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By Dev01 at 21,Nov,19 00:22
Leo is just another grub.

By Dev01 at 19,Nov,19 22:10

By Dev01 at 18,Nov,19 23:58
I bet you look like Ron Jeremy without the dick

By Dev01 at 18,Nov,19 23:53
With all due respect...What the fuck does that thread have to do with stinky wristwatch bands

By Dev01 at 17,Nov,19 05:10

By Dev01 at 16,Nov,19 23:30
He must suffer incontinence

By Dev01 at 16,Nov,19 23:10
He is one of the best on here bro.

By Dev01 at 16,Nov,19 23:02
cant really remember bro...JW kept that thread alive for so long. Hope Will is ok, have not seen him here for ever

By Dev01 at 16,Nov,19 22:53
Na... that's Tasmanian thing

By Dev01 at 16,Nov,19 22:49

By Dev01 at 15,Nov,19 15:30
I sense a tree command

By Dev01 at 15,Nov,19 15:29
Skits needs a special size

By Dev01 at 15,Nov,19 07:36
I know right

By Dev01 at 15,Nov,19 07:20

By Dev01 at 15,Nov,19 07:17
Scorps did not even waste a 000.2mb of my bandwith

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By Dev01 at 13,Nov,19 01:51
Walking on a bed of Lego bricks while being attacked by honey badgers next to a Justin Beiber concert. That's just me tho

By Dev01 at 13,Nov,19 01:35
Nigella Lawson, Amy Lee.. and I know..don't break my balls Jennifer Aniston. Most of all Vetti my wife

By Dev01 at 10,Nov,19 22:51
thanks cunt

By Dev01 at 08,Nov,19 22:08
just take meth for about 3 weeks ... Job done

By Dev01 at 08,Nov,19 22:05

By Dev01 at 08,Nov,19 15:33
The ghost of Evers .

He was a true cunt

By Dev01 at 08,Nov,19 15:28
Not all cunts are equal

By Dev01 at 08,Nov,19 15:16
Skittles your a mad cunt
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By Dev01 at 08,Nov,19 15:12
Yes... Member tecsan took this picture of my sister and I lol

By Dev01 at 07,Nov,19 20:27
I'm OZ cunt is known as a term of endearment 😁

By Dev01 at 07,Nov,19 01:35
I'm glad someone got it

By Dev01 at 04,Nov,19 03:17
Fuck yeah ...shave. My wife loves it and it is a better feeling. Besides I get lost in the jungle

By Dev01 at 03,Nov,19 23:17
I love jacking off with a mixture of antifreeze and gasoline

By Dev01 at 30,Oct,19 01:35
. I hear the sound (tonk) right about now.

By Dev01 at 26,Oct,19 19:21
Maybe something to do with it's IP and is probably a shell account.

By Dev01 at 18,Oct,19 03:32
what's wrong with Skippy... it was an actual show in OZ.

He didn't say much but it is how you live

By Dev01 at 18,Oct,19 03:29
scorps that's my dick

By Dev01 at 17,Oct,19 19:03

By Dev01 at 09,Oct,19 05:31
I remember when jean jackets (denim) were cool

By Dev01 at 09,Oct,19 00:37

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By Dev01 at 06,Oct,19 15:47
yes yes and yes lol. Don't really see why it was called six to go and refs could have stopped it. So tri colours win but its gonna be the GF remembered for shit decisions... like Cronk being sent off.

Canberra feel robbed and Chooks have to deal with the back to back that should not have been.

Even if the decision was opposite the controversy would still remain so really its a no win either way.

Glad it was not the ref from the wallabies wales game

By Dev01 at 06,Oct,19 07:50

By Dev01 at 06,Oct,19 07:42
Done back to back ..
Roosters back to back 25 years

By Dev01 at 05,Oct,19 19:20
It's D Day today Roosters trying to back to back grand finals,so I'm getting on the piss and only have one thing to say...GET A FUCKIN ROOSTER UP YA

By Dev01 at 05,Oct,19 13:36
It will definitely help with that and strongly recommend it before taking any osteo medication

By Dev01 at 05,Oct,19 12:06
Hope it helps

By Dev01 at 05,Oct,19 04:54
yes it is

By Dev01 at 05,Oct,19 04:04
balls side.. I guess

By Dev01 at 05,Oct,19 04:01

By Dev01 at 05,Oct,19 02:05
1000% Correct scorps.

It has no thc content and just some things it treats are

•Pain, Inflammation & Arthritis. Natural pain relief is perhaps the most common use for CBD. ...
•Anxiety & Depression. ...
•Cancer. ...
•Nausea, Vomiting and Eating Disorders. ...
•Epilepsy & Seizures. ...
•Diabetes. ...

plus so many positives its an amazing solution to pharmaceuticals but the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know I mean hell they loose...doctors loose.

And they banning Vapes here so smokers of nicotine keep giving the powers to be the tax.

A friend of mines daughter had 30 seizures a day and was informed CBD oil 300mg, just a drop in her food its gone to no seizures. So it works. Hence he sells it LEGALLY on facebook in OZ.

As for drug tests like I said it has no THC content unless you buy home made shit. I have it for sinus and I am breathalysed every day before I start work and random urine tests... Im still working.

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Oh and yeah most important DO NOT VAPE CBD OIL....If not die you Will have lung complications