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The Halo (a game I'd like -- and not the Xbox one)

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Started by Emerald at 15,Jan,19 16:08  other posts of Emerald
I carry the Halo! Ordinary people don't know... but those who share my interests will see it, and know instantly what I am, and what they can do with me.

Walking down a busy city street full of oblivious, nondescript faces, one suddenly steps out in front of me and flashes his phone at me. He knows! And I know I must obey. We find a quiet corner, away from the bustle. Looking around nervously, I hurriedly unzip and show him my cock, my long foreskin dangling. "Pull it back!" he orders. "Hard as you can!" And I obey. For that is my interest, and the thing I have pledged to do, for anyone who wants to see. He laughs at me, and goes on his way.

Who of you out there would like to carry a Halo? An offer to do something, whatever it might be, that anyone who enjoys the same thing can demand of you? Let a stranger grope your breasts for a moment, perhaps? It doesn't have to be huge and time consuming. Or maybe it is, and you'll get on your knees and suck? Worship somebody's feet? Pretend that you're a kitten, and let somebody pet you and scratch your chin. Anything at all that you find thrilling, and maybe a bit dangerous (although we'll do our best to mitigate the danger by identifying the participants beforehand, and quickly weeding out those who would do more than you have permitted).

Would you like to be prey, knowing that people will chase you even as you go about your daily business, and make you do... *it*? Or are you the predator who one day chances upon someone who is willing to do the one thing that excites you the most in the whole world?

The Halo is an app I'm thinking of making, if it doesn't already exist. As prey, you describe something you are willing to do, or let somebody do to you. As predator, you describe what you are interested in doing to others, or seeing them do. When you are ready to play (and not, say, shopping with grandma, as that would be horribly inconvenient), you set your status to active. Whenever a predator -- one who has already expressed an interest in somebody just like you -- gets within range, he will be alerted, and can choose whether to pounce... or let you off the hook this time, not knowing how close you came to having to do... it.

Do you know of any such app? If not, do you think I should make one? What should I call it, to prevent the lawyers from swooping on me (for that is definitely not my interest)?

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By 2nice at 15,Jan,19 16:28 other posts of 2nice 
That certainly sounds interesting...

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