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leopoldij says he is straight,, but he is not..

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Started by Godzillas at 29,Nov,18 20:31  other posts of Godzillas
Every day or so I catch leopoldij looking at my cock and he swears he is straight only interested in women... That's a laugh..
I see him sneaking onto my page every other day.. What's the beef? Even if I tell him he tries to sneak a peak..
Can someone tells leo to stop staring at my cock..?
♂ leopoldij 15 hour(s)

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New Comment

By Skittles at 30,Nov,18 14:05 other posts of Skittles 

Leopolda is a rat ...
By Scorpio69 at 30,Nov,18 15:00 other posts of Scorpio69 
WAIT! My nose is twitching! >sniff sniff sniff< Don't look now Skitts... But, I think I smell a Troll nearby...

By Angelofdeath at 29,Nov,18 22:27 other posts of Angelofdeath 
If you really donít want him to see it, why not just tell him it bothers you? If that doesnít work thereís always the block option.
By Godzillas at 29,Nov,18 22:57 other posts of Godzillas 
Many many times.. He is a good bloke although at times can be a sloppy cunt.. .... But he's family so all good
By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Nov,18 10:06 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
Hazard of site. If you wiggle your willy, people will look. And, as they say, ad nauseam, in many threads, wishing don't make you "not straight",,,
By Godzillas at 30,Nov,18 13:42 other posts of Godzillas 
YOu like to look don't you..

By TWOWARMTTS2 at 30,Nov,18 10:08 other posts of TWOWARMTTS2 
PS, Angel, I don't consider you a troll.
By Godzillas at 30,Nov,18 13:40 other posts of Godzillas 
You either

By Angelofdeath at 30,Nov,18 14:51 other posts of Angelofdeath 
Its just a word. I like to think my skins thicker than it used to be to let words bother me. Ive been called worse, and there was a time when I did my fair share of trolling. Im not proud of it, but I do own up to it and try to learn from my mistakes.
By Godzillas at 30,Nov,18 14:56 other posts of Godzillas 
Learning to become humble is a key component..

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