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Reporting a dude who blacklisted me

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Started by #95089 at 28,Dec,17 16:26
Hi there.
How can I report a dude to have him deleted if I can't see him anymore in the members list ?
The dude posted a pic of mine in a chatroom. I adked him to remove his post with my pic. He refused. When I warned him I would report him for that, he knowingly posted another pic of mine and blacklisted me so I couldn't report him anymore.
He is ken31234. Many many members complain about his behavior on this site.
I took a screenshot of the chat with my request to delete my pic, his refusal and the 2nd pic he immediately posted.

Who can help me with that ?

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By Dev01 at 29,Dec,17 00:47 other posts of Dev01 
Ignore button might help.

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