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Started by mahak at 09,May,18 04:11  other posts of mahak
I was 23 ,staying with a couple men 47 and women 33.usually bengali couple have longer gaps . She was very obedient wife as i could make out in my 2 months stay .Figure-i was not keen as she was wife of my colleague also. I used to have dinner by 9.30 pm and long chat with Dada (men) and boudi(her wife) till 10.30 appx and go for **** . My room was not adjoining and in a separate building . Boudi and Dada used to see me off . aFTER 3 MONTHS ,Dada used to go to **** early and only Boudi used to bid good night till gate . Slowly I could see that she will talk of marriage and girls . I was hesitant to talk all this , more so in the absence of Dada . However ,she continued and will talk tacitly about women a lot and used to dress with deep cleavage now .I have been a big fan of boobs and cleavage and started to get hard after seeing her cleavage near to gate . Now I had to jerk many days after her secy talks sent off after dinner. Dada seems to eb least interested in sex and all and will go for **** immediately after dinner . His only son was in hostel and will visit on Sundays .

I also started to enjoy this and jerking as I used to get much more harder than usual after her talks . In fact, sometime I used to think of jerking in front of her ,but cold never muster the courage .

Now I also started to wear loose pyjams ..instead of formal pants ..this will let my big cock enjoy the space during her talks and breath easy. I could make out that now while sitting on couch after dinner she is gazing occasionally my huge bulge. I was enjoying this and pretending as if I am not aware of this . This continued for few weeks .

One winter ,after dinner I was trying to leave the room as it was very cold and I was in a hurry to jerk and **** . Suddenly she put her hand on my pyjama and groped my cock which was otherwise also ready to cum as she had described her honeymoon night that night . I was taken aback this was very unexpected ....I could not imagine that a married women at 32 can do this ...she was holding it with tight grip and I was dumb...she looks very big! I was enjoying the grip a lot as first time a married women having lot of experience of sex was holding it ..but I was also extremely concerned if Dada will come down from 1st floor ..though the door sound would alert us..but still it was too risky for me..and of course her.But she took out my cock ..which was so erect and tight as a bridge can be built on it....she could understand my concern as I mentioned Dada...She understood and came outside with me and quickly moved to my room was 11.50 in night..she immediately pulled my pants and in full sweater I was naked below...she was madly looking at my cock as if she wants to take it..she put her mouth and started sucking it very very hard ..For me this was happening very quickly . She was very experienced lady ....I was unable to hold my cum as this was my first oral..remember in my earlier experience Mala had not sucked it ... in 2 mins I fully unloaded my cum in her mouth and she gulped it all to my surprise ...I had big orgasm...and never ever had that experience in my life ..though she gave me more sexual pleasure during my next 4 months stay..please post your comment so that I can think of telling later incidences

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By #562152 at 13,Sep,18 12:43
lollipop,,that is a very HOT story,but,,,I would not call that being forced to loose your virginity. At best, it's the joy of the first BJ. Women know because the man has no clue how to satisfy or even what the motions are when inexperienced,,but, lollipop,,practice makes perfect,and a lot of practice makes it sensational,,hahaha,,

By AussieMan187 at 09,May,18 06:39 other posts of AussieMan187 
Awesome mate! That got my cock hard. That must have been a great experience & a dream come true! Please tell us more!
By mahak at 09,May,18 07:38 other posts of mahak 
Thanks. Yes it was unexpected and obviously I was no way prepared for it and hence the poor performance of mine. Subsequently she gave me a few more opportunities and I fucked her peacefully . But she was very hungry lady and needed a more matured men to satisfy her . SHE WAS SO CRAZY ABOUT MY THICK COCK THAT SHE WILL SUCK IT AFTER DINNER EVEN WHEN HER HUSBAND WAS IN THE HOUSE .

By mahak at 09,May,18 07:43 other posts of mahak 
She wanted my cock to be tasted by her much younger **** as well who was of my age . Unfortunately she got married shortly else I would have tasted her ..together ..that would have been an experience for me
By AussieMan187 at 09,May,18 09:16 other posts of AussieMan187 
She must have known you were inexperienced & some women get off on that.
By #556372 at 09,May,18 10:53
it's true,,,teaching a younger man how it's done is a huge turn on for many women,,,well,,AM,,now we both are horny and straining,,

By mahak at 10,May,18 05:39 other posts of mahak 
But my innocence was a major turn on for her. Playing with me as per her sweet wish was a joyful for her but in the process I had to cum a lot ...

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