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Pre-cum explained--

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Started by JustWill at 20,Jun,17 15:20  other posts of JustWill
PRE-CUM (also called PRE-EJACULATE or COWPER’S FLUID) is not produced in the TESTICLES.

It is made in the BULBOURETHRAL GLANDS (also called the COWPER’S GLANDS)—a pair of pea-sized glands located internally at the base of the penis and emptying into the URETHRA.

PRE-CUM is not SEMEN, though it is made up of a number of similar chemical compounds and may contain trace amounts of SPERM leftover from previous EJACULATIONS.

In a healthy man, PRE-CUM is a clear fluid, while SEMEN is milky-white and thicker in consistency.

The male REPRODUCTIVE and URINARY systems share the same passage from the body-- the URETHRA.

URINE is acidic, and its flow through the URETHRA makes it a dangerous environment for SPERM.


Because PRE-CUM is slightly alkaline, it neutralizes the acidity of residual URINE in the URETHRA, making it a safe place for SPERM to pass through during EJACULATION.

The amount of PRE-CUM produced by individual guys varies. Some men produce little to no visible fluid, while others can produce 5ml or more, which seeps from the MEATUS (me-ATE-us)—the SLIT at the tip of the GLANS PENIS-- in overflow.

You’re welcome,

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By RealTitsLover at 20,Jun,17 23:16 other posts of RealTitsLover 
5ml or more? I'll say... I pre-cum so much, when a girl really turns me on intentionally, my boxers are literally soaked all over in front and still dripping when I take them off. That's before I even get started with foreplay.

Needless to say, I can be sure I really like a girl when I feel it dripping down past my knees... On a side note, I dunno about anyone else, but pre-cum on lips has never made me hesitate before kissing someone the way that cum has.

Not sure how true it is, but there seems to be a lot of similarities between pre-cum and the liquid some girls squirt.
By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 12:35 other posts of JustWill 
Those liquids are totally different, and produced for different reasons.
By RealTitsLover at 22,Jun,17 17:02 other posts of RealTitsLover 
I knew that they're not produced for the same reasons... I just meant how they're both clear, the amount is affected by how turned on the person is, and if you continue to be turned on, more and more keeps being produced.

By AussieMan187 at 21,Jun,17 02:15 other posts of AussieMan187 
I don't pre-cum at all. I didn't even know what it was until I met my present girlfriend.
By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 12:34 other posts of JustWill 
Unless your Cowper's Glands are abnormal or not functioning, you actually do produce pre-ejaculate. All healthy men do. However, your glands are not producing enough fluid to make it seep out like heavy pre-cummers do. For you, and many other guys, that is completely normal.

The next time you have an erection, squeeze it firmly in one hand and stroke it several times like you are milking a cow. Check to see if a very small amount of moisture appears within the opening of your pee slit. That's pre-ejaculate.
By AussieMan187 at 22,Jun,17 03:49 other posts of AussieMan187 
Ok, i'll try that.

By jocstfr at 21,Jun,17 13:34 other posts of jocstfr 
Great info Just Will! I have a question:
I frequent a nude beach regularly and have precum constantly oozing from my penis while I'm there. Except for an occasional erection, I am not in an excited state and simply laying on a towel or walking on the beach. I initially thought it was because I don't have a foreskin and as such my exposed glans is subject to the elements, wind, sun, water etc. but not sure if this is the reason. Any opinion is appreciated!
By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 15:17 other posts of JustWill 
I doubt that your circumcised status has anything to do with it. If that were so, you'd be leaking while flaccid in other locations as well.
You say that you get occasional erections while at the beach. How frequent are they, and are you just leaving them alone to go away on their own?
My guess would be that, during those erections, your Cowper's Glands are producing an abundance of pre-cum and, because your body doesn't recycle the stuff after it makes it, it continues to seep out after the erections have subsided.
(I'm not a doctor, though, so this is just a guess based on logic and a bit of knowledge about male anatomy.)
By jocstfr at 21,Jun,17 17:44 other posts of jocstfr 
Thanks Justwill! Actually it oozes out even when I didn't have an erection that day. I am conscious of it so I am continually checking but there are times when I look down a see a long clear strand dripping down halfway to the ground. (Embarrassing when it glistens in the sun). Anyway I appreciate your feedback and maybe I just have an overactive Cowper's gland.

By 2nice at 20,Jun,17 17:55 other posts of 2nice 
So, why is it difficult to pee with an erection? Some sort of self defense mechanism ?
By bella! at 20,Jun,17 18:17 other posts of bella! 
Didn't he already answer that in his other PSA?

By RealTitsLover at 20,Jun,17 23:06 other posts of RealTitsLover 
So you don't pee when you're inside someone.

By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 12:47 other posts of JustWill 
Posting a whole new topic just to answer this one for you, Buddy!

By hotlicker69 at 20,Jun,17 16:29 other posts of hotlicker69 
good info
By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 12:28 other posts of JustWill 

By furluvr at 21,Jun,17 02:14 other posts of furluvr 
I love it when you talk dirty like this....
By JustWill at 21,Jun,17 12:28 other posts of JustWill 

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