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Are your nipples wired 10,Feb,21 09:04


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By LGA6969 at 24,Feb,21 09:07
It looks like a beauty

By LGA6969 at 23,Feb,21 17:30
I am an insatiable one

By LGA6969 at 22,Feb,21 09:31
I was 12 or 13 my friend . We were in his garage messing around and he asked if I wanted to suck his dick. I said I would he pulled his pants down and I started to suck. Not sure at first I knew what I was doing, but I got the hang of it in no time. He didn’t cum but got real hard . His dick stood straight up. Later other times he sucked mine. And we played more from time to time. It was fun and I loved cock ever since.

By LGA6969 at 19,Feb,21 15:57

When I am fully erect it’s usually pointing straight up bouncing off my stomach. Lol

By LGA6969 at 19,Feb,21 15:54
Doggy or 69

By LGA6969 at 16,Feb,21 16:05

A few years back now naturally hary

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By LGA6969 at 15,Feb,21 09:20
Sometimes I eat it if I am in the mood other times I usually keep a cum rag near by or a box of tissues

By LGA6969 at 15,Feb,21 09:18
For me about 12 or 13 I have been a big precummer since

By LGA6969 at 14,Feb,21 09:13
10” BBC

By LGA6969 at 13,Feb,21 17:45
When I was 12-13 I went to bed naked and decided to hump my pillow I went at it for quite awhile and after getting aAll worked up I came all over. I had to hurry up the next morning and wash my sheets. I did not want anyone in my family to see the dried sticky mess.

By LGA6969 at 13,Feb,21 17:42
Cum is fun

By LGA6969 at 12,Feb,21 16:50
Because most men love dick

By LGA6969 at 12,Feb,21 16:47
Tried that it works much better on your dick

By LGA6969 at 05,Feb,21 17:44
Straight guys give good head

By LGA6969 at 05,Feb,21 17:42
Yes. No wife didn’t know. There are a lot of married men who don’t get sex at home anymore. A lot of them seek man sex and I am happy to oblige

By LGA6969 at 04,Feb,21 15:48
I know what you mean when I was younger I had to use lube to masturbate. Now I am older and find it looser so I am able to jerk off with no lube.

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By LGA6969 at 29,Jan,21 19:07
Yes especially in front of a mirror. I am good at white washing it

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By LGA6969 at 27,Jan,21 17:18
I have a lot of erotic dreams and they always involve sucking dick

By LGA6969 at 25,Jan,21 20:21
Tight ones where I can get a good look at their bulge

By LGA6969 at 22,Jan,21 09:17
63 yrs old

By LGA6969 at 21,Jan,21 16:04
That’s a beauty

By LGA6969 at 17,Jan,21 09:11
No but would have liked to see anyone who shares the same fetish

By LGA6969 at 13,Jan,21 16:08
As long as it takes to get the “Creamy Reward”

By LGA6969 at 06,Jan,21 17:40
A big swollen mushroom head on it

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By LGA6969 at 05,Jan,21 10:29
I like wanking in front of a mirror. It’s such a turn on to see my facial expressions when I orgasm

By LGA6969 at 03,Jan,21 15:28
I shave down there once in awhile. To high maintenance most of the time

By LGA6969 at 02,Jan,21 17:31
Huge underwear fetish here. Have over 120 pair. All kinds.... you name it I have it, briefs, boxers, trunks,, boxer briefs, thong, jock straps ass out, crotch out. I love em all. Like swapping them to.

By LGA6969 at 30,Dec,20 15:01
It was my dad by accident . I was naked in my room and decided to lay on my bed and throw my legs over my head and jerk off and cum in my mouth. Well as I was going at it for awhile I did cum and at that point while ejaculating into my mouth my dad walked into my bedroom because I forgot to lock my bedroom door. I thought I was in trouble but he laughed and walked out. Later he laughed and said nice shot

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I like going commando especially in summer.

By LGA6969 at 13,Dec,20 16:50
When you eat healthy your cum will taste sweeter and less salty tasting

By LGA6969 at 11,Dec,20 17:22
My dad had a big dick and balls. Me just avg

By LGA6969 at 10,Dec,20 15:42
If you eat healthy it taste good

By LGA6969 at 08,Dec,20 15:39
Very thick girth

By LGA6969 at 07,Dec,20 14:55
The bigger the better

By LGA6969 at 05,Dec,20 16:20
I think so

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By LGA6969 at 05,Dec,20 15:58
I am 63 and it all works good I can still get it up with no problem

By LGA6969 at 04,Dec,20 19:58
Nice view

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By LGA6969 at 04,Dec,20 19:53
The above pics of my asshole

By LGA6969 at 04,Dec,20 16:51
I like a good lickin once In awhile

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