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Firefox wont open SYD

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Started by Andthisisme at 22,May,20 08:48  other posts of Andthisisme
I have been using Firefox for many years on my laptops to view SYD but yesterday my latest laptop gave up the ghost.
Now on my desktop for some reason when I try to log in to SYD, the login page just refreshes. It is not a problem with my AV software as Chrome and Edge work fine.
I have looked online and tried all the suggestions.

Does anyone know what the magic bullet is to get Firefox to allow me into SYD, as it always has on my laptops? What setting am I missing? I have the very latest incarnation of Firefox.

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By admin at 22,May,20 09:24 other posts of admin 
Try deleting site-related cookies from firefox and then logging in. It's really a mystery for me. I use firefox as my primary browser and indeed I would notice if it was not working right with this site. Login page does not refresh, if you are seeing this behaviour it means your authorisation starts but the system detects that your time of login stored in current session is older than time of your last logout so it assumes the session was stolen or broken and forces you to login again. This can't be possible if sessions are working right.
By Andthisisme at 22,May,20 10:10 other posts of Andthisisme 
Thanks for the reply. I have done that, The mystery is that I have used Firefox for years on my laptops and on this desktop. I am sure I have logged in to SYD on my desktop previously. I wonder if this is an issue as I have just updated Firefox, but then why only me?
I shall persevere other adult sites open no problem.

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