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ever catch a family member jerking it?

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Started by #10614 at 26,Apr,09 04:08
ever catch a family member jerking it? i saw wy sister fingering herslef... wierded out... what do i do?

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By lonnie at 30,Dec,17 00:34 other posts of lonnie 
caught my mum I was interested andshe just smiled, I think she just cum by the look on her face, must admit now, she had a really nice pussy LOL

By cumaddik at 29,Dec,17 19:32 other posts of cumaddik 
I caught my older bro many times masturbating ...and he caught me many times too!

By slipper at 20,Mar,10 23:59 other posts of slipper 
Huh? You show a little courtesy and respect and ignore it, of course--at least, the first time... or two.

By sailor at 11,May,09 14:40 other posts of sailor 
is it rape when you are both underage?

By #9232 at 09,May,09 22:34
My brother and cousin all caught each of the three of us masturbating at different times and this led to our getting together and masturbating often. Once, I had just washed my dick with a warm wash cloth and was stroking it at sink, ready to fuck my wife who was naked in bed and waiting. One of my college age daughters walked in and by bathroom where I was standing with door open and naked and she saw me stroking it getting hard for a fuck. She just went on to her room and didn't say anything later. I assume she caught us more than that and/or listened often. One time my wife and I were naked and fucking on couch. She was sitting on couch with her legs up on my shoulders and I was on my knees and fucking her. The same daughter walked in, saw us, just stood there for a minute or so and watched, and then walked out without saying anything. We continued to fuck until I cum. She has kidded us in later years for fucking so much in those years.
By #8288 at 10,May,09 04:46
Those are great stories. Not that we should go around purposefully fucking in front of our kids, but I think it is good that they know their parents are in loving & caring relationships, and sex is a part of that. It is natural and healthy.
By supablack at 11,May,09 11:53 other posts of supablack 
yes some great stories, i am sure though so many kids/teens/even adult kids have heard their parents having sex, walked in on their parents, but when they are old enough to understand its alright, like you said it shows that its a natural and healthy part of life,

By BushPilot at 02,May,09 22:01 other posts of BushPilot 
I watched a cousin masturbate when we were teenagers. I walked into her room and she was spread on the bed with a vibrator in her twat. I couldn't go in or back out, kind of frozen in place. She said to do one of the two and I closed the door. She then said, she was a few years older I should mention, to let her see my cock while she masturbated herself. I did, and of course I went to the bed and started jacking off while she vibrated to orgasm. When she started, I shot my load on her leg. It was never discussed after or repeated but it was a really exciting afternoon delight.
By supablack at 03,May,09 15:22 other posts of supablack 
thats cool, it just would be fun to watch,
By BushPilot at 03,May,09 22:37 other posts of BushPilot 
We were pretty young, at least from my perspective now, and had little experience outside of doing it in private. It was very exciting and we both enjoyed it for its time. Never again though.
By supablack at 05,May,09 12:44 other posts of supablack 
I understand that, its just exciting to catch anyone, i have never caught anyone going at it, i would like to though
By BushPilot at 10,May,09 14:17 other posts of BushPilot 
Keep looking. Everything has a time.

By #12604 at 02,May,09 15:16
My mother once walked in on me wanking my hard cock over a porn mag just at the moment of ejaculation she just stood there in shock with a fixation on my cock and by then it was to late i just shot my entire load in front of her. It seems strange now looking back on it but it was proberbly one of the best ejaculations ive ever had i was about 16yo at the time and after that my mom always knocked the bedroom door witch is a shame really as i wanted her to walk in on me wanking again it was sutch a thrill.
By supablack at 03,May,09 15:23 other posts of supablack 
its a thrill getting caught or almost getting caught, or risking getting caught its fun

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