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Started by #14216 at 09,Jul,09 00:47
I posted a few pics of my dick in the Normal Dicks category. In the background to these pics is my computer screen with some porn pics/movies on them which I was watching but the subject of the pic was my dick. Yet I was deducted points for these being in the wrong category. Which category should I have put these in then, given that the subject of the pics was my dick, not my arse but merely had a porn scene in the background?

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By Metatron at 10,Apr,18 11:16 other posts of Metatron 
So why just in the page of dicks have the category ďTransĒ, but in the page of cunts doesnít have

By Pantyhose1 at 26,Oct,17 20:49 other posts of Pantyhose1 
So I got locked out and I know I posted my pics in the correct category! Iíve never been locked out before and didnít even know what it was until today... Iím starting to get a little upset 😠
By routemaster at 26,Oct,17 23:26 other posts of routemaster 
This being temporarily locked out merely for being human and making an occasional mistake like posting pics in the wrong category seems to be a new idea that has been quietly slipped in

By #482237 at 23,Jun,17 18:25
I'm in the "Show Your Cunt" side of site (BTW why are all these forums referencing the"dick" side?) but, I notice that many of my pics, even though i label them correctly they upload as "not categorized" and have to go in and change it. Also,,most of my uploads are to Miscellaneous or Art,,,as i don't want to compete with other ladies,,,
By bella! at 23,Jun,17 18:40 other posts of bella! 
Why wouldn't you want you/your pictures to be considered and judged with the other SYC members? I think you should reconsider how you upload your pictures and place them in the correct categories.
By #482237 at 23,Jun,17 22:15
Bella, I'm here to chat and have fun but i thank you for your advice,,,I vote for the guys pic of the month, and pick "hot" and comment on almost all the pics the guys send me,,,but, personally, i don't need a vote of approval,,,my page attracts many members and i always have enough admirers to keep my points up. Let the other, more or less appealing physically, have their 15 minutes of fame. Also, many of my pics are also of chat buddies that ask me to post on my page. I think they consider it an honor (go figure). Their pics can only go as "art" or "misc"

By admin at 09,Jul,09 01:39 other posts of admin 
You should consider that some of the members are straight and some are gay. So, while everyone come to look at dicks, gay members may not like straight porn scenes at background and straight members may not like gay porn scenes. That's why when you post something like that into main category there are always unhappy members who start pushing that button.

I do not set rules here, these guidelines - /posting.html - is merely what I was able to figure out from member's complains. Initially I did not make any categories at all, I implemented them later as a response to wishes of the visitors who had different preferences and did not like to see certain kinds of pics at all, for example - many gay men did not like to see pussy penetrations and many straight men did not like to see men's asses, and etc.

From what I can see I'd say main category is most sensitive. People often do not care much about what you post into other categories, though ass pic in "cock measuring" category will certainly raise protests, but slight inconsistencies are unimportant. But main category is viewed by very different people and anything that is not a clean closeup of a dick MAY be reported as "wrong category". It does not necessarily happen as you can see from the contents of the main category, but it always MAY. So post anything that is not a closeup of a dick into main category at your own risk.

I must add that I mostly do not moderate pics personally, evaluation is made by majority of votes (it takes several different members), I only sometimes verify that to prevent abusive use of this ability.
By #418473 at 06,Aug,13 00:18
i wish there could be a cum shot category please
By bella! at 06,Aug,13 00:40 other posts of bella! 
May I ask why you feel there would be a need for a category for cum shots? A dick, is a dick, is a dick, is a dick regardless of whether the dick is flaccid, hard or ejaculating. If a new dick category is created, I would hope that it would be for members that choose to post urination pics. Personally, I would like to see those pics moved off the main pages. On a side note, are you having difficulties determining what category your pics should be in?
By cloudbreak at 13,Dec,14 02:17 other posts of cloudbreak 
agree with you, for many (including myself!) urination pics are a real turn off

By footluvrsgirl at 23,Jun,17 18:45 other posts of footluvrsgirl 
I totally sgree...

By ero2715 at 13,Oct,15 11:29 other posts of ero2715 
yes that would be good

By #458225 at 04,Jun,16 11:06
Perhaps the solution is for 'NOT CATEGORIZED' to be the default setting when uploading a photo. That way, should one want to place their photo(s) in a different category they would have to physically select the most appropriate one every time, i.e., dicks, cunts, balls, tits, asses, etc., and that way leaving less room for "simple human error".
By bella! at 04,Jun,16 11:17 other posts of bella! 
Then could [NOT CATEGORIZED] pictures ever make it to the Popular page? Popular page pics have a 5 day/120 hour time limit and time spent in [NOT CATEGORIZED] was wasted time, no?

By #452993 at 16,Mar,17 17:01
Many of my pics when uploading wouldnt let me pick a category!!

By mattboy115 at 12,Jun,15 20:53 other posts of mattboy115 
If I have the little blue banner at the top that says "If you wonder why your points are deducted for "bad quality" or "wrong category" read these topics: #1 #2 #3." Does that mean I had points deducted for some reason? Because I don't see anything that's been re-classed or anything.
By sinanff47 at 13,Jun,15 02:55 other posts of sinanff47 
A banner is NOT a personal message to you; it is rotated through most everyone here.
By mattboy115 at 14,Jun,15 02:27 other posts of mattboy115 
Oh okay. I wondered because sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not. Now I know. Thanks.

By #14216 at 09,Jul,09 02:54
Thank you, admin, clarifying the position regarding the categories, I wasn't complaining, I just wanted to know the position so I made sure I didn't risk losing points again. I take everything you say about gay people not wanting to see straight scenes, etc, and vice versa, though I know lots of gay guys like me who also watch straight and bi porn but we're all different, aren't we? I would like to assure you that I do strive at all times to put my pics in the correct category but as I'm human I sometimes make a mistake, not deliberately but by accident, e.g. I download an arse pic and then forget to amend the category when I send the next pic which may happent to be of my dick. But like my schoolteachers always used to say: "must take more care in future" - and I will. Thank you again.
By admin at 09,Jul,09 09:29 other posts of admin 
I'm planing to change the interface a bit. What you have now is essentially rudimental. For example - inability to change categories is there from the times when anonymous pics posting was allowed and points system did not exist at all. I think now I can allow users to move their pics through categories easily and to easily see which category their pics are in. Hopefully I'll do this in next several days.
By cloudbreak at 13,Dec,14 02:23 other posts of cloudbreak 
something that I would like is the ability to rearrange the pics on your personal page, currently the only way I know to do this is by deleting, re-uploading in the order you want, but it's a tedious exercise and you lose all the comments
By sinanff47 at 13,Dec,14 03:32 other posts of sinanff47 
There are currently EIGHT different ways to order your pics! Do you actually want more?

By stonebolt at 22,Oct,10 23:59 other posts of stonebolt 
Question:- From time to time I see a picture on the site, and when I click on
the picture, you have a comment "this member doesn't exist". Really? How, and
who put the picture there?

Apart from this abnormality, this site is one of the best on the internet! Hope
you will continue to keep it this way.....well done!
By ktalmipn at 06,Aug,13 01:48 other posts of ktalmipn 
i think thats because the pic was uploaded and then the member closed his acount

By #111869 at 21,Oct,10 05:23
If someone posts a picture and someone else doesn't like it, the disliker should just move on and not be such a PUSSY. ANYONE who votes down a picture should be barred.

By #45189 at 11,Jan,10 09:07
Hey admin. I have been to several amatuer adult sites, and I must say this is absolutly one of the best I have ever been to. Thank you for all your hard work.

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