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Not many seem to chat.

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Started by champstamp at 11,May,18 01:58  other posts of champstamp
I haven't been on this website for long but rarely you run into someone who wants to chat. Do others experience the same thing?

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New Comment

By #562152 at 13,Sep,18 12:36
i love to chat,,my problem is that i feel like i'm needy if i go looking for it

By champstamp at 13,May,18 01:08 other posts of champstamp 
I have met some people who like to chat and have been chatting with. I was bringing it up mainly because it Is a good feature and a lot of times when I chat with people and they're nice I always ask if they have any suggestions for me as far as types of pictures or poses etc. And I always reward and send and try out their suggestions.

By pifad at 11,May,18 09:41 other posts of pifad 
I donít have that issue. Iíve met a lot of great folks on here and enjoy some really good conversations. Iím always up for a good chat.
By champstamp at 11,May,18 18:17 other posts of champstamp 
I have met a few good people too but what Iím saying is that in general met people donít message back or they say one sentence than thatís it.

By 3fdfd at 11,May,18 12:10 other posts of 3fdfd 
The negative is when a good friend just ups and leaves. I have had quite a few do that. But that's the chance you take.
By #556372 at 11,May,18 12:43
That's life,,,,but, I know what you mean. Like everything else, enjoy it while you can, ,

By champstamp at 11,May,18 18:12 other posts of champstamp 
Yeah I agree people do that most of the time. Iíll admit I have a couple of times but I try to give a heads up that Iím leaving every time.

By Darthshame at 11,May,18 17:17 other posts of Darthshame 
Yes. People flood the rooms with their dictures.

By 3fdfd at 11,May,18 12:08 other posts of 3fdfd 
One of the best features on here is the chat. I've made some very good friends on here. Of course it's always nice to know your chat buddy has a great dick
By pifad at 11,May,18 15:37 other posts of pifad 

By #556372 at 11,May,18 12:40
I'm new/old. I opened my account when my wife, twowarmtts, closed hers. I used to spend a lot of time next to her while she chatted and I learned from her that you have to make an effort, but, after, she could chat for hours. I find the people are great. And, while I love pussy, like 3fdfd said,, a great dick makes it even better, ,

By #556372 at 11,May,18 10:15
You might want to visit more pages and leaving mesgs. When they respond you might want to private message starting a conversation. Most people have a hard time starting a chat so, ask questions and build on that. Open up about yourself. It makes the other person more comfortable. Good luck.
By 3fdfd at 11,May,18 12:14 other posts of 3fdfd 
Excellent advice

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