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Do any of you guys or girls like to get gang banged?

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Started by charlestoffee at 31,Mar,19 17:24  other posts of charlestoffee
How many guys or girls out there like to be gang banged by groups of horny guys. I absolutely love getting gangbanged

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By SluttySarah069 at 04,Apr,19 19:15 other posts of SluttySarah069 
Love being gabg-banged - I always get this treatment when I go to an adult cinema or a gay sauna.

By cody8789 at 04,Apr,19 00:02 other posts of cody8789 
I want to get gang banged by a group of girls

By Eerect at 02,Apr,19 06:37 other posts of Eerect 
My wife has been gangbanged by 10 guys,I watched the whole thing! She was so empowered with so many men wanting her,she swallowed 10 dick loads of spunky,she then rode my cock anally,I was so turned on and had never spanked so much in my life!Every woman should try it!
By charlestoffee at 02,Apr,19 17:33 other posts of charlestoffee 
Wow. That's brilliant to hear about your wife. She is a lucky girl. It's great to hear that I'm not the only one who absolutely loves getting gangbanged x
By Eerect at 03,Apr,19 07:20 other posts of Eerect 
I think it is definately something many women fantasize aboutbut are too scared to try.My wife have friends who have tried it and they loved it too,of course it is not for everybody,but you never know untill you try it.

By charlestoffee at 31,Mar,19 18:43 other posts of charlestoffee 
That's brilliant. I think it is so horny when a group of guys want to give me their cum loads. The most amount of guys I have ever been gangbanged by is 11 guys. Ouch. Lol. But I loved it sooo much x
By bella! at 31,Mar,19 19:18 other posts of bella! 
Hi there.

If I might make a suggestion, please use the "Reply" option in the lower right corner of the post you are responding to. That way your response goes directly back to the person that initially posted.

By Nevermind at 31,Mar,19 17:54 other posts of Nevermind 
I have been the middle in a fuck circle... Most exhilarating experience of my life... Definitely something I'd like to repeat.

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