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Unwilling posed as willing

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Started by Greek18cm at 17,Nov,18 09:32  other posts of Greek18cm
Well i do not know if that is happening in other places of the world but in Greece you get it a lot.

And i want to share my observation in order to see if i am wright or it is just my bad luck or imagination.

There are tons of girls out there posing as too extreme in behavior and clothing dreess code, posing like sex objects, even state that they are so in to sex and stuff like that.

And then two things happen.
One. Or they dont have any sex,not just with me,with anyone,and they going back home unfucked.

Or two, they get fucked but they are not acting as the wild thing they posed,but acting tottaly inexperienced and even unwilling.

Is this something it happened to you?

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By Greek18cm at 17,Nov,18 09:35 other posts of Greek18cm 
And i want to state, i have no problem if a girl is enexperienced.

Ok it gets boring and hard to work with but, i don have a problem.

Its just i **** when they are acting like something they are not

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