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Story of the First Massive "Professional" Cock I've Ever Seen

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Started by #525977 at 28,Oct,20 16:12
I'm not a great writer so give me a little leeway. However, this first time professionnal cock story is true experience a long time ago

When I a college student around 18, very young and was just awakening in my awareness of my sexuality as a whole. I had had some experience with girls and some playful encounters with two male friends. I began to feel the urge and sexual need for BIG penises. It was like I could get horny for girls and have that taken care of, but I needed to see and have a huge cock to appreciate and experience. But I was watching porn at that age, and I so much wanted one so big, more immense, fucking enormous. I was well hung too, but I wanted to see a monster. These urges just got stronger and stronger, and then I decided to seek "professional" help! I went online reading reviews and info about male strip clubs. In my jurisdiction, full contact private dances are permitted.

The four of us got in a cab to the male strip club. It was in the gay part of town. Open to all but most of the clientele were men, either with buddies or alone and some nervous and eager like me. It was widely known for having the most well-endowed talent of all the local clubs. I must have stuck out with my big eyes staring at everyone's junk with a sizeable bulge building. There was one bachelorette party seemed to be winding down. All of us who weren't regulars were febrile with the buzz of excitement and anticipation of what was to be discovered. I sat alone at a table for 4 facing the stage. The bathroom and backrooms were in the back. This was a full-service full-contact establishment, and all of us horny patrons knew it.

I had only seen a couple of guys on stage so far. Some dancers were flirting socializing in the club. I may have come off a little abrupt because I was nervous and wanted to give my money and attention to the person attached to my fantasy cock I went in there for. One after another, different body styles, themes, from hayseed youth to emo "teen *all over 18" to muscle hunk to "ordinary" guys, hot hung nerds and more. Each had a clothed to underwear strip dance ..... next an underwear dance, and finally, a full nude no holds barred "show." Of course, the last part was significant, the guys would do anything to show off like sucking themselves to deep throat ...there was even a competition between two guys who could blow themselves, one because he was flexible and the other who just had a long fucking cock. The race was to see who could cum in their mouths first .... the relaxed guy won, but he then finished off the bigger guy.....OH Yeah, I forgot about the other onstage shows of which there were two that night. Gay couples getting it on....oral, manual, bodies just no penetration. Can you imagine the wonders going through my mind? So the night goes on and there were all big guys with one I would keep in case there was not a bigger one. I wanted my monster.

After a few beers, I was more relaxed and more used to the place, the shows, everything. I got up to pee and adjust my junk quite a few times and was happy to be checked out and complimented. I sat back down. The "hayseed" dancer Jeff sat next to me and I didn't object (his was my backup dick). He made me feel at ease not over aggressive. He said he thought it might be my first time in a club like this. I admitted with some relief that "Yes it is". "Now that you're here, how are you finding it?" "It's fun and I love to see all the guys show off their dicks". He seemed to read me as I looked down. He said: "I noticed that your jeans are bulging. I can see the outline of your dick running down the side of your leg. It's nice. It's big but I think your soft". He looked at me for permission and pressed the outline of my dick. He said, "I like hung guys did you see my show nude? Do you want to play with my dick in the back?" I started: "I don't want to offend you, you're hot but...". He stopped me and was smiling like he had a playful plan. "Relax, I had to try, you know. Why don't you tell me what kind of dancer you'd like to meet. Tell me your secret fantasy." I replied: I WANT A HUGE PENIS. I need it. The biggest here." He told me that his dancer buddy Matthieu was there and he would get him. I asked him if I could see Matthieu in his underwear first (he was up next for the strip to underwear dance) and invited Jeff to have a beer with me to answer a few questions from a first timer. He agreed and we got along. He kept squeezing and feeling me up and seemed to be turned on by it. I asked him what I could do with Matthieu during a private full contact dance in the back. He said I could have him for myself and have him strip, dance, grind, show me his dick and I was allowed to touch him most places but that Matthieu would tell me his limits. ...

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By penisadmirer at 27,Dec,20 19:20 other posts of penisadmirer 
Amazing story! You're huge anyway...

By #525977 at 28,Oct,20 16:15

Matthieu got on stage, he was in his early 20s, spiky hair, clean shaven shaved chest and trimmed pubic hair. He was cut with really hot abs. He had several tattoos including one of an arrow leading down to his crotch on his abs. He was toned and muscular but not a body builder but you could tell he was strong. After his dance finishing in his bulging athletic red and black boxers. It was clear he was hung huge. He managed to get himself a little hard while showing us all what he had and his giant member went over and jutted out to the side past his hips. The shape of it left no doubt, his girth was massive. He swung off the stage practically landing sitting at my table. Jeff took his cue and left. Matthieu asked what I was into and if it was my first time. I told him I want a huge cock. He looked really serious at me and said....It's your first time It's important for you to know right now that my first times will affect my fantasies and satisfaction for the rest of my life. He knew what he had. "I have a massive penis and it is all for you tonight if you want because it is your first real huge dick". Without delay we went to a large booth in the back room. He said he was mine. I tore down his underwear and he kicked it off. He was nude. He asked me to take off my shirt and jeans. Done. There was his soft big thick dick. I felt embarrassed and neurotic but I was obsessed. "Can I measure it? I have a tape measure?" He laughed and said yes but that it got so much bigger I couldn't imagine one so long and thick. I shouted: "I know, Your cock is much bigger than mine and even bigger than the biggest porno star I've ever seen". "It's just so massive it's heavy. It's got weight. Wow." "I measure 8 inches long on your semi soft cock. It's 6 1/2 inches in circumference." "Holy shit, it's an impossibly large cock. This statistically is so rare. Do you know??" "I just know that I'm so big that people will pay me to see it or to see me just jerk off and that yeah, I'm fucking huge". "Take off your underwear show me your". I did "Yours is really big, people must say you're huge". But I'm the only one with penis power here, look how I control your gaze and how fast you masturbate yourself just by playing with my dick and it's only semi hard". He stroked his penis and touched my hard big cock stroking it a few times. Then I measured him again, 10 inches long along the top and 7.75 girth midshaft his base he was 8 inches around!!). I said: "I have no choice, I want to have it and need to have it!" I put my big hands around it as the incredible massive head jutted out touching my nose in the large booth that became too small with his massive erection. I stroked it over and over again. I reverted to one hand and shoved the oversized dick into my mouth and throat trying to swallow it completely.....I felt it as I swallowed, filling my throat .... and I Fucking wanted to take that cock to the hilt! But it was so massively thick and long 10 inches- measured! His head was really very large (closer to the 8 inch girth I would say) ... just try the experiment of taking a tailor's measure tape and rolling 8 inches ... even 7.75 inches. That's a big fucking nectarine. But I sucked his head all in and pushed it into my throat while jerking him. I fondled his balls which were as big as large eggs. I had him stand to the side, in front, sitting down, shoving it in my face. I experienced that enormous oversized cock every which way I could in that booth. For the finally, since the 10th song was finishing, he told me to jerk off while sucking him and he would cum at the same time. Totally cool. He gushed like he hadn't cum in weeks. I swallowed every bit. I came and he wiped me off with his shirt. Awesome, Massive, Everything I wanted that night. He was right though, That experience made me a confirmed size queen.

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