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hot straight best friend story w/ his gf

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Started by #563747 at 14,Nov,18 02:52
me and my best friend have had 3 somes with 6 women. 2 of them he was dating. anyways.. one if the women really wanted to have her clit licked in 69 position while the other guy fucked her hard from behind.. we while doing this i felt his tongue more times than i think i should have.. both being straight i obviously didnt say anything and who knkws i wad pounding away so could have been an accident...right? well anyways my cock slipped from her pussy due to him having fucked her before i was in the game i knew he had a quickie a bit before i got dropped off from tbe bar.. but idk guess i just didnt think to ask where his warm load was shot. so yeah anyways it was super wet and full of cum and i slipped out,just so happen to poke his nose at which time with no hesitation he grabbed my hard cock and sucked like 3 inches dkwn on it really fast before his girl could notice... i was so god damn turned on i came in her pussy not long after that... of course he then acted so straight and worried cum would touch him etc.. so i kept quiet about what happened.. on occasion ive sly tried to get us to become JO buddies and suck buddies if i like to suck one when i try it.. but he just seems so turned off by the fact. i know he was fucked ass up that night and im just assuming he hasnt been as fuckrd up since.. any input or opinions on the matter would be appreciated..

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