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Military experiences

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Started by Stormin at 04,Feb,21 13:59  other posts of Stormin
In 1976 I joined the Royal Australian Air Force, I was 23, I had had sexual encounters with men and women and didn’t think I was gay, the term Bi didn’t exist then.
I found the experience of showering with all of these gorgeous bodies a difficult thing to cope with, I began getting up earlier so I could be the first in the showers. I had sex with two of the guys on my rookies course, we actually got in bed together but didn’t sleep with each other. When you’re sharing a room with 3 other men it can be challenging.
In my first unit I was intimately involved with about 6 men, half of them were married. I did make the mistake of asking one guy if he’d like a blow job, he reported me and the service police were brought in to check me out, every photo of a man were queried, why didn’t I have a stash of porn? Every guy on the unit was interviewed and I suppose I was most fortunate because not one other person backed this guy up. I was cleared of suspicion. I started to buy Playboy so I had a stash!
My next unit I was a block NCO with responsibility for about 200 men in the living quarters, I had sex with 4 men, two were rewards to guys who had passed their exams against all odds, one was a guy who failed, and another was a birthday present. All one off.
The next unit I had a long term relationship with a married man. I also had sex with a couple of women and had casual encounters with a few men. There were a few opportunities I turned down, I wouldn’t have sex with someone with a lower rank, that would have been an abuse of power and I wouldn’t have sex with anyone ****, we had 17 year olds.
Those rules meant that I declined a couple of encounters that I wish I’d followed up.
I had one long term friend who I came out to and was cut off, immediately.
No one else seemed to mind,
The RAAF is not an ultra butch organization, we considered ourselves to be part of the Defence Forces, and that was our role, to be the frontline defence of the nation. My last unit was a joint unit with the Army and Navy and I was lucky enough to,have sex with soldiers and sailors.
I had 10 years in the airforce and I enjoyed the work I did, I was mostly a librarian in different schools, or involved in recruit training, the comradeship and the experience was beneficial.
I knew one other guy from my recruit course who requested discharge from the RAAF because he decided he was gay, but he wasn’t thrown out, just allowed to leave. More guys got thrown out because of drug use.
I hope this is of interest to someone out there

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New Comment

By Mike0217 at 12,Feb,21 00:24 other posts of Mike0217 
Very interesting!! Thank you for sharing.

By spermkiss at 04,Feb,21 15:17 other posts of spermkiss 
An interesting post. You might wat to pull up my post "Gay Men in Military Service" and have a look. (An easy way to do this is to click on "other posts" next to my name.
By Stormin at 04,Feb,21 15:24 other posts of Stormin 
Yes, it was your post that prompted me. I realize we have different military traditions and laws, but homosexuality was illegal when I was in the airforce so it was a dangerous game. There was only one time when I was hurt and that was by a policeman who seemed angry with himself for doing what he was doing and he took it out on me. I recovered!
Most guys if asked discretely are interested enough to o try it.
By spermkiss at 07,Feb,21 16:41 other posts of spermkiss 
So you did see that post. Good for you.

When I was military age the war in Viet Nam was raging and a lot of soldiers were coming home missing limbs or worse, in a coffin. And homosexuality was an automatic out from military service. A lot of my gay friends said that if they were called up for the draft they'd "check the box", meaning they'd say yes to the question about homosexuality.

But a lot had changed between then and when I made that post five years ago. I had hoped to hear tales of how the gay guy in a squadron was treasured because he was the one giving sexual satisfaction to the others. They'd have his back because if something happened to him their source of orgasmic release would go.

In the five years since things have progressed even further. Most people know someone who is gay and it ain't no big thing. We even had a viable gay candidate for president in the last election cycle. I'm wondering (and hoping) that the camaraderie between the gay man and the rest of the squadron I mentioned in the last paragraph has come to pass.
By Stormin at 07,Feb,21 17:18 other posts of Stormin 
For me, most of the guys in my Unit knew I was available to suck cocks, I wouldn’t say I was friends with them all but, I had no problems drinking with them, going to parties, working, driving. I remember one sailor was engaged to be married and his fiancé had decided they should stay celibate until after marriage, so one evening I went to his room and offer him a blow job, his fiancé was in the room, she said, no way was that going to happen, I said the man needs relief, in that case She said, I’ll do it, I should have waited until she’d gone, one job I missed out on and he was as cute as could be, I was the MC at their wedding. We’re talking 40 years ago. Now we have transgender people in the military.
Speaking of which my own sons wife has announced she wants to be a man and has begun the process to change her gender. As a Justice of the Peace I signed her application to change her name from Steph to Jack, and her gender. A different world, I suspect being gay in the forces today is as important as the person who voted for at the last town council,election.

By bella! at 05,Feb,21 01:21 other posts of bella! 
For those members that are interested in spermkiss's post from 5 years ago, here it is;


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