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Do people want to chat?

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Started by #548485 at 13,Jan,18 08:01
I ask because I message people explaining Iím not rude in the sense of being nasty and I never get any messages back. Do people not want to chat on here or is it just me.

Any pointers welcome as it cost 20 points to post this

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New Comment

By bella! at 13,Jan,18 13:12 other posts of bella! 
Of course, there are members that want to chat. Some members converse, here in the forum, some members chat via private message and some members choose to chat in public chat. You will also find very diverse topics.

My suggestion to you, if your interest is in chatting, send a private message or two, to members that catch your eye and see what that leads to. Just my opinion, you need to be cautious and selective with the words you choose just as you would be in real life. If you saw an interesting lady at the car wash, you probably wouldn't start the conversation by telling her that you want to slide your throbbing cock in her wet pussy, right? I believe the same "etiquette" holds true here although there are some SYC members that might get off on that type of opening. Be careful, they may just be another guy hiding behind a SYC account.

Also, men seem to like to look at cock, any cock, but you need to be cautious when approaching the SYD members. Some SYD members appreciate the comments and votes but would prefer comments to be less graphic and some, not.

Don't be shy, jump in, get your feet wet!
By #548485 at 13,Jan,18 13:20
Thanks for the advice bella

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