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What makes a great blowjob ?

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Started by #500544 at 08,Oct,18 14:38
For me it needs to be wet, lots and lots of spit and the person giving it has to be really into. And if they deep throat than that's the cherry on top. What about you, what do you think makes a great blowjob?

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By Greek18cm at 18,May,19 09:02 other posts of Greek18cm 
A good cousin's mouth

By t-rex at 18,May,19 07:56 other posts of t-rex 
I love when a warm mouth wraps around my soft cock, the warm wetness against my soft cock making it grow. The wet lips sucking my balls, sliding back up my cock, nibbling at the head, then swallowing my hard cock slowly. Working up faster and faster. Letting it pop out of their mouth as it flops around, sucking it back in as their hands caress my balls, working faster and faster towards making me cum . Alternating sucking with stroking, feeling my balls tighten, they get ready for my cum, feeling it shooting into their mouth, letting it roll back onto my cock and balls. Taking their time cleaning it all up as I go soft again, my cock still in their mouth, just as it started . Damn, I need a cigarette

By lawrenceo at 18,May,19 07:41 other posts of lawrenceo 
Being allowed to set the pace

By Smoothmann at 18,May,19 06:08 other posts of Smoothmann 
All blow jobs are good for me!

By leopoldij at 08,Oct,18 19:14 other posts of leopoldij 
A great blowjob is an unexpected one.
By DJS at 10,Oct,18 07:48 other posts of DJS 
haha but very true mate

By #584076 at 18,May,19 02:28
Use of the entire face is a big winner in my book!

By teenyweeny4567 at 18,May,19 02:02 other posts of teenyweeny4567 
me doing the blowing

By Greek18cm at 09,Oct,18 15:57 other posts of Greek18cm 
The throat. The must give throat if it fits and teeth. I need teeth to feel eomething

By nekekal at 09,Oct,18 13:52 other posts of nekekal 
It has to be enthusiastic. The sucker needs to act like it is the best cock that they have ever seen and suck it like it is the last cock that they will ever get. It has to be wet, but my cock size has never allowed anyone to get much more than the head in their mouth. But it needs to be sucked, and tongued, and I like some hands on the shaft. Sucking the balls is good too.

By knewbi at 09,Oct,18 13:02 other posts of knewbi 
I love all blow jobs but really enjoy a very wet and sloppy one..

By cmsdude at 08,Oct,18 19:44 other posts of cmsdude 
Has to be deep not just sucking the head

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