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Long Beards and Goatees for Oral Stimulation?

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Started by Mazinga at 21,Jul,18 13:56  other posts of Mazinga
Guys with long beards and goatees... how do you feel about
them when they go down on you Orally?

do you like your balls and inner thighs tickled by
a long beard or goatee?

do you like your ass and inner thighs tickled by
a long beard or goatee?

Here's my long "V" goatee. I like to use it as a
Ball Tickler while sucking cocks ranging up to
6.5 inches length when they're hard...

How do you use your beard or goatee? GO!

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New Comment

By Mazinga at 22,Jul,18 15:45 other posts of Mazinga 
What. I. Want. Right. NOW...

By bella! at 22,Jul,18 02:37 other posts of bella! 
I've never been with a man with a beard or goatee, just a moustache.

By the way, in the picture above, you kinda remind me of the actor that played the ORIGINAL Starsky. Only thing different is the goatee and longer hair....
By Mazinga at 22,Jul,18 13:24 other posts of Mazinga 
WOW! Thanks for the awesome compliment!
That is a unique actor/character-comparison!
I usually get "you look like Tommy Chong" lol

I loved that TV series! Yep, the original "Starsky"
was actor Paul Michael Glaser.

I've been teased by an older guy who had a
very long beard, only once, just a few years ago.
The guy was giving me a blowjob and his beard was
brushing against my thighs and balls;
it felt so soft and ticklish!
I tried to hold back my load, but the random
stimulation of his beard made me cum within a few
minutes after he started sucking me.

Since then I've been giving top preference to
long-bearded guys if any were available.

Moustaches are okay, as well; as long as they're
bushy and soft it feels nice and ticklish when they
touch the genital regions in certain random ways.

I don't mind neatly trimmed thick facial hair
as long as they're soft;
but I rule out scruffy facial hair that is
too short... I've had scruffy guys rub my cock
against that stubble and it BURNS, made me go limp
and shut down real quick! NO scruffies for me.

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