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Question for all: Skin pulled back or covering?

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Started by JohnJax at 28,Apr,19 18:41  other posts of JohnJax
What looks better?


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By Plexus at 30,Apr,19 00:40 other posts of Plexus 

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Pulled back or forward works for me..

By Immergeil at 30,Apr,19 00:34 other posts of Immergeil 
Both look good

By 3fdfd at 29,Apr,19 17:10 other posts of 3fdfd 
A guy I know is cut but was left with so much foreskin you can move it around, cover his cockhead, whatever with his skin

By Cutcocklover at 29,Apr,19 16:51 other posts of Cutcocklover 
I personally love to stroke lick and suck circumcised cock and love to look at cut cock..but if the cock is uncut then definitely skinned back as far as it will go.. I find it very sexy and erotic for uncut guys to wear their foreskin permanently retracted

By stroker11 at 29,Apr,19 05:34 other posts of stroker11 
Skin on, skin off seems to work quite well...when done rapidly!

By cutroundhead at 29,Apr,19 03:43 other posts of cutroundhead 
It's an impressive cock and I like the hooded hard-on with just the tip of your knob showing

By Smoothmann at 28,Apr,19 19:07 other posts of Smoothmann 
I like it pulled back!

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