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Started by Greek18cm at 16,Jan,19 07:21  other posts of Greek18cm
Does women can tell if you are cut or uncut, huge or not through pants and other clothes?

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By spermkiss at 16,Jan,19 11:25 other posts of spermkiss 
Why limit this to women? Guys, even straight guys, have a long history of checking out each others' crotches. It's a guy thing. Straight guys might do it discreetly, but they do it.

OK, to answer your question, yes, sometimes, especially concerning size. If a guy is wearing snug fitting pants with a nice bulge in the crotch, that's a pretty good indication that he is well endowed. I'll add here that when straight men wear pants like this they may think that they are doing it to impress women, but the truth is that most women don't notice. But other men do. See my first paragraph.

Then there are the really bold guys who wear snug pants made out of thin fabric without underpants. We see all of their equipment on full display hanging down one leg. If he is circumcised and has a nice large "helmet head" glans, we see the outline of that as well. Nice.
By Greek18cm at 18,Jan,19 00:42 other posts of Greek18cm 
Yeah i know guys look (even more maybe). Many friends are noticed mine but I don't know if women do it to and just dont talk about it.

So they/you can tell if a cockhead is big etc...

But is it ok to wear this kind of clothes? Because i enjoy it but i think its kind of not accepted behaviour
By spermkiss at 18,Jan,19 12:48 other posts of spermkiss 
It all depends on the circumstance.

Would it be OK to wear snug pants without underpants so that almost nothing is left to the imagination to a family gathering with your mother and father and child relatives present? I don't think so.

But if you're going out on the prowl for a sexual hook-up? Sure, why not. Put your meat on full display. It pays to advertise.

Or to a sporting event with your buddies? Again, yes. As I said, guys check each other out and it's fun to show off what you've got to your friends. And they like looking, too. Trust me on that, they DO like looking.
By Greek18cm at 19,Jan,19 12:35 other posts of Greek18cm 
You ment in general by saying "they like looking" or that was a flattering comment to my package.

Plus,so i knew they look but you say guys enjoy it too!?

Yeah the circumstances but... I dont think that even the circumstances are appropriate that my country's culture can easily tolerate that.

I mean. I live in a place that everyone hates-envy what he/she doesn't have.

So there will be negative comments when they see it they will even pretend that you are not big even though they know they are half like you
By spermkiss at 19,Jan,19 18:17 other posts of spermkiss 
Men like to look at other men's dicks. ALL men do, not just gay and bisexual men, all men. Don't you? It's a guy thing. That's what I meant when I said "they like looking". You even said that you've noticed friends checking you out.

But now that I've looked over your photos, yes you do have a nice piece of meat so if you wish to take it as a flattering comment on your package you may. Which brings me to whether YOU should wear revealing pants. Yes, you should. A dick like yours should be seen. Go for it, man. Maybe not when you're going to dinner with your family, but other times, yes.

If never been to Greece so I don't know first hand what the culture is like there, but I have been to more than forty other nations. Almost every place I've been I've seen guys who like to show themselves off. Again, It's a guy thing.
By Greek18cm at 20,Jan,19 12:47 other posts of Greek18cm 
Yeah well, even if i am proud of my cock and get lots of flattering comments, although i dont feel very confident when i am flaccid. At least now that i am overweight. Maybe when i be fit again. But right now, when i am not erect,i dont want to be seen

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