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Looking for dick-pics for a new boardgame

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Started by #566503 at 04,Sep,18 13:04
You want your dick to be famous?

I am looking for dick-pics. for a new (upcoming) board game expecting to be distributed all over the world (by time). So, if you want your dick to be become famous, this is a great chance for you:-)

I am looking for several different dick-pics for a new up-coming boardgame (played like picture lottery). Your dick can be small, big, straight, white, black, yellow, curvy, pierced, tattooed etc.- and it can be tired or happy! I am looking for all kinds of dicks, and every dick has a chance to become a part of the game😊

To become part of the game - and make your dick a star - do as follows:
1) Take a foto of your dick. The photo should only show your dick and balls - not your face and/or body. The photo must show your dick mostly from the front - a little from the side. The photo must be in a good quality (clear and good light).
2) Send the photo to: genitalroyale@hotmail.com no later than sep. 21.th. 2018.

Please be aware, that sending the photo means that you accept your dick-pic. to be used in the game.

I will select the most suitable photos from all the received photos. If your dick-pic. gets selected, you will - if you want to - receive a free game, when it is done. If you want to receive the game, please note your name and address in the email.

I am very much looking forward seeing all you lovely dick-picks.

Best regards

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New Comment

By #566503 at 10,Sep,18 06:09
Great pictures are coming in - thank you all!

By submissivemartyn at 05,Sep,18 01:56 other posts of submissivemartyn 
would this pic do?

By #566503 at 05,Sep,18 05:16
THANK YOU! Great dick and good cut/angle! But I am afraid that the quality of the picture is not good enough. The picture needs better lightning and no filter:-)

By admin at 04,Sep,18 13:12 other posts of admin 
Just want to remind everyone that if you send your dick pics to some email address you will automatically disclose your own email address and often your real name attached to it (it's usually set up this way in most of mail clients). Those data can potentially be found on other sites and used to establish your real identity and then scam you in some way. So if you are up to sending pics to this new unknown member, at least be smart enough to do it from "burner" email addresses, without your real name associated with it.
By #566503 at 04,Sep,18 14:45
You are absolutely right! And sending pictures from from "burner" email addresses is just fine. Maybe it could work just to upload the picture in this forum? I don’t know if I can download the picture (as you said - I am new…)

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