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Started by devante at 30,Oct,19 05:12  other posts of devante
Recently i often find myself dreaming of an old friend of mine who i dont have contact with anymore. When we were around 15yrs old we regularly went swimming in his backyard pool with a group of friends.

I dreamt that we decided to go in the house to put on some clothes. Just the two of us went in and went upstairs. Like boys do we joked and wrestled a bit, till suddenly we were face to face. For a moment it was like time stood still. We sniffed and smelled each other while our mouths started to search each other. It was inevitable that we kiss. First some kisses on the mouth, then our tongues went in for a deep passionate kiss while i grabbed his white slim ass and he grabbed mine.

While we didnt exchange a word he lowered his swimming shorts and stepped into the steamy shower. To my surprise he had this thick semi hard white cock in front of me. He looked at me and i couldnt resist to put my hand around it. It was so big and thick, i began to pull it which it made him grow even bigger. The adrenalin was raging through my body, wanting to suck it, feel his tongue inside my mouth and see where it would take us. Suddenly i woke up with this throbbing boner

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By earthy at 08,Jul,20 12:46 other posts of earthy 
I sometimes have erotic dreams, although not nearly enough. They are usually kind of erratic and disjointed though. And pretty weird from what I can remember.

By overeight at 08,Jul,20 12:01 other posts of overeight 
Well I've not really been one to have very memorable dreams very often. However I did have this one woman in my past that I had the most incredible attraction for. We lived together for awhile and getting to know her as good as I did really made me desire her very deeply. We never did have a real sexual experience other than once we had a very sexually charged night where she caught me masturbating and watched me and got excited herself and then I caught her once she got very excited. But we still didn't have sex. We did care a lot about each other but we never moved to the point of actually having sex. That was 20 years ago but still from time to time I awake having a dream where she and I are engaged in a very heated passionate bout that is very erotic and we are both completely open and honest and very expressive with one another. Shortly after we parted ways as rookies I met my wife and I've only seen her once since we lived together. But in my dreams its like we were never apart. I dream that we run into one another and admit that we made such a mistake by not acting on the attraction we had for each other back then. In my dream we are so honest and so passionate with each other it would make a x not xxx but an x rated movie. Not phonographic but just so hot and passionate that we both feel so completely at ease with each other we are just so open and non restricted with our desires. I often wonder after waking up if we ran into each other and started pursing a relationship if it could possibly be that way in real life. We are both now 20 years older and I know being married for so long that I learned alot that I feel would have really made me a lot more receptive to her and things that she desired back when we lived together. I do honest wish we could just bump into each other someday soon and have a nice open honest conversation and bring back memories we had together both good and bad and see if things might turn out a little different now.

By everett at 04,Jul,20 21:07 other posts of everett 
me dream of lots but i cant say on here

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