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# MY SECRET BLOWJOB GIVING FANTASY EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Started by littlepickle at 25,Feb,19 20:29  other posts of littlepickle
I have to admit a secret fantasy of mine I have had for a long time now. Here goes…… I WANT TO SUCK A REAL MANS COCK FOR 5 HOURS STRAIGHT with the following parameters.

#1 The cock I suck must be bigger than my own.

#2 I suck it for 5 hours straight. No breaks for me.

#3 Everytime you cum I must swallow it with a smile and thank you for it.

#4 You tell me exactly how to suck your cock and balls as I am sucking and I have to follow exact dick sucking orders to a t.

#5 you record ANYTHING for your personal future use as you see fit.

#6 I must say ANYTHING you tell me to say with heavy eye contact.

#7 For one of the 5 hours I must never allow your cock to leave my mouth.

#8 I must pay you $1.00 every minute for the pleasure of sucking your cock.

#9 I of course would PROMISE to suck you off to the BEST of my ability. As if my very own life depended on your blowjob being better than just amazing. And if you discover otherwise by the end of a 5 hour blowjob session from me that it did not meet your expectations, I must suck you off for another hour as punishment at your discretion.

Yes i know its a lot to take in but i really would LOVE TO BE SOMEONES VERY OWN PERSONAL BLOWJOB BITCH. Let me know yalls thoughts and EVERYTHING you think. Looking forward to hearing from you all and maybe even seeing if I can make anything work with one of you here.

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By ForgottenNFallen at 27,Aug,20 09:37 other posts of ForgottenNFallen 
Damn...i could only imagine the day that would ever be
By littlepickle at 31,Mar,21 14:08 other posts of littlepickle 
I am still dieing to suck dick like there is no tomorrow.

By #562635 at 10,Mar,19 00:45
Wish I cud ccum too
By littlepickle at 14,Mar,19 18:16 other posts of littlepickle 
So do I Leftover55.
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you can cum ANYTIME you like.
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By #551147 at 09,Mar,19 03:55
🤔 Hmmmmm Sounds pretty tempting... But, you're waaaaay over there. 😔
By littlepickle at 09,Mar,19 23:36 other posts of littlepickle 
Im glad to hear it. Im sorry you live so far away. Id love to try my oral skills on you.

By littlepickle at 26,Feb,19 20:40 other posts of littlepickle 
Seriously im dieing to try out my skills on someone here. Im salivating just thinking about preforming this.
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I wrote this post over 11 days ago and havent heard as much as a peep out of anyone on here it must be an unusual fantasy but, nevertheless I am still dieing to know what ANYONE thinks out there.
--------------------------------------- added after 13079 hours

Will anyone take me up on some good quality dick sucking in their favor?

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