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By mr_blue at 28,Mar,20 12:48
It's TV.... it's an act.... people sign up to these shows knowing what's going to happen....

Otherwise these people would just sue him wouldn't they,why film someone bullying another person?
Ok to to say your food isn't up to standard,but I know for if he spoke to any chef I have worked with like that,he would get decked...

By mr_blue at 28,Mar,20 11:42
why's that ?

By mr_blue at 27,Mar,20 01:16
Are people still going to use Amazon once their workers get sick ? How do you disinfect some of these places ?

By mr_blue at 23,Mar,20 13:57
I'm gandalf the blue, skittles....
I know I'm a cunt,I own it....

By mr_blue at 23,Mar,20 12:03
Council is just a name for the state local authority...

By mr_blue at 21,Mar,20 10:50
It's all fucked up.....yes it's a flu,but it's highly contagious....and cuz the media just keep repeating the cycle of crap,people get fatigued by what they hear,so start to dismiss it as overreacting....and ignore it...

I'm already fed up of hearing about some celebrity on self isolation, you're a celebrity,you do nothing anyway,or a job a ten year old could do...

There's people licking shopping carts and door handles out there, fucking weird ..take some wipes people....

By mr_blue at 21,Mar,20 00:41
Everywhere has gone bonkers.....
Supply chains will slow down to essentials soon,cuz most countries are restricting movement of people....

Find those car parts early.... you'll probably be taking payments in toilet paper soon

By mr_blue at 21,Mar,20 00:28
I'd rather just be able to report them to the panel...
At least to let the members have their say....

Then other members can see the fakes themselves..

I could list quite a few in the forum just for the giggle....but some guys are just so horned up,they chase that perfect fantasy,I don't want to ruin their fun,cuz fake is what people want,as in fantasy,they don't want real...

By mr_blue at 20,Mar,20 23:06

By mr_blue at 20,Mar,20 22:30
Yep,been like that for a while now....

Generally a female account with hundreds of points,that plays the domination game...
Even better is the fact you can't report a member who has blacklisted you,so I have two members who have blacklisted me who have web pics,and I can't report them....

By mr_blue at 20,Mar,20 18:53
Well, I've cleaned the spiders,drummed my windows and started farming simulator six... I've ploughed six fields of virtual crops to feed no one

By mr_blue at 19,Mar,20 18:15

By mr_blue at 19,Mar,20 14:14
Stop eating bats
Take your temperature
And if you are seriously ill,clear your browser history...

By mr_blue at 19,Mar,20 03:24
only registered users can see external links

By mr_blue at 17,Mar,20 19:29

What are the plastic bags made from? Oil plastic or bio plastics
What's really left in the meat juice ?

Just wondering

By mr_blue at 16,Mar,20 13:14
This is for admin, normally I would pm you,but this needs to be public.....

Wtf is up with verified members losing their verification privilege? I know if you verify a fake and that account is deleted,those who verified that account lose verification rights...

But those people didn't verify a fake....that member was deleted by the panel for shit reasons,and even better four of those accounts have no verification of their own.

So basically verification doesn't mean shit....cuz those without it can delete a verified member....

Taking a screenshot is not grounds for deletion.....
One of the panel who voted to delete has screenshots are those who voted to delete gonna vote to delete themselves...?

Admin,can you sort this out please?

By mr_blue at 08,Mar,20 18:41
For a lot of people the USA is a broken mess without hope or prosperity.... that's the thing with playing partisan politics all the time, it's a blame game...

Bernie is a democratic socialist, he's always been Bernie,he actually believes in what he says.... whether you agree with him or not, that's your right... don't like him,you can vote for the other person up against him...

How would you pay for new schools/infrastructure etc without high taxes ?
Cuz American national debt has risen under trump just like most other presidents,that means in the future that money has to be taken from another part of federal money to pay for it..

The debt keeps rising,so America is getting fucked by people not paying taxes, getting easy credit, faking bankruptcy,off shoring profits,etc..... same the world over now, it's the normal behaviour...

Ok to say the country is more wealthy,but if that money is only going to the top,most Americans are getting fucked aren't they?

By mr_blue at 08,Mar,20 18:08
Happy international women's day

By mr_blue at 08,Mar,20 18:06
Oh the conspiracy,I bet Soros is behind it all, just like the Koch brothers do everything for the republicans

By mr_blue at 08,Mar,20 17:57
Trump derangement syndrome or as it was called before that Obama derangement syndrome

By mr_blue at 06,Mar,20 13:00
Just grab her by the pussy and tell her not to be like trump (sarcasm btw)

By mr_blue at 06,Mar,20 00:41
crazy world,who have thought they made skittles with no colour,but it happens

By mr_blue at 04,Mar,20 15:09
It's his money,he can waste it on whatever he likes...
Why should he pay for others misfortune of not being a billionaire ?
America loves rich people,and think that because they are rich,they can sort out the ills of the country....
Bloomberg was never going to win,the bankers won't allow it...

It's gonna be Biden v trump I reckon cuz Bernie is gonna get fucked by democrats..

By mr_blue at 04,Mar,20 14:24
Looks like Sanders v Biden

By mr_blue at 03,Mar,20 20:01
I can't tell if you have corona virus or if you forgot to take your meds!

By mr_blue at 03,Mar,20 15:29
That's the media for you....while everyone is going on about what trump has said about whatever.....other stuff happens..
Real journalism costs money.....lot easier to make comments about trump for clickbait,rather than do real reporting.

By mr_blue at 01,Mar,20 14:52
what's corona virus covering up then ?

By mr_blue at 29,Feb,20 18:36
Anyone notice the Harvey Weinstein stuff?
Or has Corona virus talk buried that news!!!

And are people really believing that Corona beer causes a virus ?!!

By mr_blue at 27,Feb,20 14:26
Weller is so underrated.....

By mr_blue at 22,Feb,20 11:23
Who said that?

By mr_blue at 20,Feb,20 16:59
Do you go to bed with your big pistol ?

By mr_blue at 18,Feb,20 12:56
Have you seen how some people are verified ?
If there's no proof pics on the page ,why do people verify without any proof....

By mr_blue at 14,Feb,20 06:45
Pretty sure both Sweden and Norway have military, pretty sure Norway had a big role in ww2 and were founding members of NATO....and still has conscription....

By mr_blue at 26,Jan,20 23:25
To the Aussies,happy 'straya day cunts

By mr_blue at 26,Jan,20 22:58
RIP Kobe Bryant

By mr_blue at 18,Jan,20 19:33
Black pudding, bl00d sausage.... basically pigs bl00d mixed with oats/cereals to make a sausage...

Puddings/desserts I use both....

And if you're talking about ice cream,I would call that a dessert...

By mr_blue at 18,Jan,20 17:22
Pudding used to be a savoury thing(black pudding etc)...and when meat was cooked on a spit, rather than waste the juices,they would put a tray of batter underneath and let the hot fat drip to flavour and cook it....
It was called a dripping pudding,I guess Yorkshire made the best ones,so the name stuck.....

By mr_blue at 17,Jan,20 08:33
How are the Canadians feeling about Meghan and Harry just rocking up to their shores ?

Isn't there some sort of immigration request needed?

Why didn't they move to California, isn't that where she's from ?oops,I forgot he's ginger, he'll burn...

By mr_blue at 16,Jan,20 11:36
They're not straight guys if they are fucking or sucking guys just saying

By mr_blue at 16,Jan,20 11:35
Site membership has probably dropped off quite a bit since the views will be lower

By mr_blue at 16,Jan,20 10:36
that's gotta be good going for a pic over five days....
I wonder how many pics have over 3000 views!!?

By mr_blue at 14,Jan,20 18:52
Watched the Irishman...if you like Scorsese, you'll like it...

By mr_blue at 14,Jan,20 01:09
“It’s a blend of geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed that puts us in mind of fantasy, seduction, and a sophisticated warmth.”.

the scent of celebrity cunt

By mr_blue at 14,Jan,20 00:50

By mr_blue at 13,Jan,20 16:08
I understood what was going on in Endgame,I just have questions that need answers, I'm not a fanboy,but I can see holes in the story.....

By mr_blue at 13,Jan,20 16:03
I haven't seen it...

By mr_blue at 13,Jan,20 16:02
I watched that too

By mr_blue at 13,Jan,20 16:01
When I didn't feel like Hillary Clinton

By mr_blue at 04,Jan,20 17:14
Yeah, I know, just yanking your chain....not feeling my humour today then

By mr_blue at 04,Jan,20 16:53
No worries....

If I was to overthink your post,I would say something like "you rarely post outside of your own threads,so what's happening?"

Maybe it's simpler to just say, I remember when people picked up the chocolate dog nuggets their pet deposited on a footpath etc

And as a former dog owner,I always picked up the poop if he took a need to dump.... wouldn't want some k1d to get excited and think it was something to put in its mouth....

So I'm talking shit literally and figuratively