then made his move i really liked it we ended up sucking each other off we didn't Finnish as we were interrupted by his **** and we just went back to the party so the next day all of us still had breakfast together very very uncomfortable when we got home i told my wife that i ended up cheating and i even almost started to convulse i was sooo nervous then as i was sooo surprised how she reacted cause she said i must tell her everything in detail i did and she got so hot and we fucked right there on the couch so in the end it was a win win for me
By #302679 at 27,Oct,12 04:32
what have you got against the Finns?
By #303778 at 27,Oct,12 10:13
well jess have you ever been caught by your partner
By #302679 at 27,Oct,12 10:35
no,my "partner",has always known i am bi sexual;and i have never had a relationship behind his relationships are with women only;and as i have the man i love already,i dont need any one else.
By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 04:28
Oh Jess the tab I'm on is touch screen and the fingers well let's just say are as clumsey as me Hahahahahahaha
By #302679 at 28,Oct,12 04:42
what,are you talking about?
By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 05:01
Samsung galaxy tablet is a touch screen refering to the Finds question
By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 05:05
Finns question

By #302679 at 27,Oct,12 03:53
bull sh**...
By #269409 at 27,Oct,12 04:13
By #302679 at 27,Oct,12 04:25
did i reply to,or,leave my comment for,you?
By #302679 at 27,Oct,12 04:40
just viewed your page,sums you up,down to a tee.
By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 03:24
Thanks for viewing my page exactly what i like
By #302679 at 28,Oct,12 03:44
your welcome,i needed a laugh.
By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 03:56
I'm enjoying you're sarcasm much more than you think
By #302679 at 28,Oct,12 04:15
i was not being sarcastic.
By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 04:25
Hahahaha don't understand let's please just be peaceful

By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 04:35
Still don't understand then i apologize if i was rude to you think i am lost in translation
By #302679 at 28,Oct,12 04:44
if you dont understand,then,why are you apologising?and nothing was lost in translation,you,are a self centered, patronising arse.
By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 05:04
Wow you don't know me just please stop attacking and calling me names if i was rude to you then i appologise sooo let's just move on

By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 04:33
Don't understand is this an attack or sarcasm or friendly

By #269409 at 28,Oct,12 04:31
I apologize for jumping to conclusion

By #269409 at 27,Oct,12 04:22
Good man dreamer although we al are together i don't ever wanna do something like that again I'm deliciously sufficed
By dreamer at 27,Oct,12 04:49 other posts of dreamer 
The woman I was engaged to for 5 years cheated on me, so I know the feeling and I H A T E D it. I promised myself I will never do that to anybody. But shit does happen, never say never.

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