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By Rob00 at 30,Oct,19 01:26
Yes, i love that wonderful moment

By Rob00 at 02,Oct,19 18:10
I feel its more commom now,all due to the internet

By Rob00 at 02,Oct,19 05:28
Thanks for the reply,i have enjoyed sucking a juicy cock since my teens, once you have got the taste, and swallowed cum,your hooked

By Rob00 at 08,Jul,19 20:06
My self and buddies like to cum on a Black saucer,then lick it clean

By Rob00 at 06,Jul,19 06:30
I do like a thick man bush,its so nice to bury your face in and sniff his amazing body scent

By Rob00 at 06,Jul,19 02:20
I have sucked off around 20 guys,cut and uncut,i do like uncut cock as its so nice to tongue out the left over cum from under its hood,and its so nice to nibble on a soft foreskin.My first cock sucking session was when i was either 5 or 6 years old,my neighbour, the same age also wanted to suck my cock,i have been a cock sucker from then and want even more juicy dicks to suck

By Rob00 at 04,Jul,19 00:55
Once you suck a guy off, you will aquire a taste for more fresh sperms,once you get that cum taste you will always want more cum,and that first swallow is just amazing

By Rob00 at 04,Jul,19 00:45
i like your penis,i would suck you off, and swallow your Fresh tasty loads any time

By Rob00 at 23,Jun,19 19:30
Always Swallow a guys precious gift that he serves you,it's the polite thing to do

By Rob00 at 23,Jun,19 19:26
I would like my cock to be 7 inches long, and Uncut

By Rob00 at 22,Jun,19 04:55
Thanks Scorpio, and so do i

By Rob00 at 22,Jun,19 01:41
How about Dick Head

By Rob00 at 13,Jun,19 05:09
My neighbour,we were both about 5 or 6 years old,he showed me how to suck cock,and i have enjoyed sucking every cock since

By Rob00 at 02,Jun,19 19:16
I always swallow the guys Fresh load,as he is serving you his most precious gift to you,So Swallow it

By Rob00 at 25,Apr,19 01:47
One of the first porn vids i watched was Al Parker in Strange places and Strange things, i think it was called,and i was hooked on porn since then, an early 80's video

By Rob00 at 04,Jan,19 18:44
It was my cousin,we were both 11 or 12 then, and he showed me how to pull myself off, in their bathroom,when he oozed a little cum i wanked my cock,and shortly after i oozed some sperms and with an amazing feeling,and i still have a wank to this day

By Rob00 at 26,Dec,18 03:07
I do like my S/steel cock ring,it helps for a horny wank,check it out

By Rob00 at 01,Oct,18 02:38
Great action game,with a good win

By Rob00 at 24,Aug,18 05:18
Why not tee it up with your best mate

By Rob00 at 21,Aug,18 23:59
Mmmm i like to savor it in my mouth for the full flavor Yum

By Rob00 at 14,Aug,18 05:14
I Love sucking off a guys penis,i always swallow his Fresh precious gift that he has served me,and its polite to do so

By Rob00 at 27,Jul,18 20:53
I prefer to suck off a guys warm n tasty cock any day

By Rob00 at 24,Jul,18 05:18
I usually lick it off my fingers,and then i clean up with Sorbent Thick & Large tissues

By Rob00 at 16,Jun,18 00:14
I wank off every time I see Jack1999 on here

By Rob00 at 13,Jun,18 01:49
Hi Jack,I never pay,, I would suck your uncut beauty for free and offer you a free stay at my home,and my reward is for you to shoot your Fresh loads into my mouth to savour,then I would swallow

By Rob00 at 20,May,18 05:54
Your better off with a suck buddy,its much more fun,and you end up with a Fresh and Tasty reward to enjoy

By Rob00 at 14,May,18 23:37
I do prefer a guy with a thick,neat bush,its great to sniff and bury ones face in Mmmm

By Rob00 at 29,Apr,18 05:00
I like umcut cock with a long foreskin to suck,nibble on and tongue under YUM

By Rob00 at 09,Apr,18 18:49
It Sure does

By Rob00 at 09,Apr,18 06:38
The best part is that Split second the guy explodes into your mouth, with that instant amazing taste,to savour,and then that smooth creamy swallow

By Rob00 at 07,Apr,18 19:49
I always get hard when checking out Jack1999's profile

By Rob00 at 03,Apr,18 02:30
I tried using mums Electrolux Vacuum on full power,and such a great feeling,now that I am much older I pump cock using Pumptoys Velseal tubes for the right way to vacpump cock

By Rob00 at 01,Apr,18 18:15
Just re attach my cut Foreskin,and a extra 1 inch in lrngth

By Rob00 at 29,Mar,18 22:11
When I was in my always Horny early teens,i could shoot some distance,and with No more than 12 strokes

By Rob00 at 21,Mar,18 19:35
Well said *lix* your spot on

By Rob00 at 19,Mar,18 18:33
I sucked my first cock when I was either 5 or 6 and he was cut I enjoy sucking either

By Rob00 at 17,Mar,18 19:37
Hi Aussie, so we ae both regarded as average

By Rob00 at 09,Mar,18 04:26
When I see Jack1999 on here,i get one immediately

By Rob00 at 08,Mar,18 03:12
I prefer to do the sucking,but I don't mind a guy going for it the moment he wants to deliver that Fresh prize

By Rob00 at 05,Mar,18 18:41
Having fun with Jack1999

By Rob00 at 04,Mar,18 04:23
To spend a night in bed with Jack1999

By Rob00 at 04,Mar,18 04:20
To take part in a Bukkake with around 20 guys in a circle sucking cock all night, Wow

By Rob00 at 03,Mar,18 19:18
My cousin showed me how to wank off,so he was the first,we were both around 11 or 12yo

By Rob00 at 28,Feb,18 00:00
Thank you guys,and Congratulations,I enjoy viewing all the Gorgeous Cock n Balls on show here each day

By Rob00 at 24,Feb,18 23:55
Once i start Vacpumping my cock, and its pumped thick,it needs to explode,and that's 2 to 3 times a week

By Rob00 at 18,Feb,18 00:52
Quiet a few,never enough

By Rob00 at 12,Feb,18 04:11
I like a warm mouth around my cock,any day

By Rob00 at 10,Feb,18 21:54
Have you tried WetStuff Gold lube,its so smooth and slippery,does not dry out,it's water based for easy clean up.It even smells good. This is the finest lube I have ever used. Good Luck

By Rob00 at 10,Feb,18 17:31
The beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales Australia

By Rob00 at 10,Feb,18 00:21
I sucked on my cousins beautiful thick cock when he was about 12, I was 14 he didn't cum in my mouth,but, from that day I have always enjoyed sucking cock,and its heaven when one unloads for a Fresh tasty load to swallow