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We in the UK are doomed

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Started by milesbferry at 17,Nov,20 16:44  other posts of milesbferry
The US must keep Trump or this will happen:

Quite a long read, but it's the UK under Boris: On the road to a police state

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I had high hopes for Boris, and a Conservative government, but it looks like we are doomed.

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By Gntlmn at 19,Nov,20 01:39 other posts of Gntlmn 
God, I hope Scotland secedes from bastard Boris's shit-show
By MikeT2020 at 20,Nov,20 14:59 other posts of MikeT2020 
Hopefully not. One thing the Scots have never been able to do is govern themselves.

By bannon at 19,Nov,20 13:01 other posts of bannon 
We used to be a democratic country until this loser baby got to be president. Now Iran, and Somalia, and Ethiopia and Sudan and Venezuela and Libya ... are laughing at us because we have a wannabee dictator as president.
6,000,000 behind on the popular vote. 80 behind on the colleges.
Lets pretend this was a ball game. The teams come off the pitch and the trumptown babies lost 80-72. Then all the babies start shouting off, No we won. We won else we are all going to cry. Just because the other team scored more points than us doesnt mean they won. The referree was cheating.
How could the ballot be rigged when the cry baby dictator is president? Who rigged it? Surely fat baby would be clever enough to stop such a thing happening?
The Johnson is fat and has a blond wig but we havent seen him burst into tears after a delusional tantrum yet. Not on US tv anyway.
By phart at 19,Nov,20 17:47 other posts of phart 
Sadly,the election is not a game.And it was rigged.
All the issues are taking place in democratic controled states with democrat appointed judegs and so forth.Also the voting rules had enough loop holes to allow for no observers and so on.
I don't give a damn about what other countrys think of the USA. America first. That was what Trump ran on and that is what got him in. And don't forget,even if the swamp squirted him out this go round, there is always 2024.And there is 2022 when the dems can loose control of the house and that will neuter Biden.

By #551147 at 19,Nov,20 17:59
@ Bannon
You should stop trying to spread misinformation.

Quit being a fuckhead!

⬇️ Here's the REAL electoral map! ⬇️

I understand your a typical liberal lying slob who's been throwing a temper tantrum since 2016. If YOU'RE SO confident, seems to me you wouldn't be concerned.

By SrCums at 17,Nov,20 21:59 other posts of SrCums 
only registered users can see external links This is as close to the truth I can find for now.

By SrCums at 17,Nov,20 21:56 other posts of SrCums 
Trump will never give up.. He's yet to give his knock out blow yet. He always fights back. It's in process now and the American People know biden cheated, 80,000,000 of trump voters.. This will not end until the truth comes out and Trump is re-elected.

By #551147 at 17,Nov,20 20:15
Thanks MilesBFerry!
Your sincere concern for our nation and the ability to recognize a GREAT leader hasn't gone unnoticed.
People like you are always welcome with open arms.

I'm afraid that the forces of evil have gone unchecked for far too long in this country. Too many Republicans/Conservatives and other Citizens alike have just rolled over in a cowardly fashion and have just let the lunatics do what they want for decades. This past summer was a clear illustration of that fact MORE than ever!

You are a reasonable guy, let's look at some facts...

A recent study concluded that 98% of ALL media that the public sees, is slanted in ONE political direction, Liberal/Leftist. Of that 98% - 100% was NEGATIVE reporting of Donald Trump & Conservative people and ideas. 100%!

EVERY single pollster LIED or over inflated their numbers to disenfranchise Trump/Conservative/Republican voters. Why else would they lie like they did? Remember, they claimed a "blue wave" or "tsunami" was on the way.

EVERY single Democrat in Congress hates Trump along with half the electorate (us citizens) and has fought and tried to obstruct his every move for 4 years. Hell, we were even fighting against several "RINO's", (Republicans in name only).

Even the F.B.I, our supposed top law enforcement agency, and the C.I.A. was against this man and thereby half the country's citizens.

The man has been under CONSTANT attack since before he was even voted into office and to this day.

DESPITE of and with ALL those facts, obstructions, lies they told, etc. An INCREDIBLE 73 million Americans still voted for Donald J. Trump. How many more of the remaining Americans, would have voted the same, IF! All the above mentioned were being FAIR?! Of course we will NEVER know, I'm just saying...

Should the elderly puppet win... It WILL be a sad and transforming day in America and perhaps the World. By nature, I'm not an optimistic person and truly believe there will be SEVERE consequences as a result of this election.
--------------------------------------- added after 67 minutes

Just know, the SWAMP is very real, it stretches pretty far and wide, and is quite deep. It didn't get that way overnight, they have been working towards this moment in our history for decades. The media is nothing more than an extension of the far left and should not be trusted.

I suppose in the next few weeks, we will find out whether or not they were careful enough to cheat and steal this election. We shall see...

By phart at 17,Nov,20 19:17 other posts of phart 
IF Biden and the Kamel go in office in january,which it looks like the swamp scum have planned their theft of the election well, we are headed down the same road with a liberal government.
People have no fucking idea what they voted for other than it was not Trump.And when they do wake up, they will realize how bad they fucked up.

By TWOWARMTTS3 at 17,Nov,20 17:09 other posts of TWOWARMTTS3 
Who cares? You are all a bunch of limies just like Sir Huxley of the Little Balls.

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