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How did you feel the first time you cummed and how did it happen

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Started by Cumforme at 25,Jan,20 19:28  other posts of Cumforme
Been a late starter I was always memorized by my own cock and looking at others in the showers when I was younger. when I was 11 while I was rollerblading in the Park met up with older guy started to talk to me and asked me if I wanted to see something interesting. So went to a remote area where took out his cock which got very hard and pulled the fore skin back and forth Could not believe the size of it . While he was doing this he as me to show him mine which I did which was so small but he touched giving me a good feeling when he shot this white stuff out . Had no idea what . Had a few other encounters the next couple of years of similar and even getting fucked which I know was wrong for him to do but I liked it. Was when I was 15 I got my special moment my first wer cum and boy was it good He grabbed my cock getting it hard but unlike the others he kept going at mine . A couple of minutes before I this powerful felling that I wanted to pee but felt this was different . I informed him I was good by to pee but he stroked my cock harder till I got this incredible pleasure Rush and felt something shooting out of cock being dark had no idea . But dam did I let out a moan and kept saying do not stop till it became so sensitive I had to push his hand away . Will never forget that first time as a horny 15 year old late starter

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By Lvphose at 11,Feb,20 23:22 other posts of Lvphose 
Cumming of age in the 1960s (pun intended) I grew up where women & girls wore nylons then pantyhose when they came out! I found out I really developed a desire, fetish if you will! When a neighborhood friend & family would take summer vacation they asked me to care for their dog, so Id feed it, let it out several times a day. One day I started looking in his moms drawer a found some pantyhose of hers. First I got naked & layed on the bed. First Id just dangle them so the softy touched my cock & balls. I then put my hand in the legging to the foot & started rubbing my cock & boom there was my first ejaculation age 11-12 ish. The next day I put them on and rubbed cock in the pantyhose encased nylons of the panty part oh her pantyhose & boom ejaculated in her pantyhose I remember how the fluid made the nylon fibers shine. From then on Ive had a stocking/nylon/pantyhose fetish!

By Robb44 at 10,Feb,20 23:16 other posts of Robb44 
I jizzed for the first time when I was 12 years old. Me and my mates would wank in the shed behind my house,was very surprised by the mess so I started wanking with a condom on.🌙

By DickTurpin at 06,Feb,20 17:41 other posts of DickTurpin 
When i was about 12/13. Recently we had found porn mags and looking at them had made me hard, but didn't do anything about it. One night when everyone was out i decided i had to try what i knew you should do from seeing those hard cocks in the mags, so i got my cock erect and just naturally started rubbing it. It felt so good, i did it slow, then faster, pulling my foreskin back and forth. I started to get an unbelievable feeling in my stomach, like butterflies. I couldn't stop rubbing my cock, it was like waves of ecstasy flooding through my cock. It started to twitch and i got nervous, i wasn't sure what would happen. I could tell it was building to something special, the waves grew more and more, my stomach got tighter and tighter, more butterflies. I kept gently rubbing my penis up and down the shaft. The head of my cock felt hot to touch, it was pure wonderfulness. Then it happened. The waves grew so powerful, my cock started to twitch naturally then jerked up and down a bit and loads of sticky, whiteish fluid started to pump out of the end of my cock. I looked down and saw all of this cum all over the place and running down my shaft. I was exhausted. I did it again the following night.

By Wipperman at 30,Jan,20 09:58 other posts of Wipperman 
I remember my first orgasm at 12 i was playing with my cock on the sofa at home mum and dad were out but something made me carry on then this sensation started and I just kept going I couldnt stop I remember to this day it was the most wonderful feeling my whole body was shaking in extesy towards the end of this most wonderful finding in my body but the orgasm was dry then I did it again and again then the white fluid started to come out wow it was fantastic and Im still doing it to this day and always have fantastic orgasms , but always wish I could experience that first time again it is unforgettable

By #592885 at 29,Jan,20 16:33
I was 12 and had gone to my aunts house to hang with my cousins at their little ranch. When I got there I found that nobody was home except for her live in ranch hand. He told me that they would be home shortly and if I wanted to watch tv with him I said ok and we went into his room. while watching I felt his hand start rubbing the back of my leg and I did nothing to stop him so he got blder and started rubbing my dick through my pants. It felt good and I still did not stop him and he had me stand up and took my pants down and started to play with my dick which was hard. He laid me on his bed and licked my dick which got me harder. He then dropped his pants and laid next to me and turned his back to me and reached over and guided my dick into his ass. It felt wonderful as my dick went into him and for some reason I started to push in and out. After a bit I felt like I was going to pee but it felt so good that I did not stop and soon felt something coming out of my dick and into his ass. After a bit I had to stop as I got real sensitive. After I pulled out I did reach over and I put my hand on his cock and found it was covered with a white sticky substance. I asked what it was and he explained it all to me. After about fifteen minutes he showed me how to jack off and whdn I shot a white cream out of my dick it scared the crap out of me. He said it was normal and it was called cum. that was my first time cumming. Three years later I got to suck my first cock and swallow the hot cum.

By biggripper1 at 28,Jan,20 09:11 other posts of biggripper1 
When I was 12 years old this guy of mid 20's stripped me naked. I was so scared and embarresed as never had anyone seen me like this. He held me down lying across my chest and started to play with my cock. I couldn't see what he was doing but obviously felt his hand and the feeling through my cock. I had never cum and did not understand what my cock was for apart for going to the toilet. I was very nave at that age. I felt this feeling happening and was so embarresed when I spurted. He did this for many years and I think he must have sucked me off as well but again wasn't sure about what happened except I knew my cock and body liked it. He also showed me his cock but I did not like it as I was to realise later his was cut and looked odd, now I know better. He did try to get me to suck his but again I refused so never saw his again. This went on until I was around 16 and I think there is a polaroid of me going around . I would love to see it but haven't a clue where he is or if picture is still around.

By LGA6969 at 26,Jan,20 18:21 other posts of LGA6969 
It was when I was in 8th grade . Was hanging out with the neighbor friend. We were in the same grade. We we in his garage fixing his bike. One thing led to another and he shut the overhead door.. He asked me if I wanted to see his dick and I said yes. He pulled down his pants and his dick was hard. Then he unzipped. Mine and started to pull it hard soon I was hard to. He asked me if I ever sucked one and I said no . He then started to suck mine I began to moan then he kept jerking it alternating sucking and jerking. I was getting week at the knees and it felt like I was goi g to fall over. He kept jerking me off til I came all over his shirt . It was such a great feeling.

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