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Women, ever just want to talk?

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Started by #572929 at 03,Apr,19 03:53
I know this is a site geared towards sex, voyourism and what not but ladies, you ever just log on and wat to talk without all the sex talk getting in the way?

Don't get me wrong, I'm as horny as the next guy and amd down to masterbate with you and share pictures, but every now and then I want to just chat and learn a little something about you or give you an opportunity to vent.

I'm just a simple artist, a bit of a perv that not only likes to look at pictures of beautiful women, describe how I'm going to rock their world, let them do the same to me, but every now and then I just like to chat it up. Think of it like an electronic cuddle.

Anyone feel the same way?

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New Comment

By #578610 at 08,Apr,19 10:40
I have a new poll,,


By #578610 at 03,Apr,19 14:31
No, I don't. If I wanted to talk about other things with my chat buddies I would look for a Ladies Home Journal type forum. Yes, I do like to carry some conversation with my friends, but, I'm here to show off and sex talk. Any woman that comes here for anything else is not being fair to the other members.
My opinion
By #572929 at 03,Apr,19 14:40
That's fair. Guess I can scratch you off the list then.
By #578610 at 03,Apr,19 15:45
Don't give up so fast. I would exchange pleasentries with you, but, where would the conversation go? The great majority of the men that come to meet me do so by sending me a pic of their cock or stating something like, "I love your tits/pussy/ass", or "I want to fuck your pussy/ass/mouth". Would you suggest I asked him about the weather in his neighborhood?
By #572929 at 03,Apr,19 17:02
I haven't given up. I've said hello to many women on this site so far and I've done so in a way that made them feel special and admired. I'm not afraid of using the words pussy, breasts, tits, boobs but I'll also use words like sexy, desirable, beautiful, amazing, simply stunning and breathtaking to name a few. I just may go about it differently, for example:
I might say Hotpussy, I want to say hello by starting off with a gentle kiss that becomes more passionate as our tongues dance together, then slowly moving down to your soft sensual breasts where I suck and lick those beautiful nipples until they are hard as glass. My hand trembles as I caress that wet gorgeous pussy and and tickle your clit with my tongue I slip my fingers into your pussy and you let out a squeal of delight. My tongue and fingers work in unison until you arch your back and a ripple goes through your body as you have one of the most powerful orgasmic experiences you've had in a long time.
That's how I like to say hello.
By #578610 at 03,Apr,19 17:53
And I would answer, Lollipop, You get me so excited. Feeling your hot breath on my face as your fingers explore the gates to my hidden treasures makes me want to kiss you and caress your lovely cock and jewels. I want to feel your jewels slide back and forth inside that delicate, velvety sack. I love to feel them move from side to side. And my breasts, they burn, lollipop, they burn. They want your hot mouth to take them till they surrender to you, my love.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Then,If you were here Id sit nude on the edge of the bed and ask you to straddle my legs. Id ask you to put your hands behind your head and keep them there. Id pull your dick into my mouth and start going down and up, sucking hard on the up portion.
My left hand would be reaching between your legs towards your ass, two fingers finding its target. They would be doing things to you that you would not tell your best friend.
As I feel your precum starting to flow into my mouth. Hot, creamy, and smooth. I slow down some

and so on,,,
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

But, as you can see, the talk is about sex yet, it's NOT "Lets fuck" "suck my dick" "let me ram your ass" etc,,,
Talk has it's own way of sounding pretty or harsh,,,
By #572929 at 03,Apr,19 18:36

Oh my, she gives as good as she gets. Well played. Standing room only here.
By #578610 at 06,Apr,19 14:37
You left the site

By bella! at 03,Apr,19 14:48 other posts of bella! 
Of course there are women who would enjoy a simple conversation. I think men would want to question a "woman" who projects herself as being an online whore or slut and seems only interested in receiving cock pics or tributes. Just my guess, that "woman" is not a woman.
By #578610 at 03,Apr,19 17:58
By bella! at 03,Apr,19 18:03 other posts of bella! 
Are you in one of you "happy moods"?
By #578610 at 03,Apr,19 18:12
My sweet lady, I'm always in a happy mood, even when I'm sparring with you and others. The rants and raves of a "bat shit crazy" are as much a put on on you guys as they are a release for me. Today, though, I'm off and listening to some good, early Chuck Berry while my jar of Mimosas keeps going down. Sweetie, if you repeat it I'll deny it, but, most of the time you are all right.
By Whoknows at 03,Apr,19 18:15 other posts of Whoknows 

By #572929 at 03,Apr,19 14:46
Listen, maybe I'm just old fashioned but I like to start out a little slow and say "Hello, how are you today?" and not "I want to jump in that pussy and lick it and pound it, oh and hello."
I'm on this site to share and talk sex as well, I wouldn't have pictures of my dick on my profile if I wasn't, but I'm more than just a penis. I have a brain and like to converse. Not enough sex talk, some might need this translated for them.
By #578610 at 03,Apr,19 15:56
G,,there's another post here by a member that can't comprehend why a woman member might want to project herself as a slutty whore. I am such a woman and I'm very popular. Men have never, ever questioned it. On the contrary, they get excited and play for hours. There are women on site that don't like getting unsolicited pics of cocks or talking "dirty". Ok, to each her own, but, I'll bet you won't find many. If you take a look at my page, you'll see several tributes and out of the hundreds upon hundreds that men have made for me, not one is on my pages. ALL tributes were made by me for my chat buddies at THEIR request because they thought it is an honor to appear on my pages. So, maybe, sex might be very popular
--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

That same woman on the other post has a page with a cat and a shriveled tit. My page has nothing but me except for 2 or 3 funny pics. You decide whom is real.

By decatur212 at 03,Apr,19 03:58 other posts of decatur212 
Very Nice one, mate Ladies check Him out

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