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By up-for-it at 29,Mar,21 12:38
Could be, if we were talking about sex i would think so too!

As we were having fun and not chatting about anything sexuual, i had just said something really funny and wanted his reaction, wich didn't come at the time

The conversation went on a couple of days later

And no, i don't know why he stopped, that first time

By up-for-it at 27,Mar,21 04:53
What's weird and what isn't?

Whatever does the trick for you, just enjoy it !

By up-for-it at 27,Mar,21 04:50
Yes, but i always let them know what happenend , when i wake up and realise i was chatting to someone

By up-for-it at 25,Mar,21 13:31
I have fallen asleep a couple of times, so i am guilty of it too !

By up-for-it at 20,Mar,21 21:20
Yes ! It starts to be fun and suddenly it stops and you are left hanging.

By up-for-it at 12,Feb,21 18:50
Being 53 wise and experienced, lol, let me say this !

Married, in a relationship with a man , woman same sex or not !

It happens, sex with your partner isn't that exciting anymore and sex with a same sex or not is more interesteng /exciting.

Go for it !

By up-for-it at 05,Feb,21 17:29
Different times now and different methods but religion used to have the same control over politics here in Europe

It changed and lost most of it's control in Europe, but it's still here and now more effective in America in a different way, but still controlling the crowds

By up-for-it at 05,Feb,21 12:36
It's the same in Euroe !

Faced with a colored mob, shooting starts faster and more bullets are shot.

By up-for-it at 05,Feb,21 12:26
It still is fun, just have to find the right people for you !

By up-for-it at 05,Feb,21 12:20
To me all lives matter; to some my life doesn't matter !

By up-for-it at 05,Feb,21 11:59
I had the chance to tie and whip a man.

It was very pleasant as i knew he enjoyed it too ! Never had that feeling again as a couple of other guys wanted it but stopped me soon as they couldn't take it and i felt i was just starting.

You really have to find the wright partner for BDSM, if you do, it's great for both ! Or more than two !

By up-for-it at 05,Feb,21 11:49
Great answer, thank you !

Climate change has been happening since the world began (how that began is another debate) but we are speeding up the proces with what we have been doing thus not giving nature and us the time to adjust to the change.

Your tips will help to reduce the impact;

One tip from me; if you can grow your own vegetables: no transport needed and it tastes better; and that is personal experience.

By up-for-it at 20,Jan,21 15:31
I was 52 and he was 19

By up-for-it at 30,Jul,20 17:02
I have a medium sized dick and never thought of it as special or of any interest to others so big surprise to me that people would even like my dick, but they do and i still think it is nothing special.

By up-for-it at 16,Jul,20 17:16
I was 50 when that happened

By up-for-it at 03,May,20 12:00
I agree , nothing better than standing in your garden and thinking; what am i going to mix this time !
Even flowers get throown into a salad

Mix the clay ground with compost or potting soil that helps, well it has in my case, easier to work and things grow better

By up-for-it at 03,May,20 08:38
Nice, let's break new records !

By up-for-it at 03,May,20 08:35
Been growing vegetables for years, so that's not new for me, but will be doing that for years to come.

By up-for-it at 02,May,20 11:35
I have been chatting more on sites too, hoping to meet some of those guys in the future !

By up-for-it at 02,May,20 11:33
I bet you were doing that before too !

By up-for-it at 01,May,20 06:58
Funny how fast these things become a habit

By up-for-it at 30,Apr,20 08:24
Replacing the real thing for a while ?

By up-for-it at 29,Apr,20 12:48
I agree, nothing like buying in a shop,whatever it is !

By up-for-it at 27,Apr,20 12:29
Learning to play a new instrument is a popular one, a lot of music will be made in the future

By up-for-it at 25,Apr,20 11:09
I spent the night with a 19 year old guy when i was 53 that was the biggest age gap i experienced

By up-for-it at 28,Mar,20 10:44
It was great, he was a hot guy !

By up-for-it at 27,Mar,20 09:00
Had Hispanic and a an Asian has been teasing me for a while,i'm going to taste his dick too no matter how long i have to wait !

By up-for-it at 24,Mar,20 05:08
I had black cock since then and it didn't taste different eighter, but skin can taste different i noticed that when i kiss or lick guys body.

By up-for-it at 11,Feb,20 04:26
Seems to me you are socialising with the wrong people here. I have enjoyed my chats here very much!

By up-for-it at 07,Feb,20 04:40
I like different kinds of cock. Bigger then mine same size even smaller cut or uncut...makes no difference to me, i like the shape of most cocks.

By up-for-it at 06,Feb,20 08:14
I have commented here before that i hadn't managed to find a friend with benefits.

In the mean time i have found one. A guy who has become a good friend. We chat almost every day, meet up from time to time and always have a good time together.

He has been in a relationship with a man since his early twenty's but always kept having fun with other men. His friend knows about this and is fine with it.

We constantly share the things we do with other guys, and enjoy hearing what the other has done. From time to time we do things together like sauna visits sexparties etc

I had an idea about what a friend with benefits would be, but this has turned out much better.

By up-for-it at 31,Jan,20 10:07
Good story to read !
You are wright, being open minded can lead to new and fun experiences. I sure have done some unexpected things i never thought i would do

By up-for-it at 18,Sep,19 06:24
Yeah i guess that's what it comes down to.

By up-for-it at 18,Sep,19 06:21
Weird , isn't it ?

By up-for-it at 18,Sep,19 06:18
Exactly, that is what a compliment is meant for, to make the other feel good about themselve. Big or small, many have complexes about somethind , and it sure feels nice when some stranger makes a compliment about it.

By up-for-it at 18,Sep,19 06:14
It is a bit crazy, i haven't blacklisted anybody so not sure if it can happen by accident.

By up-for-it at 18,Sep,19 06:12
I used to feel uncomfortable when someone made a compliment and some compliments are formulated in a strange way, but still meant as a compliment.
I would say learn to take any compliment, it makes you feel good about yourself!

By up-for-it at 15,Sep,19 05:54
I guess it still freaks some guys out when they get a compliment from another guy

By up-for-it at 15,Sep,19 05:52
Maybe, you never know !

By up-for-it at 14,Sep,19 13:36
That's what i thought but i have been blocked by gay and straight guys for complimenting on their bodies. Go figure !

By up-for-it at 01,Sep,19 06:35
I knew rimming can make you feel really good but never knew it could lead to an orgasm.

A goal for the future !

By up-for-it at 30,Aug,19 08:27
Yes, exactly, you are already so close, it's rude to ignore it when you are down there !

By up-for-it at 30,Aug,19 08:25
Make sure they are clean,so you don't get a bad taste !
The reactions you get are mostly great, well they keep me going for sure !

By up-for-it at 30,Aug,19 08:19
Both give me pleasure too !

By up-for-it at 30,Aug,19 08:17
A little hairy hole might put some of, that's true, i prefer a smooth ass too,but wont say no to a hairy one

By up-for-it at 28,Aug,19 13:08
My kind of man !

By up-for-it at 26,Aug,19 01:45
February 2018

By up-for-it at 25,Aug,19 05:06
I love that smooth younger arse too, can't get enough of that !

By up-for-it at 24,Aug,19 09:08
I agrre, i wouldn't ask if i didn't know him well, but if i did know him well i would ask.

For me i enjoy the giving as much as i do the receiving,so you would definatly do me a pleasure by letting me rim you, even knowing you won't reciprocate

By up-for-it at 24,Aug,19 02:55
You wouldn't have to ask me,it's a normal part of giving pleasure to a man for me.

I do admit the first time was weird, but once i started and heard his reactions, i didn't think about the weirdness anymore.