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Need help: girl can't do it twice in a day

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Started by Cumjizzer at 10,Feb,18 21:22  other posts of Cumjizzer
My girl and I have been banging for a little over 4 years now. I was basically her first. I can't complain about the sex but we have a problem that we've been trying to solve since the first time we became intimate.

We can't do it twice in a day. After I finish, her tunnel of love closes for maintainence. She shuts it down for about 36 hours typically. Whenever I so much as stroke her after a bounce around the bush, she complains of it hurting. It doesn't matter how wet and ready I get her, what kind of lube we use, or how long I stoke the flames for, she just can't do it. The shortest time inbetween sessions we've had was about 24 hours.

Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone been there before? Is there any technique I can use to help reduce or eliminate this time? I have a very heavy sex drive and want to be with someone who I can do all day long, multiple times in a day. I love her for everything not sex related though. This is hurting our relationship! Any advice would be appreciated.

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By Cumjizzer at 11,Feb,18 18:22 other posts of Cumjizzer 
Thanks for all the help, to those who have offered advice. To the haters, go eat a dick. Sex is important and while I have been understanding with her, and I do love her (and tell her frequently), it does still impact our relationship. I am looking for answers for her comfort.

By AAA-Dick at 10,Feb,18 23:10 other posts of AAA-Dick 
Uh, ask her gynecologist?
By Cumjizzer at 11,Feb,18 01:11 other posts of Cumjizzer 
She doesn't go to one anymore. I forgot what they said when she did but it wasn't helpful. Mostly just to use lube, which doesn't really help
By AAA-Dick at 11,Feb,18 17:37 other posts of AAA-Dick 
She needs a better GYN. And she should be getting her pap smears somewhere.

By AAA-Dick at 11,Feb,18 17:38 other posts of AAA-Dick 
There is a condition called vaginitis, my b**'s wife had it. Made it very painful for her, otherwise I don't know anything about it. Try WebMD or Mayo Clinic websites.

By oldbugle at 11,Feb,18 04:37 other posts of oldbugle 
This reminds me of a (poor) joke about an Italian lover whose wife gets injured in a street accident......His friends try to ease his floods of tears and anguish by telling him that she will come out of hospital in a few weeks and probably make a full recovery, but he pauses in his sobbing just long enough to ask them what he is going to do "tonight"!!....

First thing to do is be VERY pleased it's not your dick that hurts like hell....second, try not to be a moron and see if you can find some kindness....third, really research the matter and find a real doctor......fourth, tell her you love her (you DO, don't you!)......fifth, try to remember that there's more to love and sex than thrusting for your ownn pleasure......sixth, try to grow up and gain some self-control...those will do for starters.

By AussieMan187 at 11,Feb,18 04:22 other posts of AussieMan187 
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. It's like I always say "If in doubt, fuck it out!"

By licksipsuckit at 11,Feb,18 04:19 other posts of licksipsuckit 
sex shouldn't hurt for either partner, get her to her GP and let him work out a plan on what to do, some women are allergic to dick and need to take antihistamine before fucking, but you should go to the docs and get a professional opinion, its not worth wasting more time trying and get it happening right *lix*

By leopoldij at 11,Feb,18 04:07 other posts of leopoldij 
This may not be her problem exactly, but take a look, it could be related only registered users can see external links

By Rob00 at 10,Feb,18 21:54 other posts of Rob00 
Have you tried WetStuff Gold lube,its so smooth and slippery,does not dry out,it's water based for easy clean up.It even smells good. This is the finest lube I have ever used. Good Luck
By Cumjizzer at 11,Feb,18 01:09 other posts of Cumjizzer 
We've tried all kinds of different lube and have had no results

By Cumjizzer at 10,Feb,18 21:41 other posts of Cumjizzer 

Here is a picture of how tight her pussy is

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