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age of first gay experience

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Started by #288576 at 17,Aug,12 05:14
Guys girls at what age did you have your first experience with a person of the same sex (also write are you gay/bi/str8 today)

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By liketoedge at 31,Jan,21 12:35 other posts of liketoedge 
I was 8 when a 13yo friend taught me how to masturbate by jacking me off to my first dry orgasm and I was immediately hooked. All of my first experiences were with other boys. Girls came much later

By whitebriefs at 31,Jan,21 10:00 other posts of whitebriefs 
11 with my school friend on our way home from school in his bedroom. We rubbed them together, pulled each otherís and compared what each otherís were like. No cum though, we werenít shooters yet

By thickswingercock at 31,Jan,21 06:41 other posts of thickswingercock 
18 and was fucking an older woman that lived down the street. her hubby loved watching and after one time cleaned me up after i gave her a huge creampie. from then on he'd always lick my balls and ass while i was fucking her brains out

By #633444 at 31,Jan,21 06:36
I was about 9, my sisters bf was 3-4 years older. He started by playing dares and getting me to wank in front of him. Things developed from there for a few years

By #621517 at 25,Jan,21 03:15
I guess I was about 13-14 recently started wanking. Sitting in a darkened school lecture room. The boy sitting next to me on the bench started feeling my thigh. It got my cock hard up. I knew what he wanted so I spread my legs and let him unzip me and get my hard cock out. He had a good feel of my cock and balls then hand jobbed me so my cum shot up under the desk in front. I saw he had his cock out so I had a feel but he wanked himself. That was the start of lots of boy on boy school sex.
By tb1 at 25,Jan,21 07:20 other posts of tb1 
good times

By #632553 at 24,Jan,21 13:00

By #622870 at 02,Aug,20 03:59
Mine was around 14 when me and my friend were alone at his room one evening.We played something and I started teasing him with my ass.I was bottom naked standing while my friend licked and kissed my ass I bent down and felt really good.Then my friend tried fingering me but it was kind of painfull.Then he hugged me from behind and I felt his dick rubbing in my ass.He came soon and I enjoyed being his girl kind of

By #621286 at 26,Jul,20 12:33
I was about 10 or 11. Don't remember exactly. My friend from school lived across the street and came over to play.

We went down into the cellar to play. I don't remember how it started but we both stripped. We took turns lying down on a bench and playing with each other's stiff penises.

Neither came. We stopped when my mother called that my friend had to go home.

We never did it again or talked about it.

By cmsdude at 11,Oct,18 16:17 other posts of cmsdude 
11, my 14 year old freind gave me head and then i sucked him. He came i was too young. First time id seen cum
By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 19:51 other posts of kre8tor69 
Did you guys ever do it again after this?

By allin4oral at 18,Oct,18 14:04 other posts of allin4oral 
Both I and my best friend were 12 YO when we sucked each other off. great memories.
I identify myself as Bisexual.
By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 19:50 other posts of kre8tor69 
Maybe you are heteroflexible. Str8 but also enjoy some same sex fun! More that way and do not want romantic stuff with same sex folks!

By dura2000 at 19,Oct,18 03:59 other posts of dura2000 
I am bi, I was about 40 when my friend put the hard word on me for a bit of cock play. Since then I have enjoyed having another manís cock in my hand.
I am going to my local nude beach tomorrow to see if I can get some cock play action up in the sand dunes.
By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 19:48 other posts of kre8tor69 
But so far only cock in your hand??? What is stopping you from doing even more sexy fun?

By #568737 at 19,Oct,18 10:32
I remember we boys at school were fingering each otherís dicks around age 13, when most of us started masturbating, if that counts as a gay experience.
By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 19:46 other posts of kre8tor69 
I think not. Unless you were getting romantic with them. I think sex is just sex and it sure can be fun with anyone willing to play with you and let you play with them!

By #569715 at 15,Nov,18 00:19
I'm 22 straight. It was about 2 months ago, my girl was out of town visiting her grandma. I was horny and home alone, so decide to Download Grindr. I've always fantasized about hard cocks and I finally had the time to fufill my fantasy. So I invited a guy from grindr to come over. I led him to the room and he said nothing just dropped his his pants I was really nervous he had such a nice dick. I grabbed his half stiff cock and began caressing his smooth head with my tounge and it got rock hard and and I sucking the best I can. I got so turned on and and I sucked his cock so good. Really sloppy and slow just how I like it. He said he wanted to suck me before I make him cum.. So I laid on my bed and he sucked my dick so good and made made me made mecum fairly quick and then I went back to sucking his cock I sucked and and slobbered until he singled he he was he was ready to cum I then stroked and and played with his balls until he came I just let it shoot everywhere it was so fucking hot. That was my first and only gay experience. I'm
definitely ready for my 2nd cock..
By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 19:41 other posts of kre8tor69 
Go for the fun of it sir! And then go for some more for the fun of it as well. Sex is just sex and can be with anyone that wants to play. Does not need to have any romantic stuff involved at all!

By xdjxx1 at 23,May,19 02:37 other posts of xdjxx1 
31, with a guy from work who I'd been flirty with but was originally more interested in his twin sis.

Being bi, I was delighted when he asked if he minded if she join us but actually it was his cock that made the experience. It was the first and thus far only one I've sucked but I've been trying to seek out more.
By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 19:39 other posts of kre8tor69 
What has been holding you up sir?

By cmsdude at 13,Jul,20 23:07 other posts of cmsdude 
11, he was 14, used to feel each others cocks through our clothes. One day we pashed ( i was just curious) then he put his hand down my pants and started playing with my stiff little cock He then lay me down and sucked me for a while. After that he showed me how to suck him. He came but i didnt
By #607259 at 20,Jul,20 03:24
Totally Hot

By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 19:37 other posts of kre8tor69 
Ever do it again?

By lawrenceo at 22,Jul,20 03:30 other posts of lawrenceo 
11 - but it was unexpected
By kre8tor69 at 25,Jul,20 19:33 other posts of kre8tor69 
How so?

By earthy at 16,Oct,18 17:24 other posts of earthy 
My friend and I were both 13 and skinnydipping. At first just rubbed each other then we ended up sitting on the side of the pool and jerked each other off.
By #607259 at 20,Jul,20 03:51
Fun stuff

By countrynaturist at 13,Nov,18 23:47 other posts of countrynaturist 
I was 15 when my neighbor and I are got naked and spent the day playing hockey from school and played with each other instead
By #607259 at 20,Jul,20 03:42
Them are great memories I bet

By Dalesalford at 24,May,19 07:09 other posts of Dalesalford 
Following on from post above.

I'm thinking he's messing and with my over confidence and bring really nieve at that age I'm thinking I'm in control of the situation.
I laughed an was like "yea haha u loved my show, bet you'd love to take my virginity"
Telling him no chance with that thing (pointing to his massive bulge)
"You'll just have wank while u suck"

He laughed an was like "guess so"
He carried on kissing my neck... moving down kissing my chest as he went.
He pulled my boxers down an my dick was already solid... probably about 4-5 inches at that age with little hair.
He took it in his hand and put his mouth round it.
Being stud there outside with just my trainers on with my boxers round my ankles with the sun on my body was a massive turn on.
I was in heaven feeling my dick touched an sucked for the first ever time ever feeling all grown up that I was having my first sexual experience.
Feeling powerful that even tho I was 14 I'd managed to get this older guy mega turned on with my body an now got him doing what I want sucking me.
He carried on sucking me for a min then said to lay down in the grass cus it will be better.
I lay down on my back...he stud there looking down at me telling me how hot I looked.
He took his boxers off an his dick sprang out solid... probably at least 8inches long and like 3 times as fat as mine.
I wasn't shocked cus I'd seen how big his bulge was so knew he was big.
My eyes were glued to it tho seeing a fully grown dick for the first time in the flesh.
He stud there an started wanking it a bit looking at me, laughing a bit like "you like my dick lad?"
I'm like "yea I love it, hope mine gets that big"
I sat up an touched it..my hand looking so small as I wanked it a bit..him moaning something like "yea boy play with it"
I put the head in my mouth a bit an sucked it for a few seconds.
His hands suddenly at my head pushing it down...him like "yea suck it boy"
My mouth being stretched as wide as it would go as 3 or 4 inches suddenly forced in.
I didn't like it so put my hands on his legs an pushed myself off it saying that's enough an lay back down telling him to finish what we agreed.
He's laughing like "proper little tease ain't you?"
Me-"Haha yea, u love it!"
Him-"yea tease me some more an IL finish your bj"
Him- "show me your virgin hole"
I take my boxers right off an lift my legs, holding them open letting him see it..loving teasing him I start to play with it.
He throws me a little bottle out his shorts telling me to squirt it on my hole an play more.
I'm mega turned on with him watching wanking his dick so I squirt a bit on my fingers an start to push a finger in...then 2 but stop when it starts to hurt.
He's like "carry on lad"
I'm like "no it's hurting"
He throws me another little bottle.
I pick it up an ask what it is.
He's like it's poppers, it just helps guys relax an gives a rush.
Telling me to hold one side of my nose an sniff it a few times through the other.
I try to take the top off but can't.
He's takes it off me undoing the top... laughing that it's a child proof lid.

He passed it back saying to keep my finger over it until I sniff.
I'm not sure about it but don't see the harm in trying.
I put it to my nose an take a sniff....he says to take 5 big sniffs so I do.
He takes the bottle back an puts the lid on.
I think nothing has happened until suddenly my head starts to rush...I can feel my heart beating mega fast an feel all warm an dizzy.
He sees it's kicked in an tells me to try fingering my hole again.
I feel all horny so put a finger in again...it feels better now...he's telling me to go for it an squirts loads of the lube over my hole.
I put 2 fingers in an it doesn't hurt this time...he's wanking egging me on.
Before I know it I've got 4 fingers inside an it feels good.
He's loving watching me..he's like "yea fuck that hole boy"
He gets down an goes to suck my dick again.
He starts sucking an gives me the popper bottle again saying to have a good sniff again cus they wear off fast an that it's a weak bottle.
I sniff it loads of times an get the rush again.
He moves my hand as he's sucking me an starts to use his fingers on my hole asking if I like it.
I'm like "yea carry on"
His hands are way bigger than mine but he gets 3 fingers in an it doesn't hurt.
He's telling me my hole feels amazing inside all smooth.
My dick is going a bit soft but he says it's the popper's an not to worry it will go hard again.
He stops sucking an concentrates on fingering my hole...in my dazed state I just lay there an let him.
He tells me I've loosened up good now an to relax an enjoy it.

He goes in his shorts an pulls out another bottle saying these are way better now I'm used to it.
He opens it an holds it under my nose telling me to sniff, I have a couple of sniffs an go to pull away.
He holds the bottle there tho an says to carry on an that IL love it.
I keep sniffing while he holds it there saying again, again.
After sniffing it multiple times I'm suddenly woozy as fuck vaguely hearing him say something like "yea kid that's strong shit that"
He suddenly without warning flips me onto my front face down and before I even know what's happening.
I vaguely feel legs pulled apart an my hole being opened again an for a second think he's fingering me again.
Suddenly his weight is pressing down on me tho an I realize even in my mega dazed state that he's pushing his dick into me.
I can feel my hole stretching wide an feeling really full as he pushes more an more in.
I'm lay there thinking "shit he's actually fucking me"
It starts to hurt as he goes more in an I snap out of my dazed state a bit.
I tell him to stop, that I don't want fucking.
He's like "you been gagging for it kid"
I say I haven't an tell him to stop again.
He says I've been a prick tease since I got there an was getting what I was asking for.
I tried to struggle an shout....his whole attitude suddenly changed an he got angry saying I obviously wanted it rougher.
He pinned me down an put a hand over my mouth.
My hole suddenly felt like it was on fire as he forced all his dick in, feeling like it was going into my tummy as he started thrusting really hard.
I'm screaming by now muffled under his hand hearing him repeatedly saying over an over in my ear "take it" "take it" and "fuck yea"
Finally after what seemed like ages but was probably a few mins he said he was shooting an to take his load, he collapsed on top of me moaning.

He pulled out an got up.
Straight away he started getting dressed.
I turned over not knowing what to say.
He was looking at me...he's like "aww look at that cute little face, why so sad?, Is it cus You came for a bj an got your virginity taken instead?" "Bare fucked an loaded" laughing as he's saying it.
Saying he'd loved every second.

He picked up my boxers an put them in his pocket saying they were a souvenir.
Said he'd leave me to sort myself out and left.
I put my shorts an t-shirt on an lay there for ages thinking about what had happened and how it had got to him raping me from just meeting for a bj..half laughing to myself thinking he never actually even finished the bj
By #607259 at 20,Jul,20 03:30
Truly sorry you were forced into something. Although still illegal It still needs to be completely consensual. Just saying

By Lilboi at 18,May,19 20:31 other posts of Lilboi 
I was 12, my 17yr old neighbor took me to his room and stripped me nude. I liked how he touched my cock and enjoyed playing with his
By everett at 05,Jul,20 16:24 other posts of everett 
me was 6 he was 7 just sucked each other

By #607259 at 20,Jul,20 03:25
Thatís is a awesome experience

By John1971 at 20,Jul,20 03:00 other posts of John1971 
Yet to have one. But I look at this site and salivate over a lot of the bodies and cocks I see here, wondering what it would be like to play with them, and have one pumping in my ass.

By Dalesalford at 23,May,19 05:14 other posts of Dalesalford 
Id just turned 14.
I met an older guy in his 30s on some waste ground at the side of a river.
I'd agreed to meet him there cus he said he'd suck my dick with nothing needed in return.
We met on the riverbank an he led me off the side of it a good 10 min walk Till we got to a little open grassy area.

He asked me to strip to my boxers, I said no at first, that there was no need for me to do that just to get my dick sucked.
He said since he was giving me a bj with nothing needed in return the least I could do was let him see my body.
I was a little shy an uncomfortable but being only 14 also mega horny an really wanted sucking.

We were so far off the river path I was confident there was very little chance of anyone seeing and it was a hot sunny day so I decided to give him what he wanted.
I took my t-shirt off followed by my shorts so I was stud there in my boxer trunks and trainers.
He was looking me up an down saying stuff like with my hairless slim toned figure, little six pack an cute boy face I was perfect.
It turned me on as he carried on telling me how sexy I was an before long with him egging me on I was showing off to him.
Loving him watching me as I posed...tensing my abbs an little arm muscles... turning round pulling the back of my boxers down teasing him.

We were like 2 mates messing around laughing so I thought nothing off it when he said it was his turn an stripped to his boxers doing the same.
He asked what I thought an I said he looked good an that he had way bigger muscles than me.
He said that was cus we are different..that I had a sexy boys body and dick an he had a proper man's body and man's dick.
As he said that he saw that I was a bit embarrassed as I looked from my own bulge to his that looked like 3 times as big.
He said to chill out an not worry.
That I was only 14 so obviously gonna be smaller an he liked that.

He came over an started touching my body...my chest an torso, pulling my body to his reaching down the back of my boxers saying I was one hot kid.
Kissing my neck Saying he loved that even tho I was a virgin I was confident enough at my age to not only meet a stranger but to meet one for sex.
I said I wasn't there for sex an wed agreed to him giving me a bj.
He was like "come on lad, after that show you put on stripping"
"Teasing me with your body an arse"....

If you wanna hear the rest let me know in comments..
By Blade at 23,May,19 23:26 other posts of Blade 
Wondering if this turns out fun or scary....
By Dalesalford at 24,May,19 07:09 other posts of Dalesalford 
Rest in post below

By #589240 at 22,May,19 17:22
I was 18 years old when I finally met up with someone now that I was legal. I had gay urges before in the past and I had cammed with older men before and fucked my ass with things I could find around the house, but it was hard to find people to meet up with because i didnt know how to go about it and i wasnt fully out of the closet yet, but I finally got my first taste of man meat literally three day after I turned 18 lol. I went to CL personal ads (back around when they still existed) and posted an ad saying that I was a fresh 18yo chub looking to finally get a taste of cock. I had a good amount of offers and met up with a fine man around 35, very handsome, tone body, and a nice fat 8 inch cock. We emailed a bit, gereral small talk, and finally agreed to meet at my place. I explained how I was a little shy and nervous since I've never been with a man, and he promised to be gentle. We met a couple days later( I had the perfect opportunity since it was just me home alone for the day) and talked a bit, got to know each other. He was very kind, sweet, caring, and super sexy! We started making out after a little bit and started rubbing each other, slowly taking off our clothes. He was sucking my nipples, feeling me up, it was great! Then he beckoned me down on my knees and whipped out this nice piece of sexy man meat. I wasted no time in sucking, finally ready to taste cock. At first I was a little too eager, I was just really excited, but then i started to ease my way with his cock, licking the tip, massaging his balls, doing everything porn had taught me over the years. For a first time sucking, I wasnt half bad lol, and I was hooked on cocksucking from the getgo. After a few minutes of heavenly moans and thrusts in my mouth, he brought me up to him, gave me deep passionate kisses, and turned me around, bending me over the bed. As nervous as I was, I was so excited to finally feel a real cock inside of me. He took out some lube and started to rub some around my asshole, fingering me nice and slow, asking if I liked that and if I wanted more. I then said in a very slutty voice "please stick your cock inside me!" He lubed himself up and started slowly inserting himself into my ass. It was sucking amazing, he was slow and gentle at first and then once he felt I was comfortable with his cock, he started pounding away. Making me moan and shiver, he started stroking my cock from behind. After about ten minutes of fucking like this, he pulls out and flips me over on my back and starts to fuck me again. putting my legs on his shoulders, leaning all his weight on me, and went right back to pounding away. he kept going and going until I was about to cum, in which he let me cum all over myself, and then pulled out to cum all over my cock and ass area. i was exhausted but I felt so euphoric. We got up, cleaned ourselves off, and said our goodbyes( we still meet up from time to time). since that day, I was addicted to cock
By bil47 at 22,May,19 19:50 other posts of bil47 
Nicely written and hot account. Thanks!
By #589240 at 22,May,19 20:04
Thank you! If you liked that, you should check out the post I made on my blog where I talk about the best sex I've had

By #572188 at 17,Nov,18 19:05
It was with two other friends as we got horny in my room and pulled our pants down to show each other dicks.I was curiuos and when I saw my two friends naked I reached their dicks and started stroking both of them.They just looked at me smile , while I stroke one dick and try licking and sucking another.Then I change dicks and suck other friend, while stroking the other.They both got pretty hard and I showed them my ass and asked if they could fuck me.Both of them tried to slide it inside me, but it wasn't going in. So I decided to grab both of their dicks in my hand and sucked them at the same time.

By #569242 at 15,Nov,18 11:27
I was 12. Neighbor boy and I went into abandoned barn, pulled our pants and underwear down. We played with each others dicks and then we each masturbated. Sucking and fucking each other would come later.

By liketoedge at 15,Nov,18 10:31 other posts of liketoedge 
All of my first experiences were with other boys I grew up with. Girls didnt happen till much later

By #570437 at 14,Nov,18 12:03
I had some early experiences at about age 9, but it was really just "playing doctor", nothing really came of it.
It was only a few years ago that I searched out a mate on Craigslist, met first for coffee and made sure he was Safe.
Then we got together once in my office just to look at each other's cocks...... one thing led to another and we ended up having 69 on the floor! Fun!!
Now we get together whenever it mutually suits. He sucks cock like a vacuum with a tongue, he's great. He also loves to be fucked and I have learned that letting him fuck me can be very pleasant. I should have started sooner!!

By #571440 at 13,Nov,18 01:38
I was 17 when my stepfather came in my mouth for the first time. I liked doing it a lot then he divorced my mom, so I never had cock again til i was 45 now I finally searched forf a man for oral only it was great while it lasted I even contacted my stepfather to see if i could take him again! he wouldn't let me

By #502736 at 22,Mar,16 06:10
Met a guy who was local and was around 45 I was 17 .. Ended up in a local park were the stream is at the bottom usually very quite .. We got naked and started to kiss soon we played with each other till we got hard then climbed into a 69 position I remember him fingering my ass ... As I sucked his cock .. We ended up kissing and sucking for a hour .. Till we both had cum .. Still gets my cock rock hard just thinking about it
By #571440 at 13,Nov,18 01:25
I was 17 when my stepfather came in my room and felt my ass for the first time I pretrended i was sleeping. the next time he came in he gently put his finger in my ass! He heard me moan, so then he put his cock to my mouth rubbed his precum on my lips! I wanted his cock at that point but stroked my cock instead. the next time he came in I took all of his cock.

By bjforall at 22,Oct,17 09:23 other posts of bjforall 
i was around 12 or 13 when i had my first experience with men , wanted to suck cock ever since i saw my big **** suck off our window cleaner. i wanted an older guy , as old as possible. i had heard rumor about an old guy who lived a couple of street away.rumor was that he was caught getting a blowjob from a man when he was in his teens. so i started to hang about outside his house as much as i could. he was nearly always drunk when i did see him so that kinda helped me with my confidence. then one day i got on bus home from town and he was upstairs at the back of bus pretty drunk . i sat opposite him and watched him drift in and out of ****. the only other person on the top deck got off and he was pretty much fast asleep by this time. i tried talking to see if he would wake up but he didnt stir then i gave him a little shove and just fell to side and his head bumped off window and he still didnt wake. this also gave me access to his groin area and i put my hand on his trousers and felt for his cock . i found his cock and his trousers seemed damp , he must have peed himself a little but this didnt put me off. i took his zip down and put my hand in and got hold of his warm damp cock pulling it out of the zipper.
nothing much happened as i played with it and then he stirred so i jumped back into my seat , he sat up and looked down at his cock sticking out of the zip and then looked over at me kinda puzzled , he didnt put it away though and must have realised i had pulled it out. i could see out of the corner of my eye that he was playing with himself and i looked over and he was staring at me and wanking his growing cock.
i will write rest of the experience if you like it so far.
By #571440 at 13,Nov,18 01:16
tell me more

By #571688 at 11,Nov,18 17:23
Around age 14 with two friends same age.We were playing in my room,when I asked to compare our dicks.We all took off our pants and were looking into each other dick.Then we decided measure them hard and we started jerking looking at each other.Our hard dicks were about the same size.We started touching our dicks together.Our cockheads touched and shafts rubbed and we loved the feeling.Then I asked for my friend to lie on the bed.I licked his dick and it tasted salty.Then I took his dick in my mouth and licked it inside.My friend said that feels so amazing.After few minutes he moaned and I felt warm salty liquid filling my mouth.I spitted it on his dick and made a mess.He cleaned himself and did the same for me.I felt good when my cock was in his warm mouth.Pretty quick I felt orgasm and blew my cumshot in his mouth.He liked the taste.For our third friend we decided suck it together and our friend lied on bed.Me with my friend started licking his dick from both sides.We licked together until he moaned and blew few small spurts of cum on our faces

By bikev at 19,Oct,18 09:08 other posts of bikev 
I would have been about 15 when I had a guy enter me for the first time. I had played with cocks and sucked a few but never been fucked. I was in a public toilet when this guy started showing me his cock. I reached over and started rubbing it. He asked if I wanted to go round the back of the toilets for some fun. I said yes, As soon as we got there he undid my trousers and pulled them down. Turning me round he fingered my hole then put some cream on me and his cock. When he entered me it felt like heaven as he fucked me till he came. He would have been in his late 50s early 60s. I met him a lot and he fucked me every time. One day he brought another guy with him and they both fucked me. I had one at each end then they both fucked me at the same time. It was my first dp and I have loved it ever since. I am gay and 100% bottom.

By foreskinlover52 at 18,Oct,18 14:25 other posts of foreskinlover52 
At age 5 I sucked my first penis..At age 7 a friend and I rubbed cocks together and stroked eachother..At age 11 we had naked bodies together and rubbed our cocks on eachothers asses..He was the same age as me..

By #569279 at 16,Oct,18 16:36
I was 15 it was with a 35 year old men I was walk from a friend house and this car keep circling me he finally stopped and asked me what was going on he wasn't wearing any pants just a shirt he said get in take a ride with me I trusted him so i did he said let's go got to my place we can hang out and you can take this big dick I said okay he said to leave your head down on my lap I did I gave him head so we got to his house he open the garage we pulled in when in the house he made me get naked suck on his cock and then he bent me over and busted me open he shot 2 loads in me he asked if we could date if you can use me anytime you want it and I let him for about 7 months three or four times a week I have in his way with me

By #568390 at 12,Oct,18 13:08
About 13 years old when we were alone together with my friend same age.We were playing outside when we went under a balcony and he showed me how he could move his dick up and down.I liked it and grabbed his dick and jerked him until he blew his white cum on the ground.

By #569209 at 12,Oct,18 10:17
4th grade,my best friend, it started with a kiss

By Hrnyboy90 at 11,Oct,18 18:14 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
My first time being sexual with another boy was around when I started high school we were 14. We were watching porn and go decided to get naked together. It was my first time being naked with someone and I couldn't stop myself from getting a boner.. he said he wanted to touch it and we ended up jerking each other off.. we became good jerk buds after that

By andrew999999999 at 09,Sep,18 15:39 other posts of andrew999999999 
I was about 32/33. I wrote a blog about it on my page. I'm bi.

By #566722 at 07,Sep,18 19:52
I think it was around 13 years old.Me and my friend got into my room and watched our first porn together.Then in the evening I came to that friends home and we started cuddling.We kissed and i licked his nipples.Touched each other cock through the pants.We were trying to do what we saw in porno.It was fun, but we didn't orgasm then,

By liketoedge at 04,Sep,18 15:32 other posts of liketoedge 
8 when a 13yo friend taught me about mastubation and jacked me off to my first dry orgasm...I was hooked from that first times feeling that

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 05:30
About 13 as we were alone at my home with a friend and we pulled our pants down to see each other's little dick.As we were watching at each other cock I started to feel tingling in my dick and it started getting hard so I used my hand and make it pretty hard then.My friend did the same with his and we could'nt resist each other so we sit in front of each other and started touching each other.Felt pretty weird, but we touched each other until I felt orgasm and came on his hand.Then he came on my hands.We tasted each other cum and did this for some time

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 14:21
About 10 years old with my friend outside under the balcon.He started saying that he found a magic button in his body.I asked what button.Then he pulled out his dick and pressed with his finger not far from shaft and when he pressed he moved his cock with his inner muscles and it jumped a little.I was excited and asked to do that again.He did it again.Then I asked if I can press that button and I pushed near his shaft with my finger and he didn't move his dick now.I asked what happened and he said that I grab his dick with my hand and hold.I was curiuos and grabesd it and was holding his soft dick in my hand.He asked me if I could move my hand up and down and as I started doing that I felt his soft cock getting hard in my hand.I felt twinking in my pants too.So I rubed until he got hard and finished him.Then he did the same for me

By #539358 at 30,Apr,18 03:55
11, and we both enjoyed it so much we done it a few times after school

By #555368 at 29,Apr,18 09:42
My sophomore year at high school in the gym locker room. My best friend since childhood would always dance around in his boxers after taking off his pants. I really could never take my eye off his bulge, his shorts were always potruding a good distance. I'm not gay but at this time I was very interested to see what he was packing. One day, in his boxer shorts my freind was humping the air and his dick shot right out of his boxers, it must have been a good 3 inches flaccid. It was out of his boxers for maybe 2-3 seconds everyone erupted in the locker room. It was an interesting experience.

By onthelose at 12,Nov,17 18:03 other posts of onthelose 
Even on here, a sex site not a church site, we are being told what kind of sex we can have and with whom and at what age. Looking back I would have loved to be involved with some one older person who knew about sex and all its aspects. I always wonder how we were supposed to learn anything about sex when we were young before the computer was available. It of course would always have to be consensual no matter the age. I feel like I missed out on a lot.

By bil47 at 12,Nov,17 16:42 other posts of bil47 
Technically, at summer camp when I had just turned 13, during "show off your morning boner" time with my tent-mates. More to the point, however, when I got home from camp I immediately started exploring boy-on-boy sexuality with three similar-age guys in my neighborhood.

I'm bi.

By #544428 at 10,Nov,17 15:05
Yet to have a gay experience but I've always been curious and would definitely try it. Would have to be a stranger I find that hot.

By olderbro at 05,Nov,17 13:44 other posts of olderbro 
12 or 13. After games of truth or dare with a group, 9 year old buddy always wanted to see my larger cock.. after a couple of times i asked and he let me suck his tiny cock, what a summer.. always been totally gay..

By lawrenceo at 29,Oct,17 05:50 other posts of lawrenceo 
I was 11 and had my cock rubbed by a 35-y-o man whilst I was at his house for an otherwise innocent purpose. He put his hand up the leg of my shorts whilst we were talking and without making any reference to what he was doing he carried on with the conversation and rubbed the foreskin over my small uncut cock with out having sight of it.

It was the first time that I had experienced 'wanking' of any sort; I hadn't even done it to myself. It was therefore a strange experience and I could eventually feel the build up to orgasm without realising what the outcome would be.

The final explosion was mental rather than eruptive and I do not know whether that is what happens to all boys when they have their first dry orgasm.

He eventually spoke at the end, saying "I think something has come there". I suppose I must have produced a drop or so of clear fluid.

He then asked me to go to his bedroom with him, but I refused and that was the end of it.

I later found out that his predilection was for whole body frottage; where he lay over a boy and rubbed himself against his belly and cock until he spunked.

As an adult I became heterosexual, married twice and did not become 'gay'.

By onthelose at 25,Oct,16 22:34 other posts of onthelose 
If you believe what the so call Experts say having sex with other males at an early age is what starts you down the gay route. I say BULL. We are all sexual creatures, well not most women, and sex is fun. The only problem is we are taught crazy things about sex which hurt us far more than having sex with your male friends. A little truthful information at a young age would go a long ways to help us later in life.
By liketoedge at 28,Feb,17 12:35 other posts of liketoedge 
I had several friend growing up that we did lots of sexual things and I still am crazy about women. But sexual exploration was hot too

By lawrenceo at 29,Oct,17 05:35 other posts of lawrenceo 
It may be to do with whether the boy was mentally prepared for the event and how considerate the man was. It might also be to do with personal psychological reaction.

By lawrenceo at 29,Oct,17 05:39 other posts of lawrenceo 
There are some Pacific island cultures where the boys and girls go from their homes and into segregated accommodation by the time of puberty. I believe that the 'dormitories' are open to all ages and that significant sexual education is a part of the arrangement.

By #541581 at 26,Oct,17 12:16
10 yrs old my best friend grade school,up tell he moved at 15 yrs old

By 61-69 at 26,Oct,17 09:48 other posts of 61-69 
I was 41, also my first threesome. It just seemed perfectly natural to suck and lick everything on offer when we were all naked together.

By Pantyhose1 at 22,Oct,17 09:25 other posts of Pantyhose1 
Sucked my friends cock when I was 12 and he was around 19 or 20.
By Blade at 24,Oct,17 23:23 other posts of Blade 
Dude, you've got to tell how this happened.

By #476910 at 26,Oct,16 01:29
When i read this thread it seems strange that most who,posted here had some sort of experience in their early teens or even before. It does not seem though that it has damaged any of them except if you think being attracted to other men's cock's is damage. None of the writers are saying they want their first sexual,partner prosecuted. Why are some left in a terrible mess, fucked by a priest, and others came away loving it?
By #539358 at 22,Oct,17 05:09
I think it depends on the age difference. My first gay experience was at 11 but that was with another **** of the same age (we both loved it and played for months) If he had been 26 and me 11 he would have been in the wrong but I'd have probably enjoyed it anyway. But an adult should always know better.

By submissivemartyn at 21,Oct,17 23:12 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Whilst in the army and posted to Germany(I was 22 at the time) I used to go to an adult cinema to watch porn movies,then masturbate in the toilets before going to see a prostitute(masturbating and cumming made me last longer and get my moneys worth lol).On one occasion whilst at the cinema and masturbating in the toilet there was a knock on the toilet door.I pulled up my pants and trousers, opened the door and a guy spoke to me in German,'sorry I do not understand'I said.In broken English and pointing to my crouch he said'Me suck cock'.With that he pulled my trousers and pants down and started to suck on my cock.Moments later a couple of guys walked in and as they watched us they masturbated.Soon I felt myself cumming and tried to pull away but the guy grabbed my ass and took my cock deeper into his mouth.Once I had finished cumming he pulled away looked at the other guys and let a little of the cum dribble down his chin before licking it up and swallowing.The guys cheered him and I dressed and left.

More of my experiences in my blogs

By #535417 at 21,Oct,17 05:51
i was 15 and he was round 36 i was walk home from my friend house i was cut through a park in lot and a guy in brown car pulled up and rolled down his window and called me over he was jacking off he asked if i want a ride he said he need his dick sucked I he reached over and open the so i go in he asked I want go to his house we did he get there went in be took his pants off he told me to get on my knees and open my mouth wide and close My eyes i did then i felt his dick head slide in my mouth he started pushing it in my mouth unit his balls where on my chin make me gag he told me he was to turn me out I suck his dick for about 30 min and he shoot his cum in my mouth and I swallow it pulled for a in min then his dick was back in my mouth unit it was he told he was going to take my ass he makes me bend over and he started to lick and finger my ass he asked was i ready i said yes he mounted me and pushed his dick head head in my ass it hurt at first but after a few me in he was balls deep fucking me call a whore it felt so good he fuck my ass for about an hour and planted his seed in me he asked me to come over again be his sex toy i did and I love it

By tallon77 at 02,Mar,17 15:13 other posts of tallon77 
When I was 15 I was putting together a 56 chevy and there was a married guy in his 40's who lived down the road who knew a lot about welding and cars engines etc. who offered his help. I had a girlfriend at the time but one day he showed me a fuck book he had and it got my attention to say the least.It was hot as hell and we both had only shorts and tee shirts on and it didn't take all that many pages before my cock was poking out the bottom.His too and we both laughed about it and he said when his wife got home he'd ask her to suck it.Then he asked if my girl was sucking mine and I was honest and said no but on occasion she'd let me feel her up then I'd go home and jerk off.Around lunch we went into the house ate and he was sitting in the living room chair a wing back chair with his legs stretched out on a foot stool and he kept rubbing his cock in his shorts till it was sticking out the leg plainly in view. Then he stood up and just dropped his shorts and began pumping his cock!He sat back down and said to me"grab my cock and pump it for me" it was if I was in a trance but I sat on the footstool and did just as he asked.I had real long hair at the time and he grabbed my hair and said suck it! I kinda balked at the idea but at the same time it seemed sexy. So I took the head in my mouth and he'd pump his cock while holding my hair with his other hand.It didn't take long and his ass began to lift off the chair and he was fucking my mouth. I could hear his breathing as he'd push deeper in my mouth and then the squirting began he was cumming hard and holding both sides of my head as he filled my mouth and throat.It happened many times after that and many times he'd do me as well. Fond memories of growing up....

By #525579 at 28,Feb,17 03:36
My last post was a drunken story that didn't happen, only my mate and I had sex,

By #525579 at 10,Feb,17 11:29
At!12yrs old he sucked me off . I came in his mouth then pumped his ass until I cummed inside his ass, we kissed and fucked and sucked each other for the next few years until we got caught by his mum. she made me put my 15year old cock in her 53 Year old mouth as her son watched us .She then took her sons cock and mine at the same time and as I fucked her ass he was fucking his mother deep it felt so normal as we still let her suck and fuck us both now.

By onthelose at 25,Oct,16 22:17 other posts of onthelose 
I learned from a older cousin. He asked if I wanted to see his dick I said yes it was huge compared to mine. He told me how to cum and I have been doing it ever since. He lived out of town otherwise I am sure we would have done more.

By #211891 at 03,Jan,15 07:39
When I was around eight I would often masturbate with neighborhood friends. Nothing really gay, however, until I was about 24. I saw a personal ad in a gay newspaper of someone looking for a blond, gay guy. There was a name and address so I knocked on the door, showed the newspaper and said "I'm not blond, but, will I do?" I was invited in.

We talked but I felt the need to break the ice. When my new friend went to use the bathroom I stripped myself naked and waited for his return. I played it nonchalant as his hand reached for my cock. I knew I was going to enjoy myself as my cock got so hard in the shortest amount of time.

The ice was broken and I knew I wanted his cock in my mouth. I was on the bed and he was kneeling on the floor playing with me. I slid my naked body to the floor and grabbed his jeans to indicate I wanted him to stand. I was so impatient with myself because I wanted my first cock so very, very much. Yet I forced myself to slowly and deliberately unfasten his jeans, pull down his zipper and then slowly pull down to reveal his throbbing cock and engorged balls for me to feast with my eyes and, more importantly, my lips and tongue.

I discovered the most fantastic and awesome feeling there is. That of having a cock in my mouth! Nothing feels better than sucking on a cock, feeling the head and shaft going in and out, in and out of my mouth except for when a cock is throbbing and pulsating as warm, delicious cum explodes making me suck harder and harder.

Cocks were made for sucking and I love sucking cock.
By #508778 at 13,Mar,16 22:28
I need something like any of these stories to happen to me,I've been wanting to suck and get fucked by a guys hard cock
By #211891 at 15,Mar,16 11:07
I would gladly reach in your jeans to be sure your cock is positioned so it can grow hard and throbbing and give your balls a gentle fondling too.

By pipcock at 25,Oct,16 18:36 other posts of pipcock 
I need you in my jeans!!!

By #516807 at 16,Oct,16 05:34
14... with my best friend at school. We got excited after the changing rooms one Wednesday afternoon (Wednesday afternoon was games afternoon.... rugby, cricket). So we went back to his home.. upstairs to his little bedroom... and undressed before each other. There followed many mutual masturbation sessions.... many explorations of our bodies. We even tried anal (but, because we had absolutely no idea how to do it, we never achieved penetration). No kissing, no sucking. Just gentle mutual masturbation with a very light touch (he had one of the best, light, sensitive touches I've ever had). Years later (at university), kissing and sucking came as a huge, huge shock (and, at first, not a welcome surprise)...
By #519017 at 24,Oct,16 11:12
School sports were a great time for boy on boy. My favourite was sharing a swimming pool changing cubicle with a boy. Getting naked together in the privacy was very erotic and we'd both get erect. The temptation to offer a handy was irresistible and almost always accepted!

By #475677 at 19,Oct,16 07:51
when i was 13........cheers

By Greek18cm at 16,Oct,16 20:33 other posts of Greek18cm 
If it cinsider it as gay experience...

We was 12 years old and a friend of mine was talking about things and ask me how big i am. I was not replying so provoke me that he was bigger (12cm). We say some things and he was saying that if he do not see he will say to all i am small.so he took a messure and i take off my pants and said here it us but i was flaccid. He told me about erection but i did not kniw anything. So he stroke it some times and whaen i had an erection he just said... Ok i will not messure it. I think he was upset...

After that 1-2 times he asked to do it again and messure it. I think i was 16cm then...

The last time he said 2-3/friends of us to see how long i was.

The thing is. I was used to let them touch my cock without feel gay!

By jackd at 14,Oct,16 05:26 other posts of jackd 
7 or 8.We didn't know what we were doing but it was fun.Around 25 for my first suck off,hooked ever since

By Roger_Ramjet at 13,Oct,16 23:05 other posts of Roger_Ramjet 
Read my blogs

By #74896 at 11,Oct,16 16:49
I was 13. I and a scoolfriend mastrubatin together. We had no pubeshair at that tim, bet we get boyth hard. Wanking bout mine and his cock. Great memory to tink to day

By Avillager at 11,Oct,16 04:56 other posts of Avillager 
**** at young age, then at 11 next door neighbor who was 3-4 years older introduced me to mutual masturbation a which progressed to oral and then he fucked me. Felt good and may have affected my orientation, Oddly he was older and bigger, but my cock was bigger and it hurt him too much for me to fuck him so we continued with mostly oral and occasionally I would feel the need to have him in my ass.

By #520738 at 28,Sep,16 22:31
Wasn't gay due to my ex wife watching us suck each other and then join in the fun.

By #519017 at 24,Sep,16 03:09
I was 26. I'd moved to another city. I was lonely and frustrated without a girl and I got friendly with an unmarried guy in his 50s a few flats away. He had a good stack of porn. We were browsing it together one night and he saw I was erect. He asked me if I'd strip for him and let him wank me. I'd suspected he was a bit gay. Though I was straight I was so sexually frustrated and I thought why not? So I stripped naked and stood there for him to jerk me off while I ogled girly porn. It was very satisfying!

By jock78 at 19,Apr,16 00:26 other posts of jock78 
I was 14 when one of my school teachers stripped me naket and introduced me to gay sex in the school bathrooms...
By kebmo at 23,Sep,16 01:44 other posts of kebmo 
You should tell the police, not us.

By shavedpubis at 15,May,16 06:02 other posts of shavedpubis 
my f\irst gay experience was 16.

By #500544 at 14,May,16 15:33
It was a month ago I met an older guy, around 45, from Craigslist in a coffee shop. After talking for a few minutes the conversation turned sexual and I asked if there is anywhere we can go. We got in his car and drove to a dark carpark near by. On the drive I build up the courage to reach over and touch his cock. I could feel it getting harder and harder. I started rubbing it over his jeans but he quickly stopped me. That was the first time I touched a cock and it felt so exciting and I couldn't wait for more.

As soon as we stopped in the carpark I got my cock out and without hesitation he started sucking it and it was good. After about 5 min I stopped him as I wanted to taste my first cock.

I moved towards his hard 8" cock and slowly licked it as I tried to savour every second of it. After a minute or so he told me he was going to cum so I quickly pushed his cock as deep as I could and waited for him to cum. As I started pulling his cock out of my mouth I could feel his cock pulsing and my mouth quickly filled with cum I swallowed it all.

As brief as that was, It was amazing, I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to try it again.

By #446346 at 13,May,16 20:55
I was about 12 and had a paper route.
One older man would let me swim in his pool.
I had to be naked to swim in his pool and he would watch and get naked too.
He watched me closely as he jercked me off.
I felt safe with him so when he wanted me to suck him I did.
I remember him stroking my hair and telling me nice things as I tried to please his cock.
I wanted to please him.

By pifad at 13,May,16 10:11 other posts of pifad 
I was 10 and he was 40. In a mensroom by the beach. My first taste of cock and cum.

By CreativeOne at 13,May,16 09:50 other posts of CreativeOne 
I was 13 when I went camping with two friends and if the trees could talk ! It was the Best first time ever . We were naked most of the time that weekend in the deep woods .

By #512261 at 11,May,16 00:25
Mine was last week at the age of 37. Better late than never I suppose. Who wants to play for round two?
By yeahright at 11,May,16 20:35 other posts of yeahright 
Congrats. How was it?
By #512261 at 12,May,16 00:17
It was awesome. I blew two huge loads
By yeahright at 12,May,16 21:14 other posts of yeahright 
That's great. I'm still waiting for my first real experience since my early teens when me and a buddy would compare cocks and jerk off in front of each other.

By #500327 at 11,May,16 16:54
First time was with my mate when 16. We were in his bedroom going through his dads porn mags. After a bottle of cider it got to a game of dare and started playing with ourselves then each other.Then on from there.

By #494374 at 09,May,16 19:46
Everyone on this post better be careful about talking about **** experiences, you could get banned, check the site rules

By #252079 at 27,Aug,12 10:31
My first dick to dick experience was actually when I was 5.
By igetbi at 09,May,16 19:33 other posts of igetbi 
My first real dick to dick was about 8.

By #508226 at 20,Mar,16 18:36
My first time was with my best friend at the time and we were 15 years old. We had been playing baseball and walking back to his house when we saw old semi-cab in a field. We lived in a small rural area town in the mid-west. I said that I always wanted to drive one of those rigs so we went to look at it. We climbed inside the cab and sat in the seats. It had a sleeper behind the seats and my friend crawled in the sleeper and started playing with himself. We started to joke around and wondered how many guys/girls might have been fucked there. He kept getting harder and harder and asked me if I wanted to taste his cock. I laughed and said that I had never done it before. He said he had and said he would suck mine after I sucked his. Being inexperienced I put my mouth over his cock and started moving my head up and down. I guess I caught on quickly and started to use my tongue with my mouth. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the old cab sucking each other off. That was the first and last time he and I got together sexually though we remained friends all through high school. It was always our little ****.....
By thicknsmooth at 21,Apr,16 23:30 other posts of thicknsmooth 
wow hot story

By #316057 at 20,Apr,16 02:45
at 14 with my next door neighbor he was the same age

By #458352 at 17,Apr,16 18:25
I was about 8 or so when my stepbro asked if I wanted to put his penis in my mouth. If I did he would give me some candy. So I did. I sucked his cock till he filled my mouth with his cum. Then I got the candy and went to my room. He never asked me again.

By #504674 at 22,Mar,16 18:57
i was a boy and a friend of mine knelt in front of my boner. he was amazed by my tonnage
By 3fdfd at 16,Apr,16 09:52 other posts of 3fdfd 
I'm sure your boner was as nice back then as it is now

By JustWill at 18,Mar,16 12:48 other posts of JustWill 

By #503815 at 17,Mar,16 12:17
It was just touching when I was around 11 or 12. I didn't have a real experience until I was 32.

By Peaky at 17,Mar,16 03:06 other posts of Peaky 
I was 4yrs old and got the four brothers across the road (aged between about 4-8 ) to 'play' with our cocks under their house. One may say it was 'boys being boys' but I knew what I wanted to happen and got it. After their mother caught us we later went to their bedroom to play :-)

By mrseveninches at 27,Dec,15 14:43 other posts of mrseveninches 
I was 5. My cousin the same age taught me how to j.o. his 13 year old neighbor had taught him. We played with each other's tiny meat. We then both finished to orgasms. When we were 8 he said he sucked the neighbor. We both sucked on each other.

By #491071 at 29,May,15 16:16
(I was 13)Me and my friends went on a trip in middle school, and I noticed myself getting horny every time he undressed so when he went out I sat on his bed and wanked over his crusty pants. I still remember getting cum on the bed and not being able to clean it off.
I think I am bi but still not sure.

By bi1953 at 25,May,15 06:18 other posts of bi1953 
I was 12, he was a 51 yo man I did yard work for. He talked me into skinny dipping in his pool. That led to jack off fun. Later on I sucked his cock. He was also the one who fucked my ass the first time.

By Fritz at 20,May,15 07:33 other posts of Fritz 
12, my 13 year old friend Gunther showed me how to wank and he asked me to give him a Hand Job which I did. And gave me after that also one, but diffrent to him it just came out hot air, no sperm. Some time later his older 4 year older **** Frank joined in and it was the beginning of anal sex which I enjoy until today
--------------------------------------- added after 67 seconds

aczually I am bi but I am really not sure whether I am not a "hidden" gay

By #490435 at 20,May,15 00:40
I was 14. A friend who was 15 asked me over to his house after school one afternoon. Both his parents worked so we had it to ourselves. We went upstairs and he asked me if i felt like jacking off. I replied, "Of course." We pulled our pants and underwear off and were both hard as a rock. We stroked our cocks and he offered to suck me. After he sucked my dick I sucked his. We decided to suck each other until the receiver came. He lay back at the edge of his bed and I sucked his dick until he came a huge load in my mouth. I was shocked at the propulsion! He then repaid the favor and sucked me until I came in his mouth. We continued to meet up for about two years after school. Eventually we topped each other. Good memories. His dick was very thick. Wish it was in front of me right now.
By #436014 at 20,May,15 02:19
wish i could have done some of that with some cute schoolmates

By Rocksalt at 19,May,15 22:57 other posts of Rocksalt 
I was 43.....Damn I missed alot

By #144222 at 11,Jan,15 14:23
Bi-curious I guess. On Friday night I'll find out what all the fuss is about as I've just arranged to meet a guy. Always thought about it but never acted on it properly. He's double my age but I've always fantasised more about older men for some reason. The bonus is he stays near me so if it works out it could become a regular thing! Had a bit of a wanking session with a friend when I was around 15-16 but this will be my first proper gay experience.
By #188764 at 12,Jan,15 07:24
Congrats! You'll love having a hard cock in your mouth.
By #144222 at 12,Jan,15 14:15
I only wish we could meet up before Friday! It feels like a lifetime away!

By pinkpan12 at 09,Jan,15 06:19 other posts of pinkpan12 
I'm a straight curious man.
I did it when I was 12 with my schoolmate.
During homeworks.
One day we were alone in his room and he showed me some porn magazines. He simply said he needed to wank, removed his pants and did it. I was embarassed but I did the same. After one minute we stopped watching at the mag and we stared at each other's cock.
This was only the start. For the next three years we did it many times with some additional games... comparing sizes, mutual masturbation, orgasm control and so on.

By thicknsmooth at 12,Sep,14 22:07 other posts of thicknsmooth 
My very first time was when I was 8yrs old. The hole story is is my blog stop by and read it! I love to hear the comments!

By #469132 at 12,Sep,14 11:01
I was 7 when our male babysitter who was 18 made me suck his cock. He said I would be in trouble if i ever told. Now, all these years later I heard he has brain cancer so that was good karma.

By speedswim at 04,May,13 19:35 other posts of speedswim 
I was 11 when I joined a swim club and after my second week I was in a changing cubicle with two older teenage boys from the club who introduced me to the joys of mutual wanking and sucking.
By #436014 at 13,Oct,13 14:42
i'm beginning to leak precum here

By Blade at 11,Sep,14 23:54 other posts of Blade 
Wow, you should tell that story in more detail.

By Joe93930 at 08,Sep,14 17:58 other posts of Joe93930 
I was 14 with my friend's 11year old ****. He sucked mine until i came on his face. Then i sucked his until he came a little in my mouth and i swallowed. Tried fucking but couldn't. I'm bi now.
By liketoedge at 08,Sep,14 19:50 other posts of liketoedge 
Are you still friends?
By Joe93930 at 09,Sep,14 10:56 other posts of Joe93930 
Yeah but we really don't do anything anymore. I sucked his dick and fucked him last month but that was the first time in a while we did anything since we're both bi and had girlfriends

By #436014 at 10,Sep,14 00:28

By #132323 at 09,Sep,14 13:48

I'm Bisexual! One had sex at 23 with a man 30 years old. Now I have a girl! But to her, I did not talk about it!

By liketoedge at 09,Sep,14 13:29 other posts of liketoedge 
First orgasm was when I was 8 years old. I was upstairs in my bedroom changing out of my school clothes looking out the window when my older brothers friend came thought the back gate. He always came to our house after school until his parents got of work an hung out. My older **** made the football team so he came home later after pratice. Instead of coming in the house he went in the fort we had in the back yard so I was spying on him wondering what he was doing. I had a perfect view of the fort from my window. He grabs a Hustler magazine we had stashed out there, Lays down and pulls his pants down and starts stroking. I didnt know exactly what he was doing but I got a boner watching and couldnt look away. About only a minute later he came on his stomach scooped it up with his hand and flung it on the ground and pulled his pants up. Then he comes in the house. I was mesmerized. So I just asked him straight out what was that you were doing in the fort His reply was thats the best feeling in the world dont you know about that. He told me to try it, so we went to my room. We pulled down our pants and I just did what he was doing. He came again and he told me to just keep going but I keep stopping ever time the feeling got intense. I told him I was going to pee if I kept going and stopped again. After about 10 minutes of this he says let me show you and almost instantly me knees got weak, my hips started bucking and the most intense feeling.and he kept stroking for at least a couple minutes. The whole time I just kept orgasming it was so strong and lasted so long it almost hurt. I ask him many times after that to do it again. but he never did. He did tell me everybody does it but they just dont admit it. He never made it seen wrong. He told me about pubic hair,semen, penis size and told me what I had to look forward to when I was older. I was adicted to orgasms and probably had 5000 dry orgasms between the age of 8 and 13 when I finally had semen. Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted to tell the the whole story. Not just I got Jacked off by a 14 year old when I was 8. By the way it was fantastic and a great memory still

By mark_99 at 02,May,14 03:43 other posts of mark_99 
i was 30 years old ,i had for a long before thought what it would be like to have a real cock in my arse ,id tried dildos and virators to that point and enjoyed it.iam myself bi

By thicknsmooth at 28,Apr,14 19:38 other posts of thicknsmooth 
I tell the hole complete true story in my blog! stop by and read it! I know you will enjoy it.

By #364524 at 28,Apr,14 16:31
We were both 12 and i went swimming at his. When we both finished we got naked i stared at him a bit. Then we both took it in turns sucking each others dicks and giving and recirving anal. We did that regularly for years.

By cumaddik at 14,Oct,13 13:12 other posts of cumaddik 
I was 16...it was the very first time i had sex with another person...and it was with a man. He was in his twenty's...and we both touched, licked, and sucked each other off few times that night. I loved it so mucht It was also the very first time i had to taste and swallow another man's cum I ADORED IT!!!! I knew that night that i was gay, and that i was made to be a bottom

By #416353 at 27,Jul,13 23:26
Well im 13 and really want to suck an older guys cock but i just cant find one to suck his cock and take his dick in my ass
By #436014 at 13,Oct,13 15:49
is this chris hansen and the perverted justice crew, trolling for pervs?

By #364467 at 05,Apr,13 15:21
14, While visiting my two older cousins in NJ. We were jerking off in the bedroom and they persuaded me to suck their cocks. I did and they shot their loads in my mouth. Next day they had their friend over and I did the 3 of them everyday for 4 days before I returned home to PA with my parents.
By #436014 at 13,Oct,13 14:46

By #436014 at 13,Oct,13 05:09
my cock is getting hard reading some of these posts. wish i fooled around w/dudes during my teen years, there were some cute ones for sure

By #390287 at 13,Oct,13 03:21
Around age 9, with a cousin. Later on he decided he liked girls better, but I remained a cock lover.

By Mikedick at 14,Jun,13 03:20 other posts of Mikedick 
My first time was when I was 15 and the guy was about 35, I came on to him, he was keen. And we both sucked each other, I got down on all 4's, he came into me. I fucked him after. I'm bi now, and enjoy a big cock in the ass, but I like older men, and their uncut dicks, any size, the average ones are often the best

By Generalcock at 14,Jun,13 00:23 other posts of Generalcock 
Hmmm.... i think i was like 6 me and my friend would jerk each other's cocks. i remember one day we were older but still fairly young when his mom was gone we would strip down and walk around his house. we also figured out how to jerk together we would put both hands flat on ether side of our dicks and rub our hands together

By #359558 at 10,Jun,13 07:31
When I was 6 my mum took me to see Ghengis Khan at a cinema in London(1963/4?). During the film I needed to pee so went the the mens toilet. Whilst standing at the urinal a man came up behind me and covered my eyes with his hand and took me into one of the cubicles. He shut the dood and tied something over my eyes and pulled down my shorts and pants. Although I didn't know what he was doing when he began to play with my little cock I liked the feeling. I could smell his aftershave and I think he look some photos. He mainly played with my cock but he pushed something up my bum - I think it was a finger as it didn't really hurt. I just stood there letting him do what he was doing even when someone else came into the toilet for a pee. After a while he took the blindfold off and quickly left. I pulled my pants and shorts up and left the toilet. My mum asked why I'd been so long so I told her what had happened. She took me to the Police station and I explained it again. The guy was never caught but I don't regret what happened. At primary school I used to sit next to a boy and we would put our hand down each others pants when the teacher showed a geography film (the classroom was dark)and rub each other until we dry came. I loved that feeling.
I'm long married and still love to fantasise about women whilst wanking but equally I have a thing about cocks and regularly visit public toilets to show and watch. I've wanked and sucked other men but I'm not interested at all in kissing or anal - they just seem too gay to me whereas cocks and wanking and even sucking are fine. I guess that makes me bi-sexual?

By langloot at 09,Jun,13 00:25 other posts of langloot 
Was 13 friend 12,read a porn mag and both got hard. He went to toilet. I went to look for him and found him jerking off.Lead him to bedroom and started to play with his dick.We had touched and played before but this time we made turns to stroke and started sucking. He had smooth thin foreskin with shiny purple dickhead.Mine is bent and he loved it.He came first, a couple of spurts and I shot spurts of clear liquid and then white thick cum.We cleaned one another, this happened a couple of times with us unzipping and quickly suck each other around corners etc.

By #333170 at 01,Jun,13 14:45
I was 26 at the time. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. I wasnt getting any female attention...I was low on myself. So I meet a guy on the net, meet up, and sucked his hairless little dick until he came in my mouth.

Was a great feeling being needed for something.
By Generalcock at 08,Jun,13 22:42 other posts of Generalcock 
see that is why more people should be bisexual it gives you more options. for example if ur not having luck with the ladies try men see how that goes and vice versa. good for you btw

By just37 at 29,May,13 20:12 other posts of just37 
was about 22 or 23.

when I didn't attract any girls.

I tried another way and got in contact with a guy.

we had sex.

I sucked his cock and penetrated him.

at that time I didn't wanted him to put his cock in my ass and after this time I didn't got in contact with any other guys.

in 2000 I met my now wife.

just37; straight.

By #396959 at 29,May,13 17:18
I was about 7 or 8 and it was the summer holidays, i would always go round hes because his mother would always say yes, i have to admit he did not have the best mother in the world (all be it she was a single mother) but she would often go off out and leave us on our own or upto 4 or evan 5 hours! But the first sexual encouters we were having was right at the start of tge summer when hes mum would go away so we would get naked and run about the house with our little stiff cocks play tag but you had to touch his willy instead, but from then on it got serious, he would start kissing each other and wanking each other of, all be it there was no cum. The next encouter was when we stumbled across porn in his mums magazines, we saw a man lick a girls arsehole so i started telling him i wanted to do this to him, but he would say no, but he went for a **** that day and i said to him ill wipe it, he wasnt to sure about the idea but from a young age i was into fettish, so i wiped his but then leaned over to lick it he was so shocked i did it he diddnt know what to do so he froze, i do regreat doing this as i had not wiped him properly and all i could taste was was ****, but for some reason it tasted so good i continued doing it and at the end he admitted ut was good. The best encounter was a year on the summer, and the same thing, we get naked, kiss and now it was better we wanted to fuck each other! I have always had a small dick and he likes it because he humiliates me and that turns me on, so a year on and hes willy grew quite a bit, he started pubity quite early honestly, but though out the year his willy grew about 2 inches but me nothing, so again were in his bedroom naked and i decided to say to him that id wanted to have sex, and he was the same and so because of his bigger cock he fucked me, and it was so good i enjoyed know that we wernt ment to me doing this but we was, because we diddnt have a clue about sex he went into my bumhole dry, i was very painfull at first but after 5 minutes i got used to it, and all i remember say is "yes" and "harder" like a GAY pornstar, after he was done with me he realised it was good so i then i put my willy in him, it felt good but i think being fucked is bettet. Hoped you enjoyed this.

By #370936 at 24,May,13 01:17
It happened for me when I was about 12, me and my friend would always spend the night at each others house and one morning my friend woke up with morning wood and i noticed that it was very big so I asked him if I could see it. He was hesitant at first but he eventually pulled down his underwear and showed it to me. I asked if he had ever been sucked before and he said no. I grabbed his cok and started to stroke it, then I got on my knees and started sucking it. I sucked his cock for a minute then i asked him to fuck me and he told me to bend over his bed so I did. I spit in my hand and wet my ass hole, I had already been fingering my ass for about a year before this happened, he put his cock about halfway in my ass and it felt so good That I pushed his cock all the way in my ass. He fucked me hard for at least ten minutes the he let out a big moan and i felt his hot cum fill my ass. I've been giving him blow jobs and letting him fuck me ever since

By #321642 at 23,May,13 14:27
First time with another guy I was around 6 or 7 with my next door neighbor who was the same age and we were in the same class at school. We were playing in his room and set up a fort by his bed and I saw his undies on the floor and I grabed them and I guess he saw me and came over to my side of the fort (we set up sperate rooms) and said he had saw me and I forgot how but we ended up fooling around touching eachother everywhere and kissing each other. Looking back that is kinda crazy how two boys that young were interested in a thing like that. I am bi today

By #390287 at 22,May,13 02:36
At age 9 with my 7 year old cousin. i showed him a dirty magazine i stole from a neighbor and we were soon hard, we started with the innocent and clichť "show me yours i'll show you mine" and things quicky progressed from there. i'd say it was a succesful first experience since we ended up sucking eachother's dicks... and we continued doing it until i turned 17.

By #214409 at 21,May,13 21:43
Late, 23 yrs

By #266499 at 21,May,13 12:33
my first was at camp i maybe 13 slept in tent with othr my age her sucked me some than isucked him than got to put my dick in his butt than he didnt so he sucked me and cam in is mouth. it was great

By liketoedge at 20,May,13 14:20 other posts of liketoedge 
I never really considered it Gay. But starting at 8 I jacked off and fooled around with several friends growing up

By #33070 at 19,May,13 21:26
I was 35 got a bj by a gay friend ,then the next year I met up some other guy we sucked each other and I ended up fuckin him in my truck. Was so awesome

By #352876 at 11,Feb,13 14:23
My first time was with my cousin. He was 17 and I was around 13-14? I used to spend a couple weeks each summer at my uncle's farm and we would sneak out to the barn and look at porno mags. One day just out of the blue he pulled his cock out and asked me if I would suck it and I did and I loved it!! I got really good at sucking his cock and I began wondering what it would feel like to have his big dick in my ass so one night we were out in the barn and I started sucking his cock but I told him that I wanted him to fuck me really bad. He was a little hesitant at first but once he got that cock of his in there and I relaxed a little he started pounding the hell out of my virgin ass. He fucked me for about ten minutes and then once again the next evening in the shower. I will never forget the way his big ole dick felt inside my ass and I yearn for it alot but I haven't been fucked since 1986 when I was in the Navy...... But that's another story, a better story!
By #208421 at 07,Apr,13 05:12
I want to hear that story too!

By Gary5 at 18,May,13 04:19 other posts of Gary5 
Yeah, I'd like to hear that story too

By #105904 at 17,May,13 02:33
When I was 25. He was about 35-37, i get my ass fucked and my cock sucked... I thank him for that!!!

By Gary5 at 11,May,13 15:06 other posts of Gary5 
I was about 11, a school mate told me and another friend there was something we should try, and we headed off to a private toilet on our school campus. He had a pack of cards, and we cut them, the loser having to remove a piece of clothing. We got down to being naked, and erect, though I didn't know why, then he explained about masturbating, and massaged me. I didn't know what he was doing and didn't have orgasm, but went away and figured it out myself.

If you are interested, can tell you the next chapter.

By #134591 at 11,May,13 04:45
was with my next door neighbour. we would phone each other whenever one of us was home alone. or sometimes we helped each other out in the swimming pool. he was 12 and me 14. then a few months later he got another neighbourhood boy, 13 at the time to join in. this helping out arrangement went on for years - i really miss it!

By #352769 at 02,May,13 23:20
I was 6 and my babysitter's son who was 12 would walk to my house with me after school and watch me a few hours till my mom came home. After the first time we did it every day there was school.

By Browningman at 02,May,13 22:58 other posts of Browningman 
I was 12 and still Bi

By Odin_york_pa at 02,May,13 09:31 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I was 8, I was sleeping over at a friends house and he had just recently found his dads stash of porn mags(this was the late '80's before the internet,yes there was a time lol). As we were looking through them together is was hard not to notice we were both hard as rock, probably because we had tighty whities on. He said out loud, "Wonder what it feels like to have your penis sucked" I wondered the same, and that is when he asked if he tried it on me would I try it on him. After some convincing on both parts he sucked mine for a few seconds and I sucked his. The rest is history, we spent many hours of our young lives sucking each other's cock and mimicking what we saw in the magazines. Was some of the best times of life until he moved away when we were 14.

By dannyxboyx at 30,Apr,13 23:43 other posts of dannyxboyx 
Me and my friend had a hidden unspoken gay relationship. We were both 10 at the time. We use to have **** overs all the time. One night, we both just started jerking off, trying to conceal it (couldnt **** without cumming (; ). More and more sleepover, it became normal to strip down and jerk off before ****. Eventually, we started jerking off during the day where we could see each other do it. We then started to just go into the woods and play various games naked, both with complete hard ons. One day, he suggested we take turns sucking each others dicks. We got in his bed when his parents werent home and I made him go first. I would count to 15 seconds, then wed switch and I would suck him and so on. On one of his turns, after the 15 seconds, he just kept going for a few minutes. I returned the favor, but then put his balls in my mouth too. He came all over my face. I came on my chest, then he licked it off. That was the only time we ever sucked eachother. Most times after that, we would just rub our naked bodies on each other and jerk off infront of each other. A few years later I got my first gf, and several since. I am now in a long term relationship with a girl but still bi curious. I wish we experimented with ass fucking, but we didnt. I now settle for a good strap on fuck from my girl friend

By #379856 at 22,Apr,13 02:40
I was about 10 and me and my friend next door were in his jacuzzi then we needed to go pee and then us being little boys, we didn't want to go inside so we went on the side of the house. As each of us whipped them out, we decided we didn't have to go anymore. We both for little hard on and decided to suck them until he started to bite mine. I remember it so vividly as it was probably one of my earliest sexual experiences.

By #357237 at 07,Apr,13 21:15
When I was about 6. At the end of the school year we had a swim day so a friend's dad (who was a firefighter) came to help supervise. In the shower after swimming he made us all take off our swim trunks so he could wring them out. He asked me about my penis (I had no idea at the time but I was the only uncircumcised boy there) then he pulled back my foreskin. I pulled away from him and my foreskin recovered my head, he then slowly started pulling my foreskin back and forth. I got hard and he smiled at me, he was hard too. Then he put my foreskinin back to normal, rubbed my butt and told me to get dressed. I don't know how no other kids noticed this.
By bella! at 07,Apr,13 21:27 other posts of bella! 
What you bravely shared was not consensual or adolescent experimentation. Sadly, you were ****.

By #358284 at 07,Apr,13 10:31
I was 6 and my mothers youngest **** was babysitting me (He was 16). I was playing with my toys on the floor of my parents garage, while my uncle flipped through a magazine on the work bench (Later I found out it was a Hustler Mag). He was rubbing his crotch as he paged through that mag, when out of the blue, he asked me to suck his dick. I really thought he was kidding me so I said NO. He then said, either you suck my cock or I am going to put your nose in this bench vice and pinch it flat and again I said NO. With that, he picked me up and proceeded to pinch my nose in that vice. It fucking HURT, so I begged him to stop and that I would suck his cock if he did, which he did & I sucked his Dick. From that moment until his death at the age of 24, I became his personal cocksucker and I've been an insatiable cocksucker ever since. That first time was in 1970.
By racielcubasi100 at 07,Apr,13 15:25 other posts of racielcubasi100 
oh my kids getting **** its a horrible beginning but if u enjoyed later on good then

By #331204 at 19,Feb,13 05:07
Sorry for the ramble- but it's worth it

I was 13 when my best friend and I would watch girls gone wild commercials at **** overs and pull our hard dicks out when everyone else was asleep. I always was sort of attracted to him and he had a really nice big cut cock that I couldn't stop staring at. We eventually became more interested in each other than the TV, and went from playfully poking and touching to full on jacking each other off. I remember how good it felt to have his hard dick in my hand, and we repeated this many times. Every time we would do it, my desire to suck his dick grew, which leads me to...when I finally went farther with him.

He was over (parents gone) and we had smoked some weed and had a little alcohol and at some point we stripped to our boxers. I remember sitting on my bed with him and being able to see his entire cock and balls up his shorts. Having no inhibitions, I would lean in and just blow air onto his dick, which made us both extremely horny after a while. We stood up and went into the bathroom where we pulled our rock hard teenage dicks out and looked at ourselves & each other in the mirror. We compared cocks and played around when he dared me to suck his dick with his shirt over it. I instantly dropped to my knees and put his cloth covered boner in my mouth. He then asked me to suck it for real, and we both hopped on my bed where I slowly sucked and kissed his sweet cock for about 30 min. I also rubbed both our dicks together in my hand and we tried to fuck each other but we were too tight/nervous.

best sexual experience ever. I've been dying to suck another ever since.
By #321642 at 07,Apr,13 07:54
that is a hot fuckin story! if your looking so am I

By #355302 at 19,Feb,13 05:40
I was 6 at the time. My friend and I were watching Ghostbusters and this scene came up where a character fantasized about a ghost giving him oral pleasure, and that gave us the idea to try it out on each other. It became a periodic thing to do over a few years, but we don't speak of it anymore. Relationship wise I'm straight, but porn wise I swing both ways.

By #220362 at 19,Feb,13 03:46
I was 10 the first time.. He was 9.. I had already started puberty. (runs in the family).. We started off by playing with eacjother, rubbing touching.. Then I sucked his dick, he said it tickled, finaly he sucked me.. I have loved it since..

By bootyfull at 16,Feb,13 02:34 other posts of bootyfull 
I was 7 or 8 years old. Me and my next door neighbor (he is 2 or 3 years older than me) would sneak behind the houses and make out and dry fuck each other. I am bisexual.

By #312425 at 19,Oct,12 18:53
Age 15 best friend's dad age 50 he was a truck driver
Went on road trip with him out to California fuck me all the way there and all the way back to this day I'm still enjoying is 10 inch cock
By #226523 at 14,Dec,12 21:02

By #196621 at 13,Oct,12 14:38
I started playin with cock when i was about 3 my dad showed me how to skin it back an wash it an skin it back when i pissed so i could aim it been playin with it every since got caught jo in the coal house at 6 by nextdoor boys the oldest one was 14 told me if i didnt jack him off they would tell on me when he pulled that nice cock out hell i was hooked i luv playin with cock since when i was 13 a man 30 sucked my cock hooked every since at 68 2yrs ago in a arcade a guy pulled out auncut cock 8-9in i had to trysuckin it didnt know i missed somuch fun thats all i do im str8 except for suckin cock
By #226523 at 14,Dec,12 20:49

By gradurgaur at 05,Nov,12 08:58 other posts of gradurgaur 
am late bloomer...
My first gay Experience was when i was 25..old yea i know..
i had my first and only good blowjob when my good friend suck my cock and i suck his..
After that i have sadly had not good blowjobs..i love giving blowjobs and i thing am very good at it...sadly when i get one back is not so good

By #269929 at 03,Nov,12 06:08
i was 15 and a school friend used to come over to read porn. We used to watch each other cum then one day he offered to finish me off. The feeling was amazing
By Frankie765 at 04,Nov,12 07:39 other posts of Frankie765 
Lets meet up and read some Porn then see what Happens
By #269929 at 04,Nov,12 07:54
you'll fuck me till i can't walk

By lahbr at 27,Oct,12 12:58 other posts of lahbr 
I was 16 yo. Iīm curious for Bi

By #188764 at 20,Oct,12 08:44
I was 12 and was invited by three neighbor boys (ages 10, 12, and 13) to join their "**** sex club". They had built a really basic fort out of plywood and a piece of carpet, at a private place in the woods. We took turns stripping naked and feeling each others boners and rubbed them together in sword fights. The oldest boy showed me how to masturbate, and I did shot cum for the first time. We would do some quick cock-sucking (not to orgasm) on dares and as the penalty for losing an athletic challenge. The older boy and I did some more extensive sexual fun when it was just the two of us.

By #267383 at 15,Oct,12 07:27
When I was 11 me an my best friend sucked each other then fucked each other I loved is slender long immature cock

By #291618 at 14,Oct,12 03:06
13/10/2012 so yesterday im 18

By #143536 at 13,Oct,12 14:48
str8...and still waiting...

By maxheadroom at 13,Oct,12 09:55 other posts of maxheadroom 
Started sucking my uncle off at 12. Funny he never returned the favor. Then a cousin and I use to 69 in the woods. So hot.

By fatcock57 at 27,Aug,12 11:32 other posts of fatcock57 
54...last december I had my first bicurious encounter
By #4222 at 11,Oct,12 20:08
how'd it go?
By fatcock57 at 12,Oct,12 12:51 other posts of fatcock57 
Was OK I guess, for a first time. Thought I would be a little hesitant to touch another cock, and have my cock touched by another guy, but I went straight for his balls and it felt awesome. Unfortunately, after some touching and rubbing he got off too quick and I had to finish up myself on his chest. Next time I need to be more careful when wanking another cock so it doesn't cum too quick again

By mikey1966 at 03,Oct,12 14:49 other posts of mikey1966 
I was about 11-12 with two school friends one the same age and the other a year younger. We were in paris on a school trip and the 3 of us had to share a room. we got talking about masterbation, the younger guy did not really know about it, be me and my mate (sharing a double bed) did, i asked if he could cum, as i had not (still on dry orgasms) he said yes. my favourite way to masterbate at the time was to pull back my forskin and basically shag a pillow. it was great as my end was sooo sensitive at that age so I could keep orgasms going for what seemed like ages. my mate had not tried this way. so we shagged the long bolster one at each end it was a little embarasing because we both came together (or climaxed)he shot hi load and it went under my chest on the bolster and i lay in it as i climaxed... Fuck i still get horny thinking about it now. I pretended the cum was mine so as to appear a man the other guy was bemused by us and just went to ****. me and the mate just lay there talking for ages. we had a similar thing the next night we lost touch soon after as he moved schools. last time i saw him he was with a girl (B'stard) he had a huge bulge in his trousers well he was 20 by then. next proper shag was about 6 years later NOT THE SAME AS THE FIRST. oh i shagged a woman at 16

By Browningman at 03,Oct,12 00:40 other posts of Browningman 
I was around 11 and today im still interested for nice cock, so im bi

By #302771 at 02,Oct,12 20:46
7th grade and was suppose to suck on mine too he wouldnt

By #201367 at 02,Oct,12 01:02
I finally got to suck a dick this year at 50. Sure wish I had started sooner. I love it!

By #238177 at 28,Sep,12 21:41
When I was 14 I was showering at the YMCA and this guy came in and took his pants off and started showering beside we and we were the only to in there. He started getting hard and asked me if I would suck him and I said sure if he suck me and then one thing lead to another and we started fucking it was amazing and now we still both go workout there and we fuck in the lockerroom after every workout

By andrew999999999 at 28,Sep,12 15:36 other posts of andrew999999999 
I was 31, 69 with a guy I met one night. Read about it here


By #305812 at 28,Sep,12 13:51
If you count experimenting with boys the same age as me I was about 8 or 9, My first real sex with a man didnt happen until I was in my 40's.

By #266252 at 28,Sep,12 02:37
Sucked my first cock at 24 he was an older man I met at an adult book store. He gave me awesome head too. Bi.

By Ablaze at 30,Aug,12 20:57 other posts of Ablaze 
6-7 years old, I jerk with a neighboor boy - each other cock. We played that game many times. So I still to like jerk other cocks.

By #292697 at 30,Aug,12 10:59
I was 13 with a friend curious now

By #215672 at 29,Aug,12 20:11
i was 34 and loved it im bi

By spermkiss at 25,Aug,12 01:32 other posts of spermkiss 
Way too young to remember, probably five or six. The old "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" game. Don't all boys do this?

As for a penis going into an orifice probably about seven. Another boy and I were showing each other our dicks and playing with them when he suggested we suck each other. I went first and did little more than a quick in and out, but that seemed to satisfy him. Then he sucked me and he really went to town. I'm sure that was something he had done before. And I was hooked. I've been a Major Fan of sucking and being sucked ever since.

As for orientation, I'm gay as pink ink.
By #252079 at 27,Aug,12 10:34
Lol. Sperm you're too funny. Now are we talking about hot pink or regular pink?
By spermkiss at 27,Aug,12 20:13 other posts of spermkiss 
Hot, of course. I'm a hot number.

By #296159 at 26,Aug,12 19:55
First time i and my best friend compared dicks together and after wanked. I was probably 12 or 13

By slipper at 25,Aug,12 00:00 other posts of slipper 
Masturbated a couple of fellow jr-high kids when I was 12 or so.

By 67malibu at 17,Aug,12 12:42 other posts of 67malibu 
Around 5-6 my cousin. Tim and I got caught with our pants pulled down looking at either others cocks..

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