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By mr_blue at 28,Sep,20 15:55
Do you feel the same way about ch1ld beauty pageants in America?

By mr_blue at 17,Sep,20 22:19

By mr_blue at 24,Aug,20 21:40
I read that on the fox news website,the story was buried quite far down the page.

Elder abuse who is this 'they' that you speak of...?

Seems to me you've got a lot of elders flinging shit in America...

By mr_blue at 24,Aug,20 15:36
problems will still be here,we will just have less guns....
At least if you get stabbed with a spoon here,you can just go to the hospital without insurance..

By mr_blue at 23,Aug,20 18:21
“All he wants to do is appeal to his base. He has no principles,"

By mr_blue at 24,Jul,20 08:48
I remember when people could handle a joke.

I remember when people actually backed up what they say, rather than be one thing in public and another in private.

I remember when people actually believed in stuff rather than just hopping on the next thing to be included in for a fear of missing out.

By mr_blue at 16,Jul,20 18:57
did anyone talk to him off-site ? He's been a part of this place for ages!!

By mr_blue at 17,May,20 05:16
No, I'm you, you are me......but I don't know anymore,maybe I'm fake,and I don't exist...

I do know some people need to stay off certain substances before they come on here...
Place is starting to get like infowars... conspiracy on conspiracy...

By mr_blue at 13,May,20 13:22
If it can push buttons,it probably has an equivalent skill level too

By mr_blue at 13,May,20 09:27
I didn't know they measured the intelligence quotient by dicks!!! Thanks for the info

Everyone is a troll on the net at some point...

My comment here is just an example...

By mr_blue at 06,May,20 14:48
Sounds like a sun halo...

By mr_blue at 05,May,20 09:54
Problem solved then if three people believe she's genuine,she's verified..... I'm still not convinced...
So no verification from me.....

By mr_blue at 02,May,20 22:55
He should post a verification pic....not hard for real people to do.....

By mr_blue at 02,May,20 22:54
Panel is ok ,not everyone is going to agree on what is acceptable,panel is set up to reach a limit for votes to keep/delete a member anyway....some reports go quickly....

By mr_blue at 01,May,20 17:55
Funny how many "women" have pics on other sites but struggle to write on a post it note and post a verification pic for this place though...

Just a username is nothing,cuz it doesn't show where it's for..
Needs this sites name on it somewhere...

By mr_blue at 01,May,20 16:29 many verified members here have a proof pic on their page that just has their username on it?
There's a few,they haven't put any of these sites(Syd/syc/SIO) name on it....
Or shown different verification pics....
The burden of proof is less for some...

By mr_blue at 01,May,20 16:19
people use the verification pics from other sites to get themselves verified here....most of them have come from Tumblr/reddit...

By mr_blue at 29,Apr,20 18:31
Chuck Norris has corona virus,the virus has gone into quarantine...

By mr_blue at 22,Apr,20 03:21
With this Corona virus,Do you think Jehovah witnesses knock the door still?
Cuz it's gotta be the one time they know someone has to be home!?

By mr_blue at 21,Apr,20 13:19
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

By mr_blue at 16,Apr,20 12:34
Kennedy started it,with Barney the dinosaur in their magical castle made from soros' cash...
And did you know tik tok is Chinese yet people still use it and 5g but are not blaming tik tok for covid-19.

By mr_blue at 14,Apr,20 13:17
all those lesbians want tributes from dudes

By mr_blue at 11,Apr,20 10:58
half dollar = ? and I did put 'rapper'
I guess it's part of the fun to see how people see a clue,I wouldn't have thought of the dead Kennedys tbh..

By mr_blue at 11,Apr,20 10:51

By mr_blue at 11,Apr,20 09:28

By mr_blue at 10,Apr,20 20:12

By mr_blue at 10,Apr,20 20:11

By mr_blue at 09,Apr,20 19:28
I'll post some more

By mr_blue at 09,Apr,20 19:20

By mr_blue at 09,Apr,20 19:19
Fake news

By mr_blue at 09,Apr,20 19:18
Search the members list

By mr_blue at 09,Apr,20 17:48

By mr_blue at 09,Apr,20 17:42
Band -

By mr_blue at 06,Apr,20 12:48

By mr_blue at 06,Apr,20 12:35
Yes,I understand why you did it,but sometimes simple solutions work better....

Fakes have taken over this when real women do turn up,they get abuse, I have suggested repeatedly to have a standard verification page for all members,you dismiss that and say it's up to the members to decide if someone is real..

So I have to assess if members are fake, I cannot do that if have been blacklisted and cannot view the if a fake bans me before I have seen their pics,as a few have done,cuz it's probably the same person behind those fake accounts, I cannot do anything.

By mr_blue at 05,Apr,20 23:38
Admin has added a report link to the blacklisting page.

I can't provide proof of a members pics being from the web if I can't visit the can I search the pics ,unless I've downloaded them?

Ok having a link to the report page,but what am I reporting?if it's a pic, people need to see what pics I'm reporting on...and not just me going "fake" and expecting others do check the pics themselves..

Just easier the way it was before,get blacklisted,you can still view the page but you can't comment etc....

By mr_blue at 04,Apr,20 18:04
Yes I can see when a member is reported to the panel,but I cannot report a member who has banned me....

I can't visit their page to click on a pic or use the report button to report them myself....

By mr_blue at 04,Apr,20 12:14
Not everyone loves to tastes the rainbow Just makes me giggle really....fakes banning me,and I can't report them.....

By mr_blue at 04,Apr,20 11:56
I just looked at my 'why' section,
Being a friend of a deleted member is a funny one...

By mr_blue at 28,Mar,20 12:48
It's TV.... it's an act.... people sign up to these shows knowing what's going to happen....

Otherwise these people would just sue him wouldn't they,why film someone bullying another person?
Ok to to say your food isn't up to standard,but I know for if he spoke to any chef I have worked with like that,he would get decked...

By mr_blue at 28,Mar,20 11:42
why's that ?

By mr_blue at 27,Mar,20 01:16
Are people still going to use Amazon once their workers get sick ? How do you disinfect some of these places ?

By mr_blue at 23,Mar,20 13:57
I'm gandalf the blue, skittles....
I know I'm a cunt,I own it....

By mr_blue at 23,Mar,20 12:03
Council is just a name for the state local authority...

By mr_blue at 21,Mar,20 10:50
It's all fucked up.....yes it's a flu,but it's highly contagious....and cuz the media just keep repeating the cycle of crap,people get fatigued by what they hear,so start to dismiss it as overreacting....and ignore it...

I'm already fed up of hearing about some celebrity on self isolation, you're a celebrity,you do nothing anyway,or a job a ten year old could do...

There's people licking shopping carts and door handles out there, fucking weird ..take some wipes people....

By mr_blue at 21,Mar,20 00:41
Everywhere has gone bonkers.....
Supply chains will slow down to essentials soon,cuz most countries are restricting movement of people....

Find those car parts early.... you'll probably be taking payments in toilet paper soon

By mr_blue at 21,Mar,20 00:28
I'd rather just be able to report them to the panel...
At least to let the members have their say....

Then other members can see the fakes themselves..

I could list quite a few in the forum just for the giggle....but some guys are just so horned up,they chase that perfect fantasy,I don't want to ruin their fun,cuz fake is what people want,as in fantasy,they don't want real...

By mr_blue at 20,Mar,20 23:06

By mr_blue at 20,Mar,20 22:30
Yep,been like that for a while now....

Generally a female account with hundreds of points,that plays the domination game...
Even better is the fact you can't report a member who has blacklisted you,so I have two members who have blacklisted me who have web pics,and I can't report them....

By mr_blue at 20,Mar,20 18:53
Well, I've cleaned the spiders,drummed my windows and started farming simulator six... I've ploughed six fields of virtual crops to feed no one