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Started by #11433 at 07,Jun,10 01:42
Anyone ever been fucked by a woman using a strapon (aka pegging)?

My gf and I might try it out. Any stories or advice appreciated.

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By submissivemartyn at 09,Nov,20 04:08 other posts of submissivemartyn 
The first time I got fucked in the ass was by my now ex wife who was also my Mistress.Before we got into B.D.S.M. she had put her fingers in my arse during sex,she told me one of her ex's enjoyed it,which I enjoyed.
Once we got into B.D.S.M. as well as her fingers she used dildos and a a butt plug.I came home from work one day and she announced she had a new toy for us to play with.She ordered me to strip and lay on the bed.Then she tied my hands and ankles to the bed so I was spreadeagled and blindfolded me.I heard the rustling of her clothes as she removed them and felt her get on the bed.Suddenly I felt her lubing my arse and inserting a couple of her fingers.Moving them in and out till my anus was well lubricated.She then asked if I was ready for her new toy to which I said yes.I felt her spread my ass cheeks and felt what I thought was a dildo being inserted in my anus.It felt good as it when't deep into me.Then I felt her thrusting against me and moaning with pleasure.When she had her orgasm she slid out of me removed my blindfold and showed me her new toy.It was a strap-on which had two dildos,one for my anus and one for her pussy.
Needless to say we had lots more fun with her new toy!!!

By Lvphose at 08,Nov,20 23:23 other posts of Lvphose 
I had a gf who used a strap on that partially when in he pussy and the penis vibrated too!! Exciting play

By XxXKing808XxX at 08,Nov,20 22:28 other posts of XxXKing808XxX 
Yassss I enjoy being pegged...cum so good

By Matt52 at 07,Jun,10 14:01 other posts of Matt52 
From Matt's Wife: We love to do it, from the female perspective I highly recommend it. Get a good harness that rubs her just right, this may take a few tries. But I can climax while fucking Matt and I love it.
By Arlo at 07,Nov,20 21:26 other posts of Arlo 
The thought of htt is so hot. You two are so amazing. I need to find someone to do this with.

By pipcock at 13,May,18 05:08 other posts of pipcock 
This is fun!

By pipcock at 12,May,18 20:18 other posts of pipcock 
Bought the strap-on for my wife but she won't use it on me....yet!

By #552392 at 29,Apr,18 21:38
My friends mom fucked me with a strap on once
By pipcock at 12,May,18 20:16 other posts of pipcock 
Shoot that sounds so fucking hot! Tell me the details, please?

By Smoothie71 at 30,Apr,18 08:05 other posts of Smoothie71 
Yup, many times, Iím now a slut!

By #555780 at 28,Apr,18 21:59
My wife and her best friend want to fuck me with strap one since Iím very small. It sounds fun I just film it and see if we can make money with it at least

By #6437 at 29,Oct,10 22:33
yes and i love to get fucked by the wife. i also love to suck her like a mans cock . it feels soooooooooooo gooooooooood when she fucks me

By #88663 at 29,Oct,10 18:37
I have had great fun while my girlfriend fucked me with a strapon! Its an amazing experience!! I highly recommend it

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