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Anybody Had A Forced Gay Experience?

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Started by 38fehj at 20,Apr,10 02:15  other posts of 38fehj
There's no way I would willingly have sex with a man. But I wondered if I was forced/tricked into it if I would enjoy it. Like if I was tied up and a dick was shoved in my mouth. I think they'd have to be a small sissy type though. I've noticed from looking at the shemale sites that the pale pink dicks look best to me. Just like pink pussy looks good. Seems strange that I would be all over the "lady" below but not another man.

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By #568296 at 28,Sep,18 02:49
My uncle who returned from jail **** forcefuly anal fucked me in the bathroom

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 07:57
Well there was one time when I was 16 maybe I had to dance bottom naked for a guy.Like striptease, move my ass all around for him, show my cock and dance.My friend just sit and enjoyed my show.Then we switched places and he danced for me.

By dallastxn69ing at 14,May,18 14:16 other posts of dallastxn69ing 
I agree though lately it does sound ok, mostly I want to know what it is like to stroke off some one elses cock

By #539433 at 14,May,18 12:01
Yes when I was a teen ager

By CumHungryBBPig at 14,May,18 07:55 other posts of CumHungryBBPig 
stepfather slowly trained me and showed me gay porn at 8yo by 12yo i was with hime and my older **** almost every night, and loved it

By mahak at 13,May,18 07:55 other posts of mahak 
Yes many a times. When I was a **** and also when I was 22.... please see my blog for real incident story

By Boylover at 15,Jan,18 00:26 other posts of Boylover 
At age 13 I was not really forced, but more seduced by my uncle. We jerked each other off, he sucked me and made me cum.

By #548589 at 14,Jan,18 17:13
My oldest step **** **** fucked me in the yard once, I didn't resist, not sure if it can be regarded as forced. I was forced to suck my teachers cock to pass his class. I didn't mind it until he got so horny that he raped me on his desk.

By sinanff47 at 21,Apr,10 19:18 other posts of sinanff47 
I would doubt that any "forced" experience, is a 'gay old time' for anyone!
By #536760 at 11,Sep,17 22:53

By Darthshame at 06,Jan,18 07:06 other posts of Darthshame 

By ilovesuckingcocks at 11,Sep,17 14:55 other posts of ilovesuckingcocks 
Old man turned me into a cocksucker

I've been sucking cock behind my girlfriends back for nearly thirty years ever since some dirty old man caught me looking at his big cock and told me to get on my knees and suck him off. I couldn't believe how much it turned me on to be used like some slut by an old man in public and he could see it and started calling me a filthy little cocksucking faggot. I was so turned on I shot my load all over the floor without even playing with myself and I stayed hard he laughed and said I think you're going to sucking lots and lots of cocks now your a cocksucker aren't you? Oh god no I like girls. Well you love cock more don't you? No. No you don't want to suck my cock then? I'm not sure. Ok no more for you. Ugh can't I carry on for a while. Not unless you ask me nicely. Ugh ok please let me carry on. If you want to suck my big cock tell me that you are a cocksucking little faggot that loves sucking dirty old men off in public. No I can't im not gay. No but now you've suck cock your a cocksucker for life. Oh god I can't believe how much i loved having your cock in my mouth your right I want to suck your cock please let me. Ok but if I let you suck my big cock I want your name and address ok? Ugh why? So you will be my cock slave anytime I need you or I will visit your parents and tell them that you have been sucking old men off in public toilets. No please don't just let me suck your cock this time only. Oh no no deal I'm going home. Oh no please don't leave. Well tell me your name and address and what you are. Oh ok my name is xxxxx xxxxx and I'm a filthy little faggot that love's sucking cock. Now that's better open your mouth and do what you're going to be doing for the rest of your life. Yes that's it good boy suck that big cock oh yes you will be coming back here every day looking for cock won't you cocksucker? I can't understand why but It turns me on so much I think your right I won't be able to resist coming here looking for men to suck. Yes that's right now you've suck a real man's cock your a cocksucker for life and you don't even care that you are on your knees in a filthy public toilet sucking an old man's dirty smelly old cock while being watched do you? Ugh what oh god no. Don't stop it's ok they can see your a cocksucker so carry on doing what you were born for I bet if you ask nicely they will let you suck their cocks as well. Oh god I've been caught sucking cock please don't tell anyone. Oh if you want us to keep quiet you will have to suck all of us off as well. Oh god ok. I can see your going to busy here tonight sucking cock after cock like a dirty cocksucking faggot look at how much you love sucking my big cock you love it don't you? Oh god yes it's turning me on sucking you off in front of other men god I want more cock. That's if good little cocksucker your going to make me cum oh god yes I'm cumming oh yes you like that don't you look at him this is the first time he's sucked cock and he's swallowed all my cum and sucking me clean I think he wants more don't you? Mmm yes please. I'm going home so enjoy yourself cocksucker I will be in touch. So there I was on my knees sucking old men off like some dirty little slut and I loved it I was now a cocksucker and I've sucked at least 500 cocks since then his is what happened to me
By lawrenceo at 06,Jan,18 04:25 other posts of lawrenceo 
Interesting but it would have been better in paragraphs

By #548046 at 05,Jan,18 10:57
When i was 12 my friends older **** always used to touch my crotch and try pull my pants down. One day I was at my friend's house, he fell asleep while we were watching TV. I went to the bathroom and didn't bother to lock the door as nobody was home, besides his ****. As I dropped my pants the **** walked in. He watched me pee and showed me his cock while I did. When done he touched my cock with his cock which was massive and compare to mine. I got hard and he grabbed my cock in his hand and rubbed it. Still holding my cock he took his pants completely off and told me to rub his cock. I rubbed it while he removed my pants and shirt. Completely naked he took me to his room and locked the door. He took his shirt off and started sucking my cock, he then told me to suck his, I didn't want to so he pushed me back on to the bed and sat on my chest. He forced me to open my mouth and put his big hard cock in. He began thrusting trying to get his whole cock in my mouth, I gagged and chocked as it went down my throat. He took it out got off of me, lifted my legs up and spread them apart. I told him to stop by he held me down and put his cock in my asshole. I screamed as it painfully slid in. When he eventually got all of it in I was moaning loudly, he shoved socks in my mouth and began thrusting. He held me down forcefully as he fucked me hard and deep, it hurt till I cried. He fucked me till he came in my ass.

By CountryCouple54 at 03,Oct,17 21:57 other posts of CountryCouple54 

By #534396 at 03,Oct,17 21:06
Once when I was 14 I stayed over at a friend's house, he's stepdad was there and he's mom gone away for work...in the middle of the night I was awoken by the step dad removing my pants, when I started to say something he told me to be quite and took me to he's bedroom...once there he took both our clothes off and began to suck my cock, I willingly sucked he's afterwards, he then sat on the bed and told me to sit on he's lap, I did, he lifted me with hands on my ass spreading my ass while doing so, e lifted me on to he's cock and slowly he began thrusting it in, I moaned but did not try to get away... eventually I found myself riding he's cock, it was sore even though the cock was not very big...after that night I would often go to my friends place just to get fucked by he's stepdad

By bil47 at 12,Sep,17 08:37 other posts of bil47 
Consensual role-play scenarios = hot sex
Non-consensual forced sex = a serious crime

By leopoldij at 11,Sep,17 18:59 other posts of leopoldij 
That's ra.pe. Does this show that some men enjoy it?

By Ramil1 at 18,May,17 05:30 other posts of Ramil1 
I had two friends that held me so i couldn t get free and pulled my pants off and played with my cock untill I got hard and one of them wanked me off but i didn t get to cumming

Dont know if thats actually classed as forced ex but thats as far as it s been
By #493361 at 11,Sep,17 18:32
I wish that happenned to me!

By pifad at 17,May,17 10:39 other posts of pifad 
I was raped as a ****. No fun!

By #332336 at 14,May,17 08:13
If you are forced, you are raped. That's not a gay experience, it's a crime.

By #316057 at 25,Apr,17 02:41
yes I was forced/tricked as a teen

By jock78 at 25,Apr,17 00:15 other posts of jock78 
Go read my blog...

By lovetolickyou at 24,Apr,17 03:03 other posts of lovetolickyou 
I'm bi, in the sense that I love giving and receiving head, and really enjoy frottage. I used to submit to receiving anal sex from one dominant partner but didn't enjoy it. He raped me on my birthday 15 years ago in a really violent,traumatic fashion. That's the only time I've really been forced. I'll never be able to do anal again.

By #525562 at 23,Apr,17 23:28
I think of the term "forced" and I think that it is forcibly or violently applied,as a person I think that you submit or fight back to such"****".I think free will is more what you are alluding to and I support free will.

By submissivemartyn at 23,Apr,17 06:38 other posts of submissivemartyn 
My ex and me had a 3some a long time ago(she was also my Mistress).We used to cam on Alt and unknown to me She had invited someone from Alt to our house.When He arrived I was ordered to strip naked which was very humiliating in front of a stranger.Once I was naked(except for my collar and cock cage)I was tied face down on a table and had to watch my ex being fucked by the guy.After they had finished I had to lick the cum out of her pussy while he fucked me in the ass.When He was about to cum again he took his cock out of my ass and shoved it(to my ex's amusement)in my mouth and made me swallow it.To make the session even more humiliating my cock cage was removed and I had to masturbate for them and cum on the table and lick it all up.
Although the session was very humiliating it was also a massive turn on and I came loads.

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