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Penis size scale

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Started by Myabsandcock92 at 02,Feb,19 07:59  other posts of Myabsandcock92
Share your thoughts and how you measure up*

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By nekekal at 02,Feb,19 13:34 other posts of nekekal 
The problem with asking women is that most are measurement challenged. I think that in reality the perfect part is shifted to the left. Shorter than what they are claiming. Women only have a lot of nerve endings in the first couple of inches of their cunt. A short fat cock is best for stimulating this area.

But interesting. Doing a quick calculation, my cock is about 18 cm long, 7 1/2 inches, and 16 cm, 6 1/2 inches, around. So i am just out of the perfect area for around, and almost out of the pleasurable region for length.

Experience has told me that my cock is too long. Most cunts are not that deep, but with lube, the diameter works for them. Cunts like to be stretched a bit. Cervixes dont like to be hit. Most women like to fuck with about the front two thirds of my cock. No going balls deep.
By #532695 at 02,Feb,19 21:52
Actually most people are measurement challenged. Ask someone how far it it to that tree over there, they have no idea.
By nekekal at 03,Feb,19 13:47 other posts of nekekal 
True. But a lot of people can tell the difference between 5 inches and 8 inches. but on the other hand a lot of guys have a 5 inch cock and tell everyone that it is 8 inches. So a woman who has been told for years that she is being fucked with an 8 inch cock that is really 6 inches can be forgiven for not knowing.

By Robben at 03,Feb,19 17:58 other posts of Robben 
Isnt the aim Posterior Fornix which is full of sensitive nerve endings? If its stimulated at same time as the clitoris and the g-spot she is almost guaranteed orgasms.
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By nekekal at 04,Feb,19 22:56 other posts of nekekal 
Probably true. The cervix is certainly sensitive. And both the posterior fornix and anterior fornix might be sensitive. I have read that some women report enjoying stimulation of the cervix.

But my cock is arrow straight and the head is the biggest part, unlike the illustration where the cock is curved a bit and the head was smaller. I just dont have the control while fucking to get the head of my cock to move from dead center cervix to the posterior. Given the right position of her body, i can see that it might be possible to not hit the cervix and move off. But it has not happened for me.

Would have been nice. The cock head fills the whole area.

By onthelose at 03,Feb,19 16:08 other posts of onthelose 
The problem as I see it is, most sites like this have a lot of big cocks posted. Which leads the rest of us to surmise that their cock is on the small side. I think that cock sites like this attract men who have no outlet for showing their big cock and this provides them with a venue to brag about something they inherited from their forbearers. All the studies cant be wrong . Most men are in the 5 to 6 inch range. If you are bigger, good for you, but that doesn't mean we are all small. Nekal reflects what many men say on other forums, that most women are hurt by anything bigger then normal. Of course there are some sadists out there who like to inflict pain and receive pain, but they are in the minority. Still many of us want a bigger cock, no rational for it!!!

By #532695 at 02,Feb,19 21:47
My gf like to have me hit her cervix. So my 7-ish is just right for her.

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