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Started by #69244 at 29,Apr,10 18:22
Ever tried?
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By knewbi at 21,Oct,19 13:25 other posts of knewbi 
Wife loves BBC!! Actually she loves all cocks but give her a black cock and there is just something that makes her go just a bit wilder... I love watching her drilled by a BBC... Or any cock for that matter..

By leopoldij at 18,Oct,19 18:41 other posts of leopoldij 
I love black pussy
By #522791 at 18,Oct,19 19:02

By #53780 at 06,May,10 12:11
Is mine dark enough !??

By #25830 at 04,May,10 14:26
Well all this. Talk about black cock here's mine for the looking.

By Matt52 at 30,Apr,10 18:54 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: Its not the color its how you use it!
By #5532 at 03,May,10 01:53
Amen sister.
By supablack at 03,May,10 13:43 other posts of supablack 
very true, I know some that like to try different or have wanted to have black dick or cause they move different or for whatever reason, but it has alot to how you use it, no matter size, color, just make each other feel good and orgasm

By #64124 at 30,Apr,10 16:21
I must confess to being a virgin when it comes to a black cock but I would like to try one x

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