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First Gay Experience?

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Started by #175362 at 03,Jul,11 08:49
Hey guys just wondering what everyone's first gay experience was? Mine was with a mate when I was 13

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By #603065 at 28,Oct,19 20:57
I was around 12 when me and my two friends started showing each other our dicks. Then we masturbated watching each other and after that I jerked off my friend and so does he.Felt strange holding another dick in my hand and playing with it.But not for long

By Md21040 at 05,Oct,19 20:27 other posts of Md21040 
I was 19, in the army, in Germany. Horny as shit, but trying to be quiet, as I didn’t want to wake my roommate up by me masterbating. As I was stroking my cock, I heard his bed squeaking rhythmically, which just made me hornier. After a few minutes of this I turned on my light by my bed and looked over at him. He had a raging hard on and his blankets between his legs. I asked him if he needed help, and he gave me a nervous little nod, so I got up, walked over and started sucking his dick. I probably wasn’t very good at it, but he short his load in my mouth just the same. Tried anal a couple of nights later, that was when I found out why guys use lube 😋

By countrynaturist at 30,Sep,19 23:35 other posts of countrynaturist 
I was 15 and dropped by a friend that I liked. He had warned me before that his family was different. When the father answered the door completely nude I found out what he meant. Th whole family were nudists. My friend greeted me and asked me if I was comfortable with the house nudity. Being a nudist myself (I always went nude in my room), I stripped and joined him as we went to the back yard to play on his trampoline.

Well, two nude and horny 15 year old boys jumping on the trampoline and guess what. We were both hard in no time. He didn't seem bothered by it so why should I? As we sat on the trampoline, he must have noticed that my eyes were locked on his cock. He asked me if I ever touched another guy's cock as his hand gave my cock a gentle squeeze. My heart pounded. Very soon his cock was in my mouth and he guided me to my first blowjob. It was awesome. Just as awesome as him swallowing my load five minutes later.

It felt so natural having sex with him, we ended up in his room where he taught me the world of fucking.

By Lilboi at 30,Sep,19 21:11 other posts of Lilboi 
When 14 my step bro touched my cock and i liked it. I touched his big cock. He took my clothes off and sucked my little cock. I sucked his cock and ler him put it in my asshole making me scream.

By CharlieB at 12,Aug,19 02:05 other posts of CharlieB 
If I say it hasn't happened yet will someone volunteer to help me fix that?
By Jamie at 12,Aug,19 02:44 other posts of Jamie 
wish I could your to far..

By #590925 at 12,Aug,19 00:35
Mine was 15.We were alone with my friend and decided to have fun.He showed me his dick and I showed him mine.We touched with our cocks.Got hard and I gave him a handjob.He gave me a handjob too.We came on our hands.

By foreskinlover52 at 02,May,19 16:18 other posts of foreskinlover52 
My first was stroking a friends penis at age 7..Rubbing our cocks together age 11..Suck my first penis age 12..Analsex at age 26..Aways swallowed a mans sperm!

By liccalottapussy2 at 02,May,19 15:06 other posts of liccalottapussy2 
A neighbor. I mowed his yard. I was 12 he was 52. After mowing he would invite me into his garage where he had a sofa and film projecter. We would smoke dope and drink beer and watch stag films on old 8mm. He would tip me a extra $5 if I would let him suck my cock. After a few times of that he offered me his huge uncut cock. He was like 5x as big as me so it was intimidating but hot. After the first time sucking him I was hooked.

By str8cocklover at 26,Apr,19 04:46 other posts of str8cocklover 
I met an asian guy on grindr and went to his house it was awkward at first but he took the lead and i cant believe how amazing it was i came while i rode him..

By DonVoltonus at 30,Nov,18 15:20 other posts of DonVoltonus 
I sucked a guy in a McDonalds bathroom.

Sadly his ride showed up before he could finish.

By RealTitsLover at 13,Jul,17 12:16 other posts of RealTitsLover 
Does skinnydipping in a friend's pool with other 9 and 10-year-olds count? I remember staring while naked at the friend's mother in their kitchen window (still remember her awesome tits) and she had no idea. Okay, that doesn't sound very gay, but we did all look at each other's hairless bodies underwater with goggles.
By #505619 at 30,Nov,18 07:47
Sounds very hot!

By Ajentjay at 30,Nov,18 00:30 other posts of Ajentjay 
I decided to try out a cl casual encounter add out met up with the dude at his house nervous as shit to be meeting with a guy for the first time I bailed originally but he was outside and asked if that was me that I drove past and it just so happened that the street was a dead end so figured fuck it ima go threw with it he brought me inside and motioned me to take my pants down and sit on the sofa where he got on his knees and sucked my cock to perfection till then I had never came from head but he sucked it so great I was hooked met up with a few more guys after that day on cl ... god I miss the casual encounter section

By #571853 at 27,Nov,18 17:48
15 years I started fooling round with my 43 year old step dad Ron my mom worked nigth and he started give me his 8 in dick feed me dick and fuck me ass he made me his slut making me choke on his dick he and pound my ass any time he want to use me for his pleasure and I love it I can not get a enough

By #572188 at 17,Nov,18 23:41
Around 14 years old with an older friend.We jerked each other for a while,until we decided to rub our dicks together.We touched and rubbed uor shafts until we both came and covered our cocks with cum

By liketoedge at 04,Sep,18 15:28 other posts of liketoedge 
All of my first experiences were with other boys but we had no idea what gay even meant. It wasnt until we were older that messing around with other horny friends became taboo. But we did somehow know that we should keep it a ****
--------------------------------------- added after 66 seconds

All of my first experiences were with other boys but we had no idea what gay even meant. It wasnt until we were older that messing around with other horny friends became taboo. But we did somehow know that we should keep it a s e c r e t

By jon55 at 20,Jul,18 05:55 other posts of jon55 
12 playin with old guy at swimming baths hehe

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 05:31
14 with three mates having group jerk

By #559915 at 20,Jun,18 13:13
When I was 12 and my neighbour the same age, my older **** showed for us both our first porno movie.We didn't understand it, but I started to feel this new feeling in my stomach.We watched for a while and then he left home.In the evening I went to his home to play.When I get there , we were alone at home so things started get weird.We started act like in that porn movie.He was as a girl and I started going on him.Kissed his chest , nipples.We cuddle together, touched our cocks.But we haven't take them out to show.I think he got hard in his pants that day as I was.

By lawrenceo at 03,May,18 02:13 other posts of lawrenceo 

By #556159 at 02,May,18 21:04
I was 13. Savored it.

By #555368 at 29,Apr,18 00:24
When I was 15, At around 330am I crawled out of my bed and went in to my brothers room. I was always interested in how big his dick was, not that I ever thought I was gay but I often wondered how he was packing. I crawled to his bed, and reached under his covers to feel around. My heart was raising so fast and, I got my hand on his bulge. I slipped his cock threw his boxers hole and slide his covers back. From my knees I leaned over putting my mouth on his flaccid penis. I stroked my dick while doing so, and cumed in like 10 seconds. Then I scurried off. It felt so wrong after I was done.

By AussieMan187 at 23,Mar,18 08:17 other posts of AussieMan187 
I watched Brokeback Mountain once
By kebmo at 23,Mar,18 08:59 other posts of kebmo 
Gateway homosexuality. Before you know it you'll be saying things like "I'm not gay but..."
By AussieMan187 at 23,Mar,18 09:00 other posts of AussieMan187 
I'm not gay but... 20 bucks is 20 bucks

By itsnotreallyme at 22,Mar,18 20:38 other posts of itsnotreallyme 
I was 18 and met a shemale online. soon as I saw her she told me to get naked and forced me on her cock, then tied me to the bed and just fucked me until we both cummed. been hoowed on sacked shemale dick ever since
By Cummings1023 at 22,Mar,18 20:49 other posts of Cummings1023 
Damn, that sounds like a dream come true.

By #552722 at 22,Mar,18 16:44
replied this in another forum i was 12 and fucked by two men

By #461011 at 19,Mar,18 10:13
i was 13 with my best friends older **** who was 15. he caught me staring at him changing to go swimming (he was uncut and i was cut) and asked if i wanted to see his dick more. i said no but he started to just casually stroke his cock and came over and touched me thru my swimsuit. he knew exactly what to say "nobody will know", etc. he guided me to my knees and basically stuck his cock in my mouth. he cam in like a minute but from that day on i'd suck him off whenever he pulled his cock out.

By #549651 at 13,Mar,18 18:30
It seems like I may have replied to this in another forum, but gay experience is all I've ever had. The first was when I was 13.

By onthelose at 16,Jul,17 18:23 other posts of onthelose 
I always feel like I missed out on a lot.
By tb1 at 13,Mar,18 14:11 other posts of tb1 
Me too

By knewbi at 13,Mar,18 13:07 other posts of knewbi 
Mine was about 10 years ago. I met this gay couple and was just suppose to meet them. Well, it did not take long before I found one cock in my mouth and the other in my hand. I spent the next couple hours with both of them. They became good friends and I would meet with them often. Unfortunately they were transferred and are no longer available. Love playing with couples because I get twice the cocks...

By lawrenceo at 05,Mar,18 04:02 other posts of lawrenceo 
11 with an older guy who gave me my first dry orgasm

By #549130 at 04,Mar,18 15:08
When I was 12 my 15 year old cousin made me get naked and played with me, I enjoyed it. Eventually he took his pants off and made me suck his hard cock, he came in my face

By ulovemycock at 07,Nov,17 18:39 other posts of ulovemycock 
Me and my cousin(by marriage) stayed with his grandfather for a few weeks during the summer, we both were 13. We had to **** in the same bed. So one night really late we was both up and horny, both of us laying there with hard ons. So we decided to touch each other, then we took turns sucking each other's cocks, and it eventually led to us taking turns fucking each other. We continued to do this for the remainder of our visit.

By #544615 at 06,Nov,17 22:52
My step **** and friend once made me take my clothes off and lay on my back while they touched my penis. 12 years old at the time I got an erection for the first time ever. Soon we all were nude their 17 year old cocks much larger than my little cock. They made me play with their cocks and balls eventually getting me to suck them. Enjoyed the two big cocks taking turns in my mouth I was soon penetrated by one of them. Screaming in pain I held in place as one boy fucked my asshole and the other gagged me with his cocks. They swapped possitons regularly eventually one by one cumming in my asshole.

By #541336 at 08,Sep,17 20:20
I had 3 roommates at camp, was 13 yrs old... anyway we decided to show each other our cocks, about 10 mins later we we all of the guys suggested sucking each other off, I found it enjoyable and soon it became rutine...on the last night of camp we took it to the next level and tred anal, because I enjoyed receiving more than the others they ended up taking turns fucking me

By #529150 at 26,Feb,17 18:56
I was trying to write it out as a story, but not good at that so just going to be blunt!

I was more than willing and nothing was forced I was not coerced into doing anything either! It was 100% consensual so there all naysayers and psychologists and anyone else that is gonna try to denounce this event! ( I don't condone such activity! As it is wrong and ****) (but this is my experience and over 30 years ago. so anyone that's against it too bad so sad )

Anyway boy Scout camp Me 12 him 18 same tent Strip poker. He could tell I was interested in his dick and said I could touch it. I did then he had me lay down. He then proceeded to suck me off. I had never had an orgasm even a dry one yet. It is just like they say I thought for sure I was gonna pee in his mouth I kept trying to not "pee" but didn't want him to stop. Eventually I could not hold back and fill his mouth with my load.

He had me turn over. He slid his cock in my crack (no penetration ) and shot his load! Felt so good, still today 31 years later. I love the feel of a guys load in my crack.
By #537175 at 24,Jun,17 16:35
Hot story mate , I assume the rest of the time spent in that camp gave you even more fun .What did it feel like playing with his big cock , compared to your own at the time
By #529150 at 01,Sep,17 02:51
I sucked him and tried fucking but need not understand the mechanics of it all so he just sucked me off

By allin4oral at 19,Jun,17 09:35 other posts of allin4oral 
me and my best friend were in the habit of masturbating together back when we were 12. one day, he asked me if I wanted to try sucking and I responded with sure. we sucked each other off and then kept on sucking each other anytime we had an empty house for the next couple years.

great times and typing this out made me hard with pre cum oozing out the tip of my cock.
By tb1 at 19,Jun,17 15:35 other posts of tb1 
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good times
By allin4oral at 13,Jul,17 10:26 other posts of allin4oral 
oh yea

By #529150 at 01,Sep,17 02:48
Definitely fun stuff man

By #534396 at 31,Aug,17 22:38
Was around 12, cousin around 15 asked to see my cock, we were alone at his house...I told him I'd show mine if he showed me his first. To my surprise he took all of his clothes off. I pulled my pants down without hesitation. He told me I could touch he's cock if I wanted to. I slowly began touching it and holding it amazed at how it was getting bigger and harder. Before I knew it he had my cock in he's hand giving me the first boner ever. After a few mins of playing with each other's cock's he bent down and started sucking mine, it felt good and I came (was dry). Without hesitation or without him asking I sucked he's cock till he shot a load in my mouth which wasnt too bad. The routine continued for a couple weeks until we discovered how to fuck...till today whenever we meet up we have a good fuck
By #529150 at 01,Sep,17 02:44
Totally hot

By #136427 at 13,Jun,14 20:51
Never had a gay experience, but my wife fucks my ass with a big dildo and makes me eat my cum. I guess that just makes me weird???
By Avillager at 14,Jun,14 00:44 other posts of Avillager 
If you enjoy it, then it makes you a lucky fellow.
By #136427 at 14,Jun,14 12:30

By chubbyloves at 26,Feb,17 16:53 other posts of chubbyloves 
that sounds like a lot of fun. Wife does not like when I eat her after a good fuck

By Billy4995 at 15,Jul,17 20:34 other posts of Billy4995 
wish my wife wanted to join me for dildo play in my ass. I have to do it myself! oh well...

By 61-69 at 27,Feb,17 03:59 other posts of 61-69 
I was 41. Having sex with a girl (not my girlfriend ) at a party. A guy she knew came in, got naked and just joined in. It felt a bit awkward at first, trying to avoid any physical contact with him while we played with her. Anyway, I loosened up a bit and was playing with her clit as he fucked her when his cock slipped out and went across my hand. Without thinking, I grabbed his cock and guided him back in as I would with my own. I suddenly realised what I'd done and looked at him, he said don't worry, it's OK. Anyway, I got a bit bolder and started licking her as he fucked her, then the inevitable happened, his cock slipped out and went on my tongue so I just started sucking it. So fucking horny! We put on a show for her, sucking and licking each other's cocks and balls as she fingered herself. I had sex with the girl many times after that, but sadly never had another three some. I have sucked a few cocks since then, but just not the same without a pussy in the room.

By #500544 at 18,Jun,17 13:38
Such a hot story . I would love to try that
By #531414 at 14,Jul,17 16:51
Such a hot body. I would love to be behind you fucking you.

By #531414 at 14,Jul,17 16:46
I can't say this is my first gay experience since I have been sucking cock & getting ass fucked since I was 16. But this pass weekend I actually made love to another man for the first time. You see I love giving blowjobs & getting ass fucked & sometime ass fucking a man, but I have never had a desire to kiss another man. Well, that all changed Friday night when my wife brought home this hot 19 yr old stud from her work. She asked to go to the store for her & pick up a few things. When I got home she met me at the door & told me she had a surprise for me. She led me back to our bedroom, when we get their the door is closed & she tells me to close my eyes. I do as I am told, she opens the door & leads me into the bedroom. When I opened my eyes laying there before me was probably the most beautiful man I have ever seen. For a moment I could not move & I just stood there & looked at him. My wife woke me from my daze when she told me to make love to him. I keep my eyes on him & him on me as I got undressed. I climbed in bed with him & we just started kissing each other. We kissed & made love to each other the whole night. While we made love my wife reached between us & lubed up both our cocks. I can't even come close to describing the pleasure I felt as we both had very intense orgasms from our cocks rubbing together with our lips interlocked & our tongue passionately flickering in & out of each other's mouths. I asked him to spend the weekend & he did & we spent the whole weekend making love sucking each other's cocks, eating each other's assholes out & for course passionately fucking each other.

By Hrnyboy90 at 21,Jun,17 22:24 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
Mine was with my best friend at the time we were both 14.. he was sleeping over at my house and we stumbled on some cable porn.. we got to talking about sex and masturbating and our dicks.. one thing led to another and we ended up daring each other to get naked.. we both stripped down to our undies and stood facing each other.. my heart was already racing but we counted to 3 and both pulled our undies down together.. it was the first time I was ever naked with anyone.. we just stood there a minute looking at each other.. It probably wouldn't of gone further but the feeling of being naked and him seeing me made me get an erection.. it caught me off guard and I just kinda froze as my dick slowly grew to a full hard on in front of him.. I thought he was gonna make fun of me but to my surprise he became rather interested.. he asked if he could feel it.. I agreed and he reached out and grabbed it.. this was also a first for me that being someone else touching my dick.. it actually felt rather amazing.. I noticed after a min or so he was looking almost erect too.. I didn't bother asking I just reached out and grabbed him as well.. his dick felt really silky yet firm.. after another min or so curious touching was now full on jerking each other.. not a word was said we just started tugging on each other and neither one wanted to stop.. I knew I was about to cum and just let it go.. his eyes were locked as my cum squirted out onto his hand and leg.. I kept jerking him and couple minutes later he came too.. it was quite a night and after that we became jerk buds for awhile after
By #537175 at 23,Jun,17 07:49
lots of us have similar first experience , sound amazing though .. which of you had bigger cock
By Hrnyboy90 at 23,Jun,17 22:55 other posts of Hrnyboy90 
We were pretty close he was a tad bigger if I remember

By bil47 at 21,Jun,17 08:39 other posts of bil47 
I had just turned 13 and was pretty naive about sex. Then three similar-age neighborhood boys invited me to join their "sex club". A great introduction to sex!
By rudy51 at 21,Jun,17 13:22 other posts of rudy51 
Same hear 13 and still hairless

By #500544 at 18,Jun,17 13:44
I was around 10 - 11 and I moved to a new school and sat next to a guy, he stared talking to me about sex and after a few weeks we got close and would rub each other's legs and had in class without anyone seeing. One day he invited me round his house and pulled his pants down and asked if I would like to suck it. I got on the floor and sucked his dick. He then tried to fuck me but it didn't work
By biplym at 19,Jun,17 02:24 other posts of biplym 
That sounds a bit like my first experience except I was 12-13

By submissivemartyn at 18,Jun,17 22:19 other posts of submissivemartyn 
Whilst in the army and posted to Germany(I was 22 at the time) I use to go to an adult cinema to watch porn movies,then masturbate in the toilets before going to see a prostitute(masturbating and cumming made me last longer and get my moneys worth lol).On one occasion whilst at the cinema and masturbating in the toilet there was a knock on the toilet door.I pulled up my pants and trousers, opened the door and a guy spoke to me in German,'sorry I do not understand'I said.With that he pulled my trousers and pants down and started to suck on my cock.Moments later a couple of guys walked in and as they watched us they masturbated.Soon I felt myself cumming and tried to pull away but the guy grabbed my ass and took my cock deeper into his mouth.Once I had finished cumming he pulled away looked at the other guys and let a little of the cum dribble down his chin before licking it up and swallowing.The guys cheered him and I dressed and left.
Went back several times and had more experiences,but that's another lot of story's

By #101339 at 18,Jun,17 14:36
sucked a guy off in his car at a rest area in Maryland. I think I was about 24 (1996)

By kebmo at 18,Jun,17 14:23 other posts of kebmo 
I was eight and my best friend and I sucked cock for four years. His br0ther caught us once! You can read about it in my blog. Warning: May cause

By #436014 at 26,Dec,14 13:57
i love a lot of these early to mid teen sex stories, does that make me a perv? (no, don't want to get it on with an early to mid teen, i just like the stories and they make me hard )
By #529736 at 22,Feb,17 22:27
i know. i feel like i missed out.
By yeahright at 22,Feb,17 23:43 other posts of yeahright 
I agree. Looking back on it now I know there were many opportunities to mess around with guys but I was either to naive or just to dumb to take advantage of the situation
By tb1 at 05,Mar,17 13:32 other posts of tb1 
Me too

By andrew999999999 at 05,Mar,17 06:50 other posts of andrew999999999 
A few years ago I was having a smoke on a market stall in the town where I live, and a black guy went passed on his bike. He caught a whiff of the smoke and came back. We got chatting and he asked if I wanted to go for a smoke round at his flat. I said no at first and we chatted some more. He asked again, and again I politely declined, and after a few more minutes he said he'd suck my dick if I went with him. I'd been curious about sucking cock for several months, and having a guy blow me, plus I enjoyed wanking off to pics/vids involving black men, gay and straight, so I thought fuck it, and went round to his. When we got there, he tided a little while I rolled us a smoke. When he was done, he stripped off to his boxers while I was smoking. After a few mins, I handed him the smoke, and stripped down to my briefs. He finished the smoke and asked me to lie on my back, so I did after removing my briefs. He took off his boxers and I saw his cock was hard like mine. It was about the same length as mine, but thicker. He positioned himself above me so that we were in the 69 position, and he started to suck my dick. His hard cock was just a few inches above my face, and he took it and pointed it down towards my mouth. I'd not been thinking about sucking his dick, but in that moment I figured I may never get another chance to suck a cock, so I held it and began to suck it. I was surprised by how easy and natural it felt to have a hard cock in my mouth, and I was surprised by how good it felt and how much I was enjoying the texture and taste of it. I don't know how long we were sucking each others dicks for, but we swapped positions a few times before we'd finished. From that moment on, I knew I was going to suck more cocks, and I have. I've also had a few in my arse too.

By chubbyloves at 26,Feb,17 17:04 other posts of chubbyloves 
My female older cousin would suck on my cock when I was young ( her **** walked in on us. A day or two later he confronted me and said he was going to tell. I was 11 and he was 16. He said he would not tell if we did that also. He made me stroke his hard cock then he stroked mine and started sucking me. He was so much better than his ****. He made me cum. He had me suck his and came in my mouth. I gaged and spit it out. Had the taste of cum in my mouth for hours. I liked it. After a few times I decided to try and swallow. It was easier. Had a lot of fun with kids in the neighborhood.

By timbtm at 22,Feb,17 21:33 other posts of timbtm 
I was around 7. A friend and I played "naked games" quite often. We didn't really know what to do but I do remember putting my hard cock against his and loving the feeling.

By #526576 at 12,Feb,17 17:29
Mine was in 6th grade. My best buddy at the time. Truth or dare turned into mutual sucking. We ended up wanting to play that game every time he or I stayed the night together.

By #505990 at 12,Feb,17 11:34
Had a little suck buddy at 7 or 8 but my first real experience was at 9. He was a 19 yr old midget with what had to ne an 8 or 8 1/2" fat cock. Started off slow and mild but ended up with him fucking the shit out of me deep and hard and finished with him **** me to swallow my first warm cum load

By Odin_york_pa at 12,Feb,17 11:15 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
I was 7 or 8. What started out as jus some wrestling around turned into naked wrestling and then into much more

By Ablaze at 11,Feb,17 08:50 other posts of Ablaze 
I was 7 years old and I had a neighboor at the same age and we show each other our cocks, after some time, we start to touch and jerk each other.

By #363802 at 10,Feb,17 17:12
When I was 18 and drunk, I picked up a girl that turned out to be a guy..... with a HUGE cock! So glad I decided to stay and experiment, I had a lot of fun that night!! Mmmm Probably explains my obsession with BIG dicks!

By #519017 at 10,Feb,17 13:02
Apart from getting HJ's from boys at school my first real gay experience was late twenties. I got to know an older unmarried guy in a flat near mine.. I'd moved cities and I was lonely, without a girl and frustrated. I used to help him with things like his tax. I wondered if he was gay from the way he touched me. Then one evening he showed me his collection of porn. It was mostly Health & Efficiency nudist magazines with pictures of naked men and women. I hard an erection and he asked me if I'd strip and let him wank me. I was sexually frustrated and I thought why not? So I stripped and stood there sticking out my boner and he HJ'd me. It was nice having someone else touch my cock. He stripped I HJ'd him like I'd done with boys at school years before. We met and HJ'd each other for a few weeks then I met a girl and that was the end of my frustrations.

By #525579 at 10,Feb,17 11:03
Asking a friend to hold my cock and taste my cum?

By JustWill at 02,Mar,16 13:32 other posts of JustWill 
The whole story is right here:


By #508084 at 02,Mar,16 07:00
I was 9 when I had my first experience with my cousin. He was 11 or 12 and we had stole our dads porno mags, fiesta, razzle etc etc. he asked if ive ever played with my self and i had a little , he suggested that we play whilst looking at the mags, so we did then he said shall we do it to each other, so we did then we turned one of the pages and a woman was sucking a guy so he said shall we try that and we did and he sucked so good for his and my first time, he made me cum for my very first time, he spat it out and said yuck so then he made me suck him till he shot too. We continued playing like this for a few years untill i was about 15. And the last time we did it we took each others virginity and fucked each other bareback and seeded each others hole. we have never done anything since because we both moved to different parts of the country. But I know im glad my first everything was with him.

By bblbutjoey at 30,Dec,15 06:04 other posts of bblbutjoey 
i was 15 i met this older man 60ish yrs old i got off work late one summer night working at a movie theatre over summer vacation, he picked me up while i waited for the bus which was taking forever, anyways took me to his house got me drunk swimming in his swimming pool got me naked and butt fucked me all night in his back yard he had a very thick wrist size cock with a massive purple mushroom head, i came without touching myself while he fucked me
By #436014 at 31,Dec,15 01:48
nope seriously at 15 you couldn't find someone at least kinda close to your age?

By cazzoduro69 at 12,Jan,15 15:14 other posts of cazzoduro69 
around 11 y old

By #337858 at 06,Jan,15 18:27
Around 5th grade. Me and the **** down the street would play some "show you mine, show me yours" in the play house in his back yard.
By JeffinKS at 12,Jan,15 09:25 other posts of JeffinKS 
if all you did was show each other your cocks.... sorry but that is NOT being gay.... now if you both sucked each other to orgasm.. well that would be different.

showing each other your cocks and curiosity is NOT BEING GAY... it is very normal
By #337858 at 12,Jan,15 15:12
Ahh I gotcha man. Didn't mean for it to be taken that way.

By ptuga at 07,Dec,14 12:31 other posts of ptuga 
i never had a gay experience
By Stunning at 07,Dec,14 20:19 other posts of Stunning 
Want one??
By ptuga at 03,Jan,15 12:42 other posts of ptuga 

By skot at 03,Jan,15 04:49 other posts of skot 
My first hard cock was at 8/9. My school friend (a year younger) had started to whip his cock out in the playground to tease the girls in his year. Out of the blue one day he asked if I wanted to see it. I was hooked.

Next time we were alone in his bedroom I got to examine his body properly. His cock was longer than mine which annoyed me but much thinner. With his foreskin back his pink glans looked like one of those erasers on the end of pencils: not broad like mine but narrow. Up until they point I hadn't even known foreskins could retract and he told me off for having a tight one that 'wasn't right'.

We must have spent a good few years tugging and sucking each other oblivious to any sexual activities. We just knew it was fun but we'd better not let anyone find out.

I can't remember why we stopped but it was well before either of us hit puberty.

I met up with him again when he was 14/5 and although the conversation turned to sex he clammed up discussing masturbation. I've not seen him in years now.

By cockslut69 at 03,Jan,15 02:37 other posts of cockslut69 
Spit roast when I was 15

By #453433 at 31,Dec,14 06:02
I was 12 years old it was with a friend we were fooling around while we were getting high and one thing lead to another and we had our clothes off and we started sucking each other, He asked if I wanted to have sex so I fucked him and then let him fuck me it was great, had a few more after that.

By #479389 at 08,Dec,14 03:57
I was 17 and in the Royal Navy. He was 23. He noticed me taking a peek at his body and cock when we were in the showers. He said nothing at the time, but 2 or 3 days later he was helping me in the stores and he mentioned it then. I was too red-faced to say anything. He asked if I liked what I saw. I just nodded. He started to rub my cock through my trousers and guided my hand to his. He was rigid! One thing lead to another and before long I was bent over with his cock deep in my arse! Great feeling.

By Stunning at 07,Dec,14 20:52 other posts of Stunning 
I was 7 years old and was at home with my **** and he demanded I go in the bathroom with him for some reason, so I did because he is 6 years older. And was always agressive if I didn't listen, plus my dad wasn't home. Went in the bathroom with my **** and for 13, he had a big cock. He had told me to put it in my mouth so I did, sucked him for a while. He then wanted to fuck my ass but I got too scared because i've had fingers in my ass and realized it hurt. So, first time sucking a cock was my brothers big dick.

First bi experience is on my blog, please check it out.

By #472150 at 07,Dec,14 04:14
I'm bi now. I started playing with my cock with neighborhood friends when we were about 6, the girl that lived across the street sucked on me a lil then. But at the same time the boy that lived a few houses down and I started playing with and rubbing each other's cocks. He is uncut and I'm not, so it was different. Around the time we were about 12–13 we took it further when we started sucking each other off, eventually I ended up giving a lot more than recieving but didn't care because his developing cock was getting big with a huge head. Maybe a year later he was fucking me, I fucked him only a few times. We would fuck around multiple times a week, he would come over to play Dreamcast and I would suck his cock and get fucked by him. We continued this until college called. I haven't had a gay experience since, definitely would like to try cock again!

By #472646 at 03,Dec,14 23:32
I was about 8 at this time and it was only when I had dry orgasms. I went to my best friends house at the time and he was about my age and after we got done with Xbox it was time for us to go to bed. At we were laying in the same bed he said to me something about sex and etc and asked if I wanted to try it. Me being young I agree des but didn't know what to do so I asked do we shove fingers in each other's ass but he said no that hurts so he decided on blow jobs and we both did 69 to each other but then he head something from his living room so we stopped and his mom came in to check on us. Luckily we stopped before hand then we just went to bed.

Another time was with a different person we were playing music and xbox and started to grab his dick and ask if he wanted a blowjob. He agreeded so we went in my closet and I sucked his dick. He could only dry orgasm also but after he was done I wanted something in return also but sadly he did not. Those are my 2 experiences.
By Blade at 04,Dec,14 22:01 other posts of Blade 
Wow, what a great friend you are... wish we were childhood friend!!

By Wipperman at 04,Dec,14 05:04 other posts of Wipperman 
My first time was when I first precumed it was with my school pal we were playing around sexually in my bedroom we were about 15 at the time I could feel some dampness in my pants as we started to rub each other through our pants we were both getting hard I then unzipped him and got his cock out and it was so fat and hard and with a really thick vein it excited me so much I then precumed more as he unzipped me and got my cock out and said how beautiful and big it was which excited me so much he then licked the thick precum from my then very hard cock and we then undressed and got on to the bed and played with each others cocks and sucked each other off and masturbated each other until we both came together so strongly there was cum everywhere , it was a time I always remember !
By #436014 at 04,Dec,14 05:19
your cock is gorgeous, maybe i can suck it when i'm in the uk sometime?

By #88109 at 03,Dec,14 03:35
At age 8 I played with and compared parts with a lass of same age and poked my cock into her slit at front, did not even know she had a pussy at that age! She told her father and I got a telling off. My dad brought out a belt and asked if I wanted him to thrash me or her father! I said him, and he said to my mother he could not do it for me having done that!? :-) At age 9 I persuaded an 8 yr old lad to pull his pants down and we played and rubbed cocks, I am cut and he was not which was a turn on. At ten I was out exploring woodland with a girl and she could not help but pee her pants a bit - she already had some minor experience playing with a boy previously and suggested we lay down in a hidden hedge at bottom of a garden. we pulled our pants down and played and she asked me "to rub her little bone as it was nice". We just got into that and some old geezer crept up leering so we scarpered off! Then at 12 I went to an all boys boarding school and bath time was shared with another lad who wanted me to play together. He was ginger and uncut. At last I had met someone else with similar feelings! He seemed quiet surprised and we had fun a while. As the years continued, until I was 15 and left, I had quite a lot of fun with various lads at that school, including a woodwork teacher who seduced me and we were pals many years after that until I was about 20 and then he lost interest. Possibly partly as I became married. I always missed cock play in marriage - had a couple of good session with guys, but never been into bums even with woman. After 18 years got divorced and spent next 12 years playing the field, lost count of female lovers at 180! Only one guy though. Not easy to meet a bloke it seems. More recently, now at 64, met a gay guy with whom it just seemed so natural to kiss and frot and romp about as he had no inhibitions. Loved it. So remain truly bi it seems, but far more into knowing how much I can enjoy cock fun, as you see on my page - just the problem now of meeting anyone, no one near hear it seems? I also expect discretion! I think one great thing about this site is sharing such tales as this with others and realising you are not alone?! Hope you enjoyed, get in touch?

By hunnngry at 26,Jul,13 06:33 other posts of hunnngry 
I had a older cousin he was 16 and i was 10 i sucked him off every chance i could . It started one night we were spending the night at my grandmas house we were in the same bed when he reached over and grabbed my hand and placed it on his hard cock . I jacked him off for awhile and he asked me if i would suck him . he had a nice 7 inch thick dick . I sucked him seemed like forever but when he came and i got that first taste of his hot cum that was it . I probally sucked him everyday sometimes 2 or 3 times a day i loved sucking his dick wish i could suck it again sometime
By #463249 at 05,Jun,14 23:00
Wow! Wish I'd been your cousin!
By spermkiss at 06,Jun,14 20:53 other posts of spermkiss 
I wish I'd been YOU. You got a really young start. To be a cocksucker at age ten means you didn't waste your chicken years as a virgin. Good for you.

By Blade at 21,Sep,14 21:29 other posts of Blade 
Ya me too!!!

By iowaguy at 15,Jun,14 13:01 other posts of iowaguy 
I was 8 sucked my friends cock he was 5. He told his mom who told him not to do such things (guess she figured kids will do this type thing) which made us do it quite a bit. Wasn't a sexual drive just knew we weren't supposed to be doing it had no idea about sex. I sucked almost every friend I had in my childhood, but round 13 got my first load. Gotten a lot of cocks since then.
By thicknsmooth at 22,Jun,14 20:53 other posts of thicknsmooth 
wow I love your story! Its very much like my own! Stop by my page and read the story in my blog! its all true and I think youll enjoy it!

By #383614 at 14,May,13 08:12
I was 9 years old and so was the other boy it was a hot summer day and we were both in my dad's garage i said hey do you wanna see where my dad keeps his naked magazines I showed him and both became extremely hard instantly then It became I'll show you my Boner if you show me yours. my pants and underwear now around my ankles and my little pee pee sticking up he showed me his they where about the same size and yes he was circumcised also then I remember him asking to suck each other like in the magazine omg he tasted amazing we got together every once in a while over a couple of years in a boat parked in his front yard in my closet almost caught by my mother and in the woods until he moved away to Ohio I still think about him and the beautiful smell of his cock n balls yummy; )
By thicknsmooth at 13,Jun,14 22:55 other posts of thicknsmooth 
wow what a great story! I had a very similar experience! you can read the hole story in my blog! I know the amazingly beautiful smell and taste your talking about! I could never forget it!

By #230911 at 04,Jun,12 03:13
I was 14th years old.. Sucked my 45th years old gay school teacher.. I was in my school toilet and waz mastrubating.. He suddenly entered inside and slapped me at face and slapped my hand which was holding my hard cock.. I was shocked,he knee down and sucked my cock.. He pulled my balls while sucking.. It waz so hot when felt a man sucking me up.. At the next day,i saw him at school and he invited me to his house for dinner.. I understood and went his house at 8pm.. I didn saw any food on dining table bt there was 2 pairs of nipple clamps.. He locked the door and pushed me on sofa.. And he gave two tight slap and called me bastard and asked me to suck him.. I waz turned on and unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock.. It was so huge and thick.. I started to suck that monster cock almost 10inch.. I suckeD him dry.. He cUm in my mOuTh and instructeD me to swalLow.. itz waz damn thick and delicious.. And he took tUrned..
By #390203 at 14,May,13 01:59
Great story.. very lucky I wish that would've happened to me in school
By #303133 at 14,May,13 08:08
You wish you had been m olested?
Damn, I remember when k ids just wished for a new bike...
By #463249 at 05,Jun,14 23:02
I was praying for someone to molest me from the age of eleven - never happened, though.
By Arexa at 06,Jun,14 10:53 other posts of Arexa 
Why on earth would you wish to be mol.ested? Do you not realise the psychological damage that causes?
By #303133 at 06,Jun,14 14:18
It would seem that psychological damage of a different kind has already occurred...
By Arexa at 06,Jun,14 17:50 other posts of Arexa 
Most definitely.
By #463249 at 08,Jun,14 03:53
And "up yours" to both of you.
By Arexa at 08,Jun,14 22:46 other posts of Arexa 
Pfft. No. Stick it up your own.

By spermkiss at 05,Jun,14 16:56 other posts of spermkiss 
I was way too young to remember exactly how old I was (probably six or seven) when I started playing with other boys' dicks and they played with mine. I even did some sucking at that young age.

But my first real man-on-man sex experience was when I was 22. It was at the YMCA and this other guy and I started fooling around in the pool. Soon, he invited me up to his room. In the room I was nervous as a cat and didn't know what to do. He got the ball rolling by kissing me on the mouth. WOW! I had a pretty good idea what guys did sexually, after all I had done a lot of childhood experimenting, but I couldn't imagine two guys kissing. (That was a much simpler time.) But I liked it and I kissed him back. We went from there.

By mastert24 at 04,Jun,14 08:49 other posts of mastert24 
I was 16 and had been watching gay porn and shoving anything I could find up my ass when finally one day I posted an ad on Cl met a 28 year old so I lied and said I was 18...I could never get the courage to go meet him until one night I was drunk and went over there...we 69 and he fucked my ass hard...I love sucking cock now...just wish I knew how to. Tell my gf

By #157044 at 08,Jul,13 04:00
My first ever experience happened like this. I was sent away to boarding school at the age of 12 and a half. I was blissfully ignorant of functional sex at the time and was also rather lonely with no real friends as yet. We all had to watch the rugby matches on Saturday afternoon – I remember it was a rather cloudy Saturday afternoon. A slightly older lad befriended me on the touch line – after a bit of small talk it became clear why he’d taken an interest in me - he’d noticed that my cock was ’quite hairy’ and he wanted to know whether I could ‘spunk up’. I hadn’t a clue what he was talking about, so he suggested that we met up in the plantation behind the school and he’d show me how to do it.

So I met him as arranged. He sat down and got his cock out of his trousers and started rubbing it– it was already bigger than when I’d seen it in the dormitory and it was soon fully hard. He suggested that I got mine out, but there were some other boys not far away so I didn’t want to . He said he’d show what happened anyhow so for the next few minutes he sat there rubbing away at himself with me looking on fascinated.
Eventually he said ‘ I’m getting the feeling’; suddenly he slowed his rubbing and his cock was jerking in his hand, and a pool of clearish sticky liquid came out of his cock.

The following day being Sunday we were allowed to go for walks out of the school grounds. My new friend suggested we went for a walk together and we went down to the woods near the railway line. He suggested that since there was no-one about he’d like to see my cock properly. So we both took our trousers and pants down and played with one another. I was really excited by this time and when I pulled down my pants my cock was fully stiff – I hadn’t realised before how big it got. His was equally hard. I’d never played with another boy’s cock before and it felt really funny when he started rubbing mine. And of course we inspected and compared our organs – as I’ve said we were both circumcised, but my penis was definitely larger than his and I had rather more hair.

I had this idea of rubbing our bodies together – I really enjoyed that but my friend wanted to get on with what he called 'having a good rub’together. He was half sitting on a branch – I was standing almost in front of him. Suddenly he noticed a large drop of clear juice at the end of my penis and asked me if I had come. I told him I didn’t thinks so as, although I was really enjoying rubbing my cock while I watched him rubbing his, I hadn’t yet had anything like what he described as his feeling. But suddenly I started to get this really powerful urgent feeling between my legs - I’d just about told him I thought I was getting the feeling when suddenly I started coming for the first time ever – my penis absolutely throbbed with the best feeling I’d ever had and great spurts of white juice came out. It went all over my friend’s thigh and some had even gone on his forearm. My friend was quite impressed that I could make ‘proper white stuff ‘ as he put it. And on subsequent occasions I found I had another talent – I could spunk up more than once – in fact I could manage two or three times in the time it took him to come once. And my ‘reputation’ as a spunker meant that all of a sudden I got lots of invites from other lads to masturbate with them.
By #365146 at 27,Jul,13 07:41
Good story, but with one error. You never stated anywhere before the end of the third paragraph that you were both circumcised, but yet you claim that you did. Nevertheless, it was a good read.
By #157044 at 02,Sep,13 04:09
Thanks - have now corrected this!

By tb1 at 01,Jun,14 00:24 other posts of tb1 
ahhh the good old days

By speedswim at 23,Nov,13 19:47 other posts of speedswim 
At 12 I was shown the joys of mutual wanking by two older teens in a swimming pool changing room. All good fun.

By #390287 at 26,Oct,13 23:46
I was 9 and it was with my 7 yr old cousin. we started with theinnocent "Show me yours i'll show you mine" and we were sucking eachother within the week.

By cumaddik at 26,Oct,13 12:59 other posts of cumaddik 
I was was the very first time i had sex with another person...and it was with a man. He was in his twenty's...and we both touched, licked, and sucked each other off few times that night. I loved it so mucht It was also the very first time i had to taste and swallow another man's cum I ADORED IT!!!! I knew that night that i was gay, and that i was made to be a bottom

By bigrich at 02,Aug,13 13:18 other posts of bigrich 
When I was 8 and the other guy was 23. I didn't like it at first but then it felt so good did it for three years until he moved away.

By #417159 at 30,Jul,13 13:36
I was 22-3 working as a bartender in a small private club, afternoons M-TH. well dude about 30 comes in one day, says he works same club 40 miles away and could use a hand F-S nights. $50 a shift plus split bar tips, I could stay at his apt. we worked together, closed and got out at 3, made abou 300$ tips. went to an afterhours joint and salm drank till 6. We both showered seperately, and were sitting on the couch and he startes playing with my dick, and saying crap like it was OK just 2 guys hanging around. He drops to his knees and blows me. He was really good. I blew my goo, and when i was drained he stood up with a semi uncut, which I'd never really seen before, so I reached up and started stroking it and exploreing it, and, well Iended up putting it in my mouth and sucking it. he had his hands on my head **** it in my throat, gagging, he came like a firehose going off, down my throat, in my mouth, on my face. Seemed like we blew each other every 30 mins until we fell asleep around 10. Worked together Sat nite, and went to a party after. there was the host, about 50, 2 other guys in their 30s or 40s, dude and me. it was the 70s, a lot of drugs, plenty of good booze. Somehow we all got naked and it was decided that as the youngest I should determine who was biggest, so i ended up on my knees sucking and sreoking them all hard. The host was the biggest about 8" hard on down to me. I finished them all off, cleaned up, the host done me, we drank some more and I ended up with on my knees with the smallest guy fingerfucking me, then fucking me in turn. Smallest to biggest. I did them all. and I was shooting streams of cum, and moaning and groaning thru it all. I woke up, face and chest on the floor, some dude dismounting me, Dude helpe me up, i looked in a mirror, there was dried cum inmy hair, on my face and chest, and running down my legs. Dude helped me shower off. I couldn't keep my hand off his dick, I ended up jacking him, and takeing his load in my mouth. He showed me polaroids of me in different positions, doing guys oraly and analy at the same time. I stayed at his place that Sun Night, blowing him and 1-2 of his friends as they came by. When i left, he told me I probably shouldn't do any analfor awhile, and would i work the next week, it was good $ as much in 2 days as I made in 4 so I did for the next couple months. I only blew guys for about a month, but the itching got so bad I had to start fucking again. Kept my girlfriend happy and unaware.
By hunnngry at 02,Aug,13 06:13 other posts of hunnngry 
What a great story kept me hard the whole time reading

By shavedpubis at 27,Jul,13 10:44 other posts of shavedpubis 
in the train

By #332259 at 08,Jul,13 03:45
I was 15 y.o. and he was 54 y.o. HOT Time

By Hottman2222 at 14,May,13 03:02 other posts of Hottman2222 
I was 21 or 22. Was at a bon fire at a friends house and were all drinking. My friend went inside with her boyfriend and left me and her openly gay friend alone in the back yard. I commented that I was horny and he said he was too. I asked him "let me see it". So we went behind the garage and started blowing each other. Then went back to my place where we blew each other and he fucked me all night. I made him cum 3 times taking it twice on my face and once in my mouth. We hooked up a few times after that but have since lost touch unfortunately. (Wow, I just got hard writing the story)

By #254338 at 04,Jun,12 14:09
If that one doesn't count as real, then it was about 13 when a friend of mine and would jerk each other off... It got kinda weird after a bit and he moved away...

By #254338 at 04,Jun,12 14:06
I was young... Maybe seven?
There was a game called "eat bums" I played with boys and girls alike... Kind of a "show me yours, I'll show you mine thing" that escallated each round.. show, touch, lick... Etc... Kept "playing it" until I was 12 or so...

By #107276 at 04,Jun,12 11:19
i was 28, curious, and nervous as hell. went to a gay bar but was too nervous to go in. i saw 2 guys leave the bar together, and greeted them in the parking lot with an invite to come to my place. the followed me home, and we did everything that night. i loved it all right away, and still do.

By #268310 at 04,Jun,12 03:43
I'm 46 now and it was last year in the spring. I met a guy off of CL and went to his apartment. I had never look at let alone touched another man's penis before. I'm married 18 years so I guess now I'm bisexual. Anyway he wanted to know if I wanted coffee or something to drink or just get right down to it. I told him I just wanted to get right to it so we did. He sat on the couch and I knelt down and looked at his cock. It was about 4" soft, I didn't even think twice I just leaned in and took it in my mouth and began the blow job.

It was wonderful to feel his cock grow inside my mouth. I did gag a couple of times but I didn't care at all. Then to listen to him getting excited, wow. About 10min into it he started saying "oh god I'm gonna come, here I come" Then it happend, warm sperm shot into my mouth. I wasn't sure of it but it didn't tast like mine at all. Mine is sweet tasting and his had kind of a chemiclal taste that I can only compare to the smell of WD-40. I was kind of ashamed and gargled when I got home.

By brody12345 at 03,Jun,12 10:49 other posts of brody12345 
mine was last night actually, he sucked my dick and as he did i jerked his, and then i fucked him bareback and came up his ass

By 67malibu at 11,May,12 04:34 other posts of 67malibu 
Around 6 I guess my cousin and I down the road from my house in a culvert we got caught with our pants down I guess that counts.

By slipper at 06,Jul,11 15:41 other posts of slipper 
Still waiting.

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