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Curious guys?

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Started by #78871 at 02,Aug,10 10:07
I've never been with another guy, and I'm not sure how gay I actually am. But I do know I'd love to at least try playing with another cock. Any other guys curious but never done it? .. and if you could, would you try with me? Let me know, I know im not alone (at least I hope ha)

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New Comment

By #562567 at 20,Jul,18 07:37
Yeah you are not alone.I dream about sucking and playing with huge hard cock as well.

By cupar at 17,Jul,12 12:48 other posts of cupar 
Rather an old thread from a deleted member while I see no harm in playing with another dick such as wanking each other. Think the label for that is curious
By Darthshame at 14,Apr,18 00:21 other posts of Darthshame 
8 years old. Dang.
By PoloFields at 14,Apr,18 01:47 other posts of PoloFields 
It may be old, but sounds like there are plenty of others who would like to try a cock at least one, either giving or getting.

By GloriD at 14,Apr,18 00:55 other posts of GloriD 
Not curious but would be happy to help anyone who is to alleviate their curiosity

By Darthshame at 14,Apr,18 00:20 other posts of Darthshame 
I met two guys and we were suppose to jerk each other, but they both ended up sucking me off, and I never got to jerk them.

By lawrenceo at 14,Dec,17 03:28 other posts of lawrenceo 
It is good to play with another cock and vice versa. It can be a quickie (toss-off) or a more leisurely session with edging.

You will know if you want to do it again with the came guy or he with you.

By lildic69 at 26,May,17 01:31 other posts of lildic69 
I've only done two but liked it for sure

By kmauf at 31,Jul,12 23:01 other posts of kmauf 
Would luv to taste a cock and feel one in my ass instead of my rubber dick. I luv the taste of my cum but would like to try another's.

By iwanttobenaked at 17,Jul,12 19:01 other posts of iwanttobenaked 
i have been wanting to try it for a long time,,anyone around princeton,indiana?

By Olddude at 15,Jul,12 08:17 other posts of Olddude 
I fell the same way! I would like to try this at least once. Have been looking for someone for a while now. Any one near Morgantown WV. ?

By Dover69 at 06,Jul,12 12:48 other posts of Dover69 
I have always had a thing for cocks. I used to think I was going to be gay from a very early age but once I tried pussy for the first time I knew that was for me. In the last 9 years I have slept with over 75 girls but I now have the urge to see what its actually like. My partner loves making love to my ass with her bullet but I would just like to see how a real cock tastes and feels inside me. Any one have any ideas of things to try or have an opinion on the matter or just fancy a chat about eachothers cocks
By Arlo at 07,Jul,12 08:10 other posts of Arlo 
Set up a threesome. Two cocks one pussy. You will get the chnce to up close and personal with a cock--or not--as the urge and situation ariese---pun intended--and touch or lick or suck or more with a cock. Or, ther are many guys who will let you jack or suck or more--this site is full of them.
By Dover69 at 07,Jul,12 21:51 other posts of Dover69 
Thanks sounds like a good idea to me. Just gotta find some volunteers now
By Arlo at 10,Jul,12 08:28 other posts of Arlo 
I wish you well in your search. Share when you make it happen. I am willing but not near. So any offer to help you out is symbolic, but anytime--I am willing.
By Dover69 at 14,Jul,12 10:41 other posts of Dover69 
Thanks mate when it does I will let you all know. Lol your a top bloke x

By cdvoter at 10,Jul,12 18:18 other posts of cdvoter 
Me too, I never ever had any kind of sex with another guy... But I feel more and more curious about it.

By astarojna at 10,Jul,12 08:46 other posts of astarojna 
I tried to give a blowjob for the first time couple of months ago, and I really enjoyed it, I even swallowed, I was so worried that it might taste bad, but it didn't, amazing experience, I would love to do it again. although in everyday life I pay sexual attention only to women.

By #210331 at 07,Jul,12 22:10
Spermkiss must be on vacation, as I was sure that he would respond to this!!

The fantasy is always better than the reality, from what I gave experienced, with women.

Spermkiss told me that guys love dicks, and that is OK, even if you are totally straight!! Let's face it, they are great!! Who doesn't love the morning wood, and morning sex, before work, even if it makes you late??!!

I don't know if I would really do it, with a guy, but it's fun to fantasize, and masturbate to some dicks on this site, and not have to worry about 'being gay', like that was some curse, or something!!
By spermkiss at 08,Jul,12 17:38 other posts of spermkiss 
Did I hear my name mentioned? Actually, I was on vacation back in August, 2010 when this comment was posted so I guess that's how I missed it.

It seems I've gotten a reputation here at SYD as the "go to" guy for advice for guys who are mostly straight but who feel the urge to dabble with man-on-man sex. I've lost track of the number of members who have sent me Private Messages for counsel on this. I'm always ready to help out.

By smokieb69 at 02,Aug,10 15:21 other posts of smokieb69 
I feel very much the same way - dont really "like" guys, but like the cock thing

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