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flaccid penis size

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Started by #62283 at 15,Mar,10 11:57
whats the averange size for flaccid penis?
i see something in this site and i think that my dick is a big one...comment please and if you want post your...

7.4 inch

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By Earlybird at 16,Apr,18 13:22 other posts of Earlybird 
According to the most accurate, unbiased scientific study ever done on penis size (administered by a team of scientists & docs, so no self-reporting), here are the numbers:

According to the team’s analysis, the worldwide average flaccid penis is 3.61" long x 3.66" in girth. The average erect penis is 5.16" x 4.59".

By lawrenceo at 15,Jan,18 06:23 other posts of lawrenceo 
Flaccid size depends on so many things; here in UK I suspect low temperature will keep many soft and short as well as age of course.

By Boylover at 15,Jan,18 03:14 other posts of Boylover 
Dunno if itīs average, but mine is 4" soft.

By buni at 15,Nov,17 03:15 other posts of buni 


By thicknsmooth at 13,Nov,17 01:12 other posts of thicknsmooth 
/image/6qea40ig8ax5_2255042436.jpg Mine is 5.25 long and 5 inches around soft

By basque9 at 13,Feb,15 16:07 other posts of basque9 

--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

My flaccid is from 7 1/4 to 8 inches long and is usually 7 1/4 girth.

I am almost a total shower since my erect is only 9 x 7 3/4.
By *kmadeau* at 08,Nov,17 07:08 other posts of *kmadeau* 
I wanna see that big bulge of yours by daylight...

By #539358 at 08,Nov,17 03:11
Mine ranges between 2" and 4" flaccid, all depends on the weather!

By #543918 at 08,Nov,17 01:57

my cock when he is calm

By routemaster at 20,Nov,16 18:22 other posts of routemaster 

By #285354 at 15,Feb,15 11:01

There is quite a range of sizes from growers to showers.

By 3fdfd at 20,Nov,16 15:01 other posts of 3fdfd 
yup - and yours is one of the best on here in any state - soft or hard

By gedert at 20,Nov,16 09:05 other posts of gedert 
3,2" only

By liketoedge at 18,Nov,16 13:24 other posts of liketoedge 
Mine is around 3 inches soft and just over 6 hard

By tcputts at 16,Nov,16 16:05 other posts of tcputts 
Mine can be anywhere from 1.5 to 3.5 soft and about 6.5 hard. Normal hang for me is around 2.5-3.

By #323075 at 27,Jan,15 01:23

By #323075 at 25,Jan,15 23:29
Mine 2 to 4"

By Ramil1 at 24,Jan,15 05:32 other posts of Ramil1 
it does go to 1" and even less !!!

By pinkpan12 at 23,Jan,15 08:12 other posts of pinkpan12 

By fatso at 21,Jan,15 10:51 other posts of fatso 
Mine's about 2 inches soft and about 5 and a half erect.

By Thundercock at 15,Nov,14 04:31 other posts of Thundercock 
dam im prob only about 3ish soft

By clown5000 at 11,Nov,14 04:16 other posts of clown5000 

Not all that big. Definitely a grower not a shower!

By zakwild at 04,Aug,12 10:54 other posts of zakwild 
4.5-5.5 inches when soft, depending on temperature

By bradyD at 04,Aug,12 23:06 other posts of bradyD 
my little softie just spurted in my pants when i saw yours! oh fuck that's hot!
By zakwild at 10,Nov,14 13:20 other posts of zakwild 

By metalraven13 at 10,Nov,14 09:45 other posts of metalraven13 

Around 3.5" to 4"

By Cutewilly at 10,Aug,14 06:19 other posts of Cutewilly 
When I sit down, mine can really shrivel!

By #285354 at 10,Aug,14 06:01
I honestly couldn't tell you my own flaccid average size, it varies so much based on temperature and activity level. Erect size is very consistent.

By #462764 at 08,Aug,14 10:34
Photo of a schlong from soootiny

By boc at 04,Aug,14 07:55 other posts of boc 

6 inches

By buni at 20,Nov,10 20:23 other posts of buni 
mine in 7 inches soft, but i haven't worked out how to post it on the forum, it is in with my other pics with a tape next to it
By buni at 21,Nov,10 19:01 other posts of buni 
By #400852 at 01,Aug,14 14:50
man thats a lot of dick,how many women you ruined with that,awesome dick though
By #451317 at 02,Aug,14 22:47
holy crap that is huge. i'm so jealous!
By bigenuff at 03,Aug,14 19:51 other posts of bigenuff 
Mine is about 6" soft

By liketoedge at 02,Aug,14 15:09 other posts of liketoedge 
3.5 to 4.5 and it seems to be more than most guys at the gym

By lahbr at 31,Jul,14 20:51 other posts of lahbr 

not much...

By #463304 at 31,Jul,14 15:58
Flaccid im around 4-5 inches...9 when hard

By Odin_york_pa at 28,Jul,14 20:24 other posts of Odin_york_pa 
bout 3.5"

By Jamesrr at 27,Jul,14 23:55 other posts of Jamesrr 
Flaccid, 7.4" is huge

By ohlovelyday2000 at 13,Aug,12 11:40 other posts of ohlovelyday2000 

By ktalmipn at 12,Aug,12 21:55 other posts of ktalmipn 
haha look at mine its small when its soft but i like it

By #61823 at 16,Mar,10 06:10
By Vita at 12,Feb,12 01:25 other posts of Vita 

By Vita at 15,Feb,12 16:57 other posts of Vita 

By #274357 at 04,Aug,12 22:00
By Vita at 06,Aug,12 18:39 other posts of Vita 
... yes !!

By bar222 at 10,Feb,12 19:40 other posts of bar222 
something like this
By Vita at 19,Feb,12 20:18 other posts of Vita 
attractive - very pleasant - i say yes !
By bar222 at 25,Feb,12 12:47 other posts of bar222 
thank you

By bigone21 at 20,Feb,12 18:53 other posts of bigone21 
14 cm soft, some more when warm!

By bigone21 at 20,Feb,12 18:54 other posts of bigone21 
and a little less after coming out of the atlantic ocean!! haha!!

By #102222 at 21,Oct,10 08:39
about 4 inches for me:
By Vita at 19,Feb,12 20:23 other posts of Vita 
not bad ... seductive tail !

By HungLoh at 15,Feb,12 17:33 other posts of HungLoh 
3.5 to 4 inches is average
Look up Human penis size on wikipedia

Mine is about 3 inches.

By #25948 at 11,Feb,12 17:55
the mood set the size not the body wish i was always in the mood whenit is semi hard ifeel

By Crookedsoley at 10,Feb,12 00:10 other posts of Crookedsoley 

By #177288 at 09,Feb,12 23:46
5'' here

By small-is-beautifull at 21,Nov,10 00:54 other posts of small-is-beautifull 
sometimes he is no longer than a big clit

By zakwild at 21,Oct,10 12:06 other posts of zakwild 
Flaccid 5 inches. Good ?

By Campino at 21,Oct,10 08:36 other posts of Campino 
flaccid about 4,7 inches

By jhman201 at 05,Oct,10 19:35 other posts of jhman201 
my dick is about 2.5-3 inches flaccid

By #95006 at 05,Oct,10 08:16
usually about 4.5"

By #6360 at 17,Mar,10 15:14
1.9" soft. In this pic I was a little bit arroused.
By slipper at 18,Mar,10 20:28 other posts of slipper 
Another that is always wonderful!

By #10886 at 16,Mar,10 07:24
By slipper at 16,Mar,10 21:19 other posts of slipper 
And, it's always great to see YOURS, fs4e!

By slipper at 15,Mar,10 21:34 other posts of slipper 
Varies even MORE than erect size.
By slipper at 16,Mar,10 14:55 other posts of slipper 

By #58214 at 15,Mar,10 22:03
Only 2 inches when completely soft... so short, it doesn't even hang down...just points straight out and wiggles!
By slipper at 16,Mar,10 01:41 other posts of slipper 
Now you're either bragging or flirting!!!

By cock#57 at 15,Mar,10 22:12 other posts of cock#57 
an inch...if im lucky

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