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Started by mpmforce at 15,Nov,18 23:35  other posts of mpmforce
I met a chubby black guy in a hotel and it wasn't a bad experience. I thought I was going to chicken out at the last moment but there was no hesitation, I knocked on the door and he let me in. He was in his underwear, I got down to mine and we both got in bed. After a minute or so I grab his crotch and can feel he was getting hard. He took this as a greenlight to fondle mine, I was rock hard. I pull his cock out and stared in amazement that I was about to suck my first black cock. I tongue the space between his foreskin and the head. I couldn't resist anymore, I devour this massive cock and loved every moment of it. He starts playing with my ass, I've never let anyone put anything in there but what he was doing with his tongue felt so good. At this point I'm bend all the way over, ass up and he's rubbing his mushroom head up and down my asshole, he's seeing how much he can get away with. He dribbles lube all over and really starts pushing his luck, the tip eases in and I have a moment of ecstasy. Deeper, I tell him. I let him go at it for maybe 15 minutes before asking him where he would like to cum. As per his request, I lie down at the edge of the bed and he blows a giant glob of cum across my face.
Anyone like to share their story?

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