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Breaking Wind

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Started by Joolz at 09,Jun,19 14:58  other posts of Joolz
What do you do if your partner breaks wind whilst giving head....69 position.

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New Comment

By mr_blue at 10,Jun,19 07:00 other posts of mr_blue 
This should be a question in sex education classes

To answer the question,turn on the fan

By cody8789 at 10,Jun,19 00:11 other posts of cody8789 
Hope you don't pass out, you might wake up with a sore ass
By Joolz at 10,Jun,19 06:33 other posts of Joolz 
Not the first time I've woken up with a sore ass (not a donkey breed)

By Smoothmann at 09,Jun,19 19:36 other posts of Smoothmann 
Hold your nose!!!
By Joolz at 10,Jun,19 06:31 other posts of Joolz 
Put your nose in her fanny until the danger has passed...don't know what you'd do if you were sucking a bloke off??

By ttonio at 10,Jun,19 06:30 other posts of ttonio 

By Silverfur at 10,Jun,19 00:39 other posts of Silverfur 
Tell him or her that I am not hanging around down there for the next 68
By Joolz at 10,Jun,19 06:28 other posts of Joolz 
The old jokes are always the best

By phart at 09,Jun,19 16:03 other posts of phart 
Depends on what I cooked for her supper and how far along we are as to her fixin to orgasm.If I cooked beans and cornbread and we just got started,we both would stop and get for fresh air.If close to completion,we would tough it out and then cough and open the door and turn on afan.
By Joolz at 09,Jun,19 17:21 other posts of Joolz 
I like the tough it out route......but a good eggy fart would se me off

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